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As we got out our new calendars for 2013, something weird happened. Did you notice? I’m almost scared to write it for fear of jinxing things, but the weather improved! Overnight. Suddenly it was drier and milder.

2012 was a great year. The Olympics. The Paralympics. The Diamond Jubilee. But something let it down in a big way. The weather. It started raining in the middle of April and it didn’t really stop. All flipping year.

If my memory serves me correctly, we had about four weeks of summer. We had a week at the end of MARCH, a week at the end of May, a week in July and a week at the start of September. As it happens, those few days of decent weather worked out well for us. It was hot and sunny the day the Olympic torch came to town which my younger son described at the time as the best day ever. It was hot and sunny the entire week of our canal boat holiday (I had been dreading a wet week stood outside getting drenched with no space to dry soaking clothes) and it was beautiful and hot for our trip to the Paralympics

So with the marked improvement in the weather and the hope a new year always brings, our thoughts turn to holidays. My husband works ridiculously long hours all year round, so our holidays are really important to us. They’re the only time we can relax and unwind and spend some quality time together as a family. So we like to take two a year. Three if we can. Only a week at a time, maybe even five days.

We’re creatures of habit and pretty unadventurous. We go to Psdstow every year and Center Parcs about two years out of three. We like Disneyland Paris.

Where will we go this year? Will 2013 be the year we take the plunge and finally go abroad?

One holiday is already booked. Padstow  is an essential annual event. It’s our favourite place in the world. We’ve been every year since 2001 and we don’t intend to stop now! Even better, we’ve booked the best holiday house in the world

My eldest and I loved our trip on the canal boat last summer and want to do it again. But the rest of the family don’t agree. It was hard work for my husband, who was the only person capable of keeping the boat in a straight line and also did the majority of the work indoors as well. The younger two kids got a bit bored and spent a lot of time colouring, reading and playing on DS. So maybe just me and my eldest should go? To be honest we couldn’t get it off the mooring without my husband, so that one is out.

Lake Garda in Italy. Nothing is going wrong in this picture.

Last year my daughter, who practically has a phobia of abroad thanks to bad experiences in Italy, (read about those here and here) surprised us all by announcing she wanted to go to Barcelona. Wanting to strike while the iron was hot, we got all excited and started planning our trip to Barcelona I booked October half-term off work in readiness, but then we didn’t get round to booking. A couple of minor disasters on the canal boat involving a lot of mud  and falling in the canal  meant my husband decided he couldn’t trust us not to do something really stupid in Barcelona, so that didn’t happen. Will this year be the year he trusts us sufficiently and we get to go? Fingers crossed.

I didn’t waste the leave we’d booked in October. We went to Center Parcs instead and thoroughly enjoyed it. Say what you like about a holiday, there is something quite special about one you can get to in well under two hours! You don’t need to travel forever to have a nice break.

So having been to Center Parcs so recently, I think that one is off the list for this year.

We’ve been to Disneyland Paris a fair few times, but still love it. We last went in October 2011, so I reckon we will be about due to go again in October half-term this year. If so, we will need to think about booking that fairly soon to be sure to get a big enough bedroom for the five of us.

My husband is a bit obsessed with the idea of skiing, but we’ve never been. Yet. I can see the attraction, as I love fresh air and exercise. I’m sure I’d love the scenery too. I’m just a bit worried aobut us breaking limbs, because we are a little bit accident-prone. That’s not going to happen this year, but I think it’s likely to happen in the next year or two.

Right now, I’m just enjoying thinking about holidays, wondering where we could go and when. I’m sure we will get something booked soon, but even speculating is a good way to get me through January.

Have you got any holidays booked yet? Where would you like to go?

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Normally at this time I’m all sorted with regard to where we are going in the summer but this year we can’t seem to decide. Still dithering!
    Had a click on your Padstow link – the accommodation looks lovely. It’s years since we’ve been to Padstow: we had a week near there when Rory was little but it rained the whole time.

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  2. Is it funny how as soon as January appears, we start thinking summer holidays! We had a very expensive year last year with holidays so planning a short break in Wales (yurts) and 2 weeks in France during August. I say go abroad and Barcelona is a great choice 🙂

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  3. Thanks very much, ladies. It’s true – January just has this effect, we have to have something to look forward to!
    Your ideas sound good to me, Suzanne! I think we will do Barcelona – I need us to get over our fear of going abroad and I would love to go there again. We have issues with food and I’m a bit scared of flying, but if we don’t get over that we will never go anywhere!
    That accommodation in Padstow is amazing, Trish! We usually go to an OK farm house, but that was so much better and I reckon we’ll back every year now! It does tend to rain in Padstow all the time – we’re usually grateful for 17 degrees and cloudy! Sometimes I wonder why we always go back, but we just love it 🙂

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  4. We went on our first family holiday abroad last year and the girls loved it.

    This year we’re going to Coombe Mill in Feb and then Butlins in April

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  5. We love our family holidays too and we have an amazing holiday booked to Florida for this May. We were also lucky to visit Florida in 2012 and also 2011 when we first took our children abroad (then aged 5 and 8). We also love Centerparcs but having a break in 2012 and 2013 and returning in January 2014 for my 40th. In between we will do camping and £29 Premier Inn rooms to visit Legoland etc. Enjoy your holidays x

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  6. We always book our holidays in January too! We are making the most of the fact that this is our last year when we can go away during term time as my son starts school in September – can’t believe how much prices go up, it’s going to make holidays much more difficult for us!

    We are going to Center Parcs at the end of this month, probably our last visit though as they are one of the places where prices are astronomical during the holidays, it’s actually quite reasonable in January! We also have a fantastic hoilday to Florida booked for the end of May. Good luck with the rest of the planning!

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  7. You have got me in the holiday mood now! we do a lot of camping, which thankfully we all love. haven’t been abroad for 3 years as it is so expensive. we generally have two main holidays, 1 week with friends in whit, wales the last couple of years and 2 weeks in the summer, usually Devon.
    we have a few weekends away camping too and this year we are hoping to have a weekend camping with 2 other families as well. can’t wait now! enjoy your hols too x

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  8. I love going back places too. My husband has more of a wanderlust and isn’t so keen. I’d like go to my favourite place every year, but having to compromise on a night or two there on my own. Don’t blame you for returning to Padstow – I’ve been there a few times and it is a lovely place to spend time.

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  9. Thanks very much for your comments, everyone, I really appreciate them!
    There’s a lot of Florida visits, then! My husband would quite like to go to Florida, but I doubt we ever will. We don’t take long holidays, so I don’t think that would work.
    Definitely make the most of this year, Jennifer Jain, the prices are shocking in school holidays!
    Emma – camping is a great idea so you can get away a lot and it isn’t too expensive. It’s a shame I don’t like it! My husband usually takes the kids for a night and my boys do Cub and Scout camps, it’s just me that doesn’t like it.
    My husband used to be more adventurous than me, Erica. He still is a bit more, but we’ve generally agreed on not going too far and going back to our favourite places!

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  10. The more you do it, the easier it gets 🙂 You pack less, so there’s less to lose, and you get to know the airport and the procedures.

    We book our time off and plan our destinations in January. Then sit back and wait for happy travels.

    Oh, and you really should go to Barcelona x.

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  11. We really should go to Barcelona, you’re right! I think we might just do it…
    Good point, we are out of practice. We need to get used to all this stuff and then we might be a bit braver.
    Thanks very much for commenting – and happy holidays! x

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