A simple spring flowers craft for children

I’m Jennifer, and I blog about my family and the things that we get up to at Jennifer’s Little World (http://www.jenniferslittleworld.com). I’d like to say a big thank you to Sarah for letting me guest post on her blog, and I hope that you like my little spring flowers craft!

I’m not really a Winter person, and about this time of year I begin to long for the sunshine and brighter days. These spring flowers are really easy to craft with young children from things that you have around the house, and they will add a bit of colour to a corner of the room until you are able to enjoy some real ones! They would also make a lovely gift for Mother’s Day or a spring birthday – perhaps something for Dad to make with the children!

Each daffodil is made from a single toilet roll tube. Cut six slits in each tube from one end to about two thirds of the way down. Then shape the top half of each slit into a point. Finally bend back each petal to form the basic flower. Paint the flower bright yellow, then post a green pipe cleaner through a hole in the tube part to form a stem. I found that I needed to double up the pipe cleaner to make it strong enough to support the flower. Then take a strip of orange paper or tissue paper slightly wider than the tube part of the flower. Cut a fringe down one side, then glue inside the tube to add a bit of extra colour.
The tulips are made from an old egg carton – each egg box will make six flowers. Each flower is made from one section of the carton. Just cut each section out individually, then use scissors to shape the petals. You can cut each petal down almost to the bottom of the box. Paint them bright red, then when they are dry use a skewer to poke a hole through the bottom. Post a green pipe cleaner through the hole and secure inside with tape. Then take a piece of scrunched up yellow tissue paper and glue firmly inside the flower.
Thanks very much to Jennifer for sharing this. I could never do stuff like this. You could read my blog forever and not find a single craft post written by me. So I really appreciate Jennifer bringing her skills from Jennifer’s Little World over to MumofThree World.


Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Let me know how you get on! They’re very pretty (well, when Jennifer does them, I think my efforts would be poor!).

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  2. These look great, daffodils always make me smile,a sign spring is on the way. Once it’s managed to stop snowing lol!

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  3. Quite! It keeps snowing gently here! I absolutely love daffodils too. Thanks for commenting, Charlie, I really appreciate it.

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  4. No worries! I doubt you will see me there again – I don’t have a creative bone in my body! Thanks very much for the comment 🙂

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  5. Oh they are brilliant – and I love the combining of toilet roll holder with egg cartons.

    Thanks for linking up with the Spring Carnival.

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  6. They’re fabulous, aren’t they? Jennifer is very clever – it’s the only way craft posts are ever going to make it onto my blog! Thanks very much, a pleasure joining in with the spring carnival 🙂

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  7. They’re brilliant, aren’t they? Even an idiot like me could make them!

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  8. Thanks 🙂 I’m taking no credit for them whatsoever, though! All Jennifer Jain’s rather brilliant work! x

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  9. I adore reading and I believe this website got some truly utilitarian stuff on it!…Keep blogging!!

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