S2S2D – I went on the radio!

I’m ashamed to admit that I get a little bit excited about tweeting and blogging. Probably more excited than is healthy, if I’m honest. Sometimes I’m so excited about it, I wake up too early. Which for an already early bird is not a good idea. Often when I wake up it starts with a 5.

On Wednesday I woke up even earlier and even more excited than usual. It was the start of S2S2D – Shoulder to Shoulder to Day, a month long series of blog hops to keep our blogging friend Emma’s (aka Crazy with twins) spirits up while she is in isolation following radiotherapy. I felt honoured to be a part of it and wanted to help get it off the ground and get noticed.

So I started tweeting, using the hashtag #S2S2D, plus the hashtag I created #EmmasArmy – because I’m not part of the team that came up with the S2S2D concept, but I am supporting Emma every step of the way by running Race for Life and just being there for her. I wondered if we could get the hashtags trending. There were a few of us tweeting and lots of retweets going on. Other blogging campaigns have got trending, but Emma herself suggested we needed the radio or a celeb on board to get it trending.

So I started small. I tweeted BBC Radio Gloucestershire, our local station, plus a couple of its presenters. Just to get it trending. But they saw its potential as a story. They wanted to feature the story of Emma’s fight against cancer and the support of the blogging community – most of whom have never met each other, but who feel like friends.

Next thing I knew, I was at the radio station doing the interview. I think I was able to talk confidently and passionately about what this will mean to Emma to have the support. Someone who blogs and tweets a lot finds happiness and comfort through doing these things, which may be hard for non-social networking muggles to understand. But I know how much this will mean to Emma.

I may have also slipped two random words into the interview ‘umbrella’ and ‘rhinoceros’ as a challenge set by my colleague. He now owes me £10 sponsor money.

In her hospital room, Emma has no human contact. Nobody comes into the room at all, but she has a mobile so she can tweet and a hospital phone so she can speak to the outside world. Physically she is alone, but she can see there are people there for her all the time through twitter.

And she was even able to do a radio interview herself! (But we didn’t get it trending.)

If you’d like to hear us – it’s here. This is the full version of the programm and you can hear me at 43 minutes and Emma at an hour http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p01879yg

This will be her until Wednesday 29th May.

This is a little podcast version, which has a short bit of me and a lot of Emma! http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p019g001

The podcast version will be there forever!

Next up, the regional TV are interested. Emma’s going to be a star! Not a bad day’s freelance, unpaid PR work for this press officer 🙂 It has been probably my most satisfying couple of days as a blogger to date.
Shoulder to Shoulder to Day

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Woohoo! And you should be very satisfied with yourself….but I don’t think this is the end, we still don’t have it trending! Perhaps we should have a ‘change your avatar’ day (EmmasArmy)and try to get it trending on that particular day? PS How do you know if it’s trending anyway?!

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  2. Wow, that’s an amazing effort, sorry not to have been supporting you on this, I’ve barely been on twitter this week. Sounds like everything you’ve done will be a massive help to Emma x

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  3. Wow I’m so impressed. Emma must be really proud to have you on the team. I really want to write a post under the #s2s2d bloghop but am rubbish at writing cheer up posts, I either find I’m doing the opposite or get writers block but I’ll be supporting nonetheless. Well done x

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  4. Wow well done you! Excellent cause for a very lovely person. I can’t listen to it yet as I’m at work but will have a sneaky peek later on!

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  5. Fantastic!! What great publicity for a fabulous campaign pretty brave of you doing the interview, I’m hosting in June and hope we can do Emma just as proud 🙂 xx

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  6. Fantastic!! What great publicity for a fabulous campaign pretty brave of you doing the interview, I’m hosting in June and hope we can do Emma just as proud 🙂 xx

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  7. Sarah you are the backbone of #EmmasArmy the way Vic and Phil are for #S2S2D. The things you have done for me are incredible and i can’t begin to tell you how thankful I am to you. It’s thanks to you trawling the shops for me, that I’ve finally managed to get warm in hospital!

    Much love, Emma

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  8. This is a lovely idea. I’d not heard of #S2S2D, but it looks like you are doign a fabulous job.

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  9. Fantastic and well done on your huge effort Sarah, I think Emma’s comment above sums it up if everybody just had someone like you to keep their spirits up in such a difficult time then things would be much easier all round. I think you both sounded great on the interview so well done again and keep up the great work xx

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  10. Great news. You are a star. I missed the interview yesterday and was just wondering if I could catch up with it later.

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  11. I think it is brilliant what you did for Emma,it must make such a difference to her knowing that so many people care and are willing her to fight this.Well done you 🙂 xx

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  12. I heard this yesterday, absolutely brilliant what you did. You should be very proud. Heading over from Heading over from #PoCoLo

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  13. What a wonderful thing for you to do. Emma’s story has touched so many of us all over the blogosphere and the world. It’s great that she has a friend like you.

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  14. You did such a wonderful thing arranging that. Well done you – and for such a super-brave lady xx

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  15. Thanks very much, everyone. Was such a great way to support Emma. And they’re still running the story today (Saturday). It will be on TV later today.
    Really appreciate your comments, Emma. So glad you could get warm in the hospital and so pleased I could help you out. Give me a shout whenever, you know where I am!
    Hope you can find something funny or happy to write, Debbie. It’s not too late to join in, this is running for a few more weeks yet!
    I think you see if something is trending by looking on the left hand side of Twitter when you’re on a PC, Suzanne! Change the avatar is a great idea!

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  16. You have done us proud with this you wonderful woman. I never imagined that when Phil suggested to me that we do something, I suggested the hop and the title, checked it with Emma, put it on Jaime’s Magic Moments and then you helped us with all that Emma would get to the Radio and NOW to the TV. Bloggers Unite!! Thank you for linking to PoCoLo too xx

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  17. Thanks very much, ladies. I’m glad I could use my skills in a way that would help S2S2D, although I must admit when I sent my first few tweets I didn’t expect it to take off in this way.

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  18. Sorry only just getting around to this but wooohooo well done you.

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  19. Thanks very much, it was a great experience! It seemed to set off a great long chain of events for Emma which I hope was largely positive for her. I never would have guessed the story would spread like it did.

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