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The first Red Nose Day for Comic Relief was held some 25 years ago, back in 1988. I was 14 and I still remember the excitement when my Dad brought home those very small, very round, bright red clowns’ noses for us all to wear.

After that the noses got bigger. There were noses that turned yellow or pink. There were noses with eyes and noses with hands. There were noses made of sponge.

There were noses for your car. There were subtle little pin noses for grown ups to wear on their suits.

And there was a really funny programme on all night, with a really lasting message.

And me on the phone pledging just another £10 because something else has made me cry. Because I’ve already bought noses for the whole family plus my car and a heap of other merchandise. I’ve sponsored a couple of people. I’ve paid for the kids to go to school in fancy dress or their own clothes. But none of it is enough.

Because people are dying in Africa. And kids in Britain are living in women’s refuges or are caring singlehandedly for disabled parents.

No amount of money can ever be enough, but by buying those noses we are doing just a tiny bit to help. And we know that every penny really does go to Comic Relief. Every penny not just of adults’ money, but kids’ money too. My daughter, like many other children, will happily give her pocket money because she is so moved by the plight of those children in Africa.

But there is joy too in those moving films. Because when those celebrities go to Africa for Comic Relief it’s not just to see people living in poverty and show us back at home. It’s to show how the money is helping – a well for clean water, mosquito nets to prevent malaria or a school.

It all makes a difference. And it’s all because we bought our noses.

This is my boys back in 2007, aged 5 (year 1) and 3 (playgroup). This was the year we all had to make our hair messy for Comic Relief.


This is my daughter aged 5 (Reception) going to school in 2011. The theme was ‘dress crazily’, so she decided to wear pants on her head and over her skirt.
I wrote this post in response to the prompt ‘noses’ on The Gallery over at Sticky Fingers. Pop over to see how others have interpreted the theme.

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. I was 9 when comic relief came out! 🙂 I remember a lot of them really well. Love your pics of all the noses!

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  2. I looked for old pictures of us wearing noses, but they are all in the loft (along with most of the original noses!) Great pics though xx

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  3. Your family certainly get into the spirit of the Red Nose Day events. How fab your daughter wore her pants on her head and over her skirt. So funny.

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  4. Love it! Especially the one of your daughter in her ‘crazy attire’! I had forgotten all those different ‘noses’. My kids loved the nose for the car, I do hope they do that one again 🙂

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  5. Thanks very much, everyone! The pants on head and over skirt was entirely my daughter’s idea! Pretty creative for a 5 year old She managed to keep them like that all day at school – it must have been pretty uncomfortable!
    Know what you mean about photos in the loft – Kara. Ours aren’t so bad – they’re under the bed – but it takes ages to track down the one I want!

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  6. I think I’ve got one of the red noses from every year at my parents house somewhere. Think this years noses are brill. Love the pictures.

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  7. Thanks very much, everyone! It’s a great outfit, isn’t it? And all her own design!

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  8. I am putting my pants over my trousers as we speak!

    Thank for the mention and posting about Red Nose day – loving the photos x

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  9. The pants shot must be saved for a slideshow in her 18th birthday! Love it! Popping over form the Blow Your Own Blog Horn linky x

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  10. Thanks very much, everyone, really appreciate that!
    Good to know Blow Your Own Blog Horn works, Damson!

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