The Letter is the law

At primary school, The Letter is the law. If it isn’t in a letter, it isn’t sufficiently important for me to worry about forgetting something, being somewhere, paying for something, wearing something, making something or taking something in.

At secondary school, it’s a whole different ball game.

My son played violin in his first school concert the other day. It was a properly prestigious occasion in the large and ornate Town Hall with expensive tickets. He was playing in the junior string group. A tiny little fish in a very big sea.

We did have a letter about the tickets. We had a letter about the rehearsal at the Town Hall during the school day on the day of the concert.

We DIDN’T have a letter about the time he needed to be back at the Town Hall in the evening. I needed to know particularly because it was a work day and I was probably going to have to leave a bit early to get him there. So I asked him to text me to let me know.

The first text came at 11.30am to inform me he was going to be home at normal time. I knew this. It had been in a letter. So I asked if he could let me know what time he needed to be back in the evening.

At 2.15 I got a text to inform me it was 6.15. So I let my mum know because she was looking after the kids.

Then mum rang me. Apparently it was 6. No, 5.45.

I’m still at work at this point. I asked my son why he told me 6.15 when it was 5.45. Or 6.

Surely the 6.15 was right because he’d clearly just asked the teacher then texted me?!

As I got home, the phone rang again. He’d just remembered. It was 6.45. 6.45 now? I could have stayed at work longer. So now it could be 5.45. Or 6. Or 6.15. Or 6.45. It definitely wasn’t 6.30 at least.

At 6.15, as I was leaving the house, my husband (who works opposite the venue) rang to inform me people were going in.

Inside the venue there were no kids in school uniform. Clearly he was late. He pushed his way into a room crowded with strangers and very big people and was gone.

Was it the right room? Would he find his violin? Would he find the rest of the junior string group?

If only we’d had a letter. Or a boy who could listen, remember and pass on basic information. Personally, I’d trust a letter more.

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. My daughter forgets to give me letters, loses letters, uses letters as tissues as far as I am aware. I wish they would just post it on their website where I can check it myself!

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  2. So they don’t get any better and it isn’t just a boy thing? School website would be good. I don’t like emails which I struggle to read on my phone, but something easily accessible on the website would be ideal.

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  3. Or at least a more reliable means of communication, like a network of texts, tweets or emails.

    How was the concert?

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  4. We get texts from primary and that works really well. I suppose it might be hard to text only the parents whose kids do music?
    The concert was really amazing. Some of those kids could go on Britain’s Got Talent. I really hope my son sticks it out with his violin.

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  5. I can’t comment as a secondary school mum but I can as a primary school one. Our school sends out letters and texts but I don’t always receive the letter due to a lazy son who had to sit in the head masters office last week because I was not told what time his after school rugby match finished. I do hope he changes soon though and hopefully before secondary school age

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  6. At our primary school they always give the letters to the eldest to prevent duplication. This didn’t work well when my eldest was there as a lot of letters didn’t make it home! I wished I could have asked that they give the letters to either of the younger two! Fingers crossed your boy gets organised before secondary, although in my experience, this isn’t that likely! Thanks very much for commenting.

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  7. Wills off all day tday at a rugby tournament hes pretty reliable so presume its true!! Dont know what time, where, when, who with?!?! Next week hes away for a night with school not unusual for will to be away but unusual i dont know anyone he’ll be with?! I know theyll take care of him (more than their jobs worth) but still gives me a little niggle in my tummy. X

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  8. It would with me too! I’m sure he will be fine. It’s weird not knowing as much about what they’re doing where and who with though, isn’t it? x

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  9. My kids aren’t in school yet, but I remember my sibs and I being grilled regularly to see if had been sent home with any communication from the school. Glad to read that some schools also send out text messages now.

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  10. So complicated isn’t it… Like the text idea, that might help me with my quite frankly dire organisational skills! 😀

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  11. Glad the concert went well despite the lack of/wrong information. You’d think they’d have covered it all off with the ticket letter.

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  12. Thanks very much, everyone! You would have thought they could have included that information in the ticket letter wouldn’t you, Erica? Oh well, we live and learn…

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