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You know NIBs in newspapers? The little stories in the columns down the side? News in brief? I’ve already posted today, but I just felt I needed to do a NIB on my blog.

We live in a nice village in a ‘semi-rural location’ (I like that slightly bureaucratic sounding phrase). It’s full of old people.

My son is in the Scouts in the village. Everyone likes Scouts. Scouts are Good Kids.

This evening the Scouts went round the village selling programmes for the church fete. You know the church. Full of old people and goodness.

So just to recap – good kids, going round village full of old people, selling something which is good and in a good cause.

This is what happened:

Someone said ‘you do realise you’re cold-calling, don’t you?’

Someone called my son ‘young lady’

And my favourite…

A man turned to his wife and said ‘Do you want a programme for the church fete?’ and when she said ‘Yes’, he said ‘Well you can fucking buy it with your own money.’*

*Can I just say that although this is absolutely true, if you see my son or anyone related to our Scouts, don’t mention you read it here! My son will probably actually kill me, but it was too good a story not to share.

Church fete NIB, Church

A church, not ours. Ours is a lot smaller



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  1. Its turning rough down your way ! ha ha

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