Saturday is bouncy caption day!

I took a whole series of these photos the other day when my daughter was sent crazy by the combination of a brand new onesie and a big, peaceful hotel room.
I used one photo in my post the other day about chilling out in the hotel (not that she really looks like she’s chilling out here), but thought the photos were just crying out for a caption.
So, go on, give us a caption… Please.


Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Thanks very much, everyone, great suggestions! I think every night should be hotel night – no clearing up to do!

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  2. Yes, yes I know I improve the decor in this room but please get me down!

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  3. Silent Night? Christmas is over mother – it’s the New Year – time to partaaaaaay!

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  4. Criminal psychologists would later agree that it was at this specific moment that ‘Transformation’ was complete, paving the way for the series of attacks that terrorised hotels up and down the country for the next three quarters of a decade.

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  5. Thanks very much, everyone, brilliant suggestions 🙂
    Man in his pyjamas – you are officially bonkers.

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