What she wore – an autumn day

I’ve decided to dip my toe into the waters of fashion blogging. Yeah, yeah, I know, settle down at the back. I don’t do fashion.

But just because I don’t wear it, doesn’t mean I don’t love it. I like looking at clothes in shops, I like looking at what people are wearing – good and bad. I like to see how they’ve put an outfit together and whether or not it works. I also love reading about fashion and stuff.

I just don’t want to wear it myself – gorgeous little dresses, darling little cardigans and must-have heels have no place in my wardrobe. And as for accessories?! Life is WAY too short. So it’s Superdry jeans and hoodies for every ocassion  – school run (check), meal out with husband (check), birthday lunch with family (check), evening out with colleagues (check) and school governors’ meetings (check).

So why do I want to write about fashion? Because I live out my feminine/ fashion side through my daughter, of course. If that’s really wrong, I apologise.

I’ve written a little bit about my daughter’s clothing before – this one recently and this one way back in the day (it only had six views!). My daughter has some amazing outfits – she has some lovely clothes and between us we put them together quite nicely, if I do say it myself. So I’m going to be sharing some of them every now and then.

As I took the decision right from the start not to post recognisable pictures of my children, I won’t be showing her face.

So here goes, with the first outfit…

My daughter loves skirts and she loves ballet. So you can imagine how taken she was with this skirt from M&S Autograph collection which is covered in ballet dancers! It’s a bit big for her, so it will last into next winter too.

She wore it with her red long-sleeved owl Tshirt from Gap,which is one of the most useful items in her wardrobe as it can be worn under a lot of things.

Then she just added her red school tights and her Clarks pink brogues. I know red and pink shouldn’t go together, but I think the rules are different for children and this outfit really works. It is cute and individual.

The brogues have been great and go with lots of outfits (as she wears a lot of pink!) – dresses, skirts and trousers. They’re not quite as useful as a pair of warm, brown winter boots, but luckily her brown boots from last year still fit for the coldest days.

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. I would wear that! Am partial to owls, and love the retro look fabric of the skirt! I miss having a little girl to buy clothes for x

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  2. Thanks, Sonya! It’s gorgeous, isn’t it? I’m so glad she can still get away with this kind of stuff. I’m dreading the tween and teen years when she just wants to look the same as everyone else. x

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  3. I love it! The outfit is so cute, only wish my girls weren’t too big now! My daughter has these brogues in black, I wasn’t sure about them to start with but she loves them – they’re gorgeous in pink!

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  4. The brogues are so stylish. Why didn’t they have anything nice like this when I was a kid?

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  5. Thanks very much, everyone! It’s weird, isn’t it, how 11 year old girls wouldn’t wear this outfit and yet kooky, confident grown ups would? I’m including me in that, if I didn’t live in Superdry for convenience!
    I chose the pink brogues and was rather pleased with myself – a girly colour in a practical shoe – win-win!
    Good point, Damson Lane, I do remember having some bright blue lace-ups, but not as cool as pink brogues!

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  6. Very cute outfit, you and your daughter have good taste! Meg dresses herself and won’t allow any input from us, we end up with some very interesting choices 🙂

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