My shining star

My daughter is a brilliant and beautiful dancer. I know that. I’ve always known that. But she just gets better and better. Every time I see her she takes my breath away. I am stunned by her.

But yeah, I know. I’m her mum.

While I was away at Britmums Live, in a world a million miles from real life, I got a text from a friend. I’d almost forgotten my daughter would be hard at work at dress rehearsal (and I should have been too!). It was a simple text, but it was one of the nicest message I’d ever received and I appreciated it so much:

Watching LG, she’s ace. She’s had me in tears watching her.

And as we performed our show at the weekend, I got to watch her myself from the wings. She performed three dances – two with children her own age and one with girls in years 3-6. Even though she’s only in year 2.

And she shone!

Her moves were big and sharp. She never missed a beat. She was at the centre, at the front, owning that stage. She looked like she belonged there.

And even dancing with the older girls, she never for one second looked out of place. Never looked like she wasn’t good enough or couldn’t keep up. She was just as good as them. Better than some of them.

I watched those three dances twice over and my smile was so big it almost broke my face and my eyes were damp with tears. Just thinking about it now makes me well up. I was the proudest mum. I couldn’t be prouder.

People kept telling me how good she is. Friends, strangers, one of her teachers… How she’s streets ahead of the others, how she shines.

At the end of the show there were trophies. Surely she would get one? I crossed my fingers for her. I was hoping for infant street dancer of the year, but I think she went just a step further…

Junior contemporary most promising dancer. Junior. But she’s only in the infants. Dancing with a group of girls in years 3-6, my little girl stands out as the ‘most promising dancer’.

She’s my shining star.

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Ooh I had goose bumps all over reading this – I can really feel your pride. So beautiful. I would love to see her dance….you’ve got to get the hang of vlogging first!

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  2. What a great achievement for her. I’m not sure who’d be more proud – you or your daughter! And there’s me thinking that dancing was only for boys – or maybe I’ve watched Billy Elliot too many times!

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  3. Aw that is such a lovely post, well done her and you for inspiring and supporting her. She has beautiful hair too

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  4. Thanks very much, everyone! I think I was the most proud, James!
    Don’t think I’ll ever master vlogging, Suzanne, but I’ll point you in the direction of YouTube if a video ever goes up!
    Her hair is gorgeous, Nikki! It had been made extra crinkly there for the show 🙂

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  5. Ahhh she sounds so talented and passionate about what she does. And she sounds like she’s going from strength to strength with her abilities too. A really lovely post 🙂

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  6. Aw that brought a tear to my eye – how very wonderful. Such a beautiful post and what a great proud moment.

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  7. That is such a wonderful post, it brought a tear to my eye when I got to the end and she won the Juniour Award. Amazing, you should be the proudest mummy 🙂

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  8. How wonderful, I’d love a little ballerina/dancer but I think Monkey will be happier in a Rugby kit one day!

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  9. Oh my, that got me a little teary! Your pride is just shinning through, well done to your little star 🙂

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  10. Wow, this made me teary! Such an Amazing Achievement. I look forward to seeing her dancing in the West End in the future ;0)

    Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements :0)

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  11. Thanks very much, everyone! Glad the post made everyone emotional like it made me watching her dance (and think about her getting that trophy!). I have two monkeys in a rugby kits, over40andmumtoone, so my little girl is a nice break for me!
    Sorry I missed you too, Sarah! Maybe next year?!
    Hopefully you will see her one day, Sonya. Even if only via the magic of video and the internet!
    Thanks very much for hosting, Jane, it’s a great idea!

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  12. Well done to your daughter.You have every right to be proud 🙂

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  13. I have tears in my eyes just reading this, I can feel how proud you are, well done to her :)Lovely post Sarah, arr I hope you meet you one year at Brit Mums 🙂

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  14. Lovely. Please print this post and save a hard copy for your daughter for when she’s older.

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  15. Thanks very much, everyone, really appreciate your comments. What a lovely idea to print a copy off, Kriss!
    Definitely hope to meet you at Britmums one year, Claire!

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