Dear Father Christmas

My kids have written to Father Christmas and I just had to share their letters here. For their cuteness, for how funny they are and for how well they seem to reflect their personalities…

I’ll work from top-down. My eldest is 11 and at secondary school, so I think it’s fairly safe to say he doesn’t ‘believe’, although I admit that, perhaps foolishly, we haven’t had ‘the discussion’. I didn’t make him write a letter, it was his choice, despite the fact that he chose not to write one last year. I think the rather abrupt tone of the letter confirms that he is just going through the motions.

(All spelling and grammar mistakes throughout are my kids’.)

To Father Christmas

I’ve been good this year so please may I have a Victoria Pendleton hand signed photo, a Rio de Janere 2016 London 2012 handover pin badge. I don’t know anything else so please surprise me.

From B1

See, I told you here he was obsessed with the Olympics and collecting stuff.

I had been wondering whether my younger son still believed. But he wrote the most delightful letter I have ever read, which seems to confirm that he does. Why else would he put so much care and attention into it?

Dear Father Christmas

I hope I’ve been good this year because I would love some Manchester United badges. This a little list of them that I request; if you can’t get hold of one, don’t bother. Anyhow, here’s the list. Please could I have: Chris Smalling, Jonny Evans, Anderson, Michael Carrick, Darren Fletcher, Ryan Tunnicliffe, an old Cristiano Ronaldo Man U badge, Phil Jones and a Tom Cleverly badge and an old West Bromwich Albion match badge from a game again Manchester United in 2010 (that is the home one though). Big thank you if you get that last request as I didn’t buy that one on the day! Other than that I would also like three Beast Quest books: The dark cauldron, The dagger of doom and finally the Pirates curse. As you may have geussed I am Manchester United crazy so adding onto the Man U list please may I also have a Manchester United home kit that says Chicarito 14 on it. This might be pushing it slightly but please could I have empire earth the PC game. If all those wishes were granted then it would make it a Christmas miracle. I hope your Christmas will be as merry as my Christmas and I also hope you have a fantastic time inbetween this Christmas and next Christmas.

From B2

And finally to my little girl, who also wrote a delightful letter in her best handwriting. She has very little idea of the value of money, so her requests are a little on the expensive side. I know she’s only 6, but the boys had a very good idea of the value of money by her age, I think this is more of a boy thing. You can be fairly certain that they’ve carefully added up the value of their requests to bring them in dead on budget. Luckily, I’d already anticipated some of my daughter’s and put in an order with Grandma.

Dear Father Christmas

I hope I’ve been good this year, please may I have a big purple scooter, a Jules frily skirt, royle ballet joggers and a zip up royle ballet cardigan, a back to school sticker book a sports girl sticker book and a Christmas sticker book.

Thank you.


Let’s just hope they’ve all been as good as they think they have and Father Christmas can deliver the goods!

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. How polite are your children. Such a lovely post, thanks for sharing
    Mummy S

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  2. How cute is that?! My eldest two have just written an enormous list, not actually one for the man himself. I will def get The Boy to write one though, if only for prosterity! I hope B2 gets the christmas miracle he’s hoping for 😉

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  3. Lovely letters. Great to have such a clear idea in writing. My son changes his mind every few days.

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  4. Thank you very much, everyone!
    I’m sure B2 will get his Christmas miracle, although possibly Father Christmas will have to go to Manchester as some of these aren’t available for Santa to order onlline!
    My kids are pretty good at sticking to their guns once they’ve decided, Erica. My girl has wanted the skirt and the Royal (Royle!) Ballet gear for about a year now!

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  5. That is so sweet and some good ideas on there too! We need to do ours as we always do it late when Father Christmas has already done his shopping and then there is always some disappointment! (Disorganised mummy!)

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  6. We used to do ours mid-Dec too, but I hit on the idea of doing them in November to enure Father Christmas doesn’t make any mistakes!
    Haven’t done mine yet, UleyGirl. I’m thinking maybe some new Doc Martens. Or perhaps just someone to pop in once a week and sort out all my IT issues?!

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  7. Thanks very much 🙂 I think this is my favourite post of the month and I didn’t even need to write it myself – it wrote itself!

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  8. How gorgeous – don’t our kids make blogging wonderful sometimes..such a great place to hold these memories 🙂 Popped over from BYOBH.

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  9. Don’t think Father Christmas will be able to resist requests like these

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  10. Thanks very much everyone. It’s true, KiddyCharts, the blog does serve as a great record of some special memories 🙂

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