Saturday is fountain caption day!

My younger son is drawn to water like moth to a flame. And he ALWAYS goes in wearing his clothes. I’m not sure if he likes getting wet, or if he genuinely believes that somehow THIS time he will manage to stay dry, despite getting soaked many, many times before, whether in the sea, on a fake beach or in a fountain.

Bristol has lots of fountains (and lots of notices telling you they’re not paddling pools and you shouldn’t play in them). But my son Cannot. Resist.

So here he is in Bristol, once more playing in water in his clothes.

Can you hit me with a caption?


Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. The younger son still hasn’t learned that in order to get washed you really should take your clothes off.

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  2. Wet Wet Wet to make a comeback…

    (really sorry about the lame captioning I am somewhat nauseous still!)

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  3. I’ve heard they’re remaking Splash – do you think theyd cast a merman?

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