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My name is MumofThree and I am a bad mum. Why am I a bad mum? Because I don’t even have time to get my own son a new pair of school shoes.

It was last Monday, yes, over a week ago, when my younger son came out of school and showed me his ruined shoes. The leather is coming unstitched and there are holes in the soles. This is the pair of shoes he’s had since September and he plays football in them at break time, so it’s hardly surprising. What is surprising is that I haven’t needed to replace them before now. The kids have generally outgrown their September shoes by Easter and I’ve certainly replaced the others’ shoes, but not these.

So I just need to buy him some new shoes. That’s all. Just buy some new shoes. But it’s easier said then done. When should I buy them?

Not Monday. That’s ballet, followed by Cubs and Scouts.

Not Tuesday. I’m at work.

Not Wednesday. I’m at work again.

Not Thursday. That’s street dance.

Not Friday. That’s Rainbows and Cub camp.

Not Saturday. Still on Cub camp.

Not Sunday. That’s a football award day which goes on right until the shops are closed.

So then we’re back at Monday. And are things any different on Monday? Or Tuesday? Or Wednesday? No. In fact they’re slightly worse.

Because this Monday I’ve got my eldest’s friend here and I’ve got a school governor’s meeting.

And on Wednesday we’re all going out on a once-in-a-lifetime trip to see the Olympic torch.

What about the weekend? Surely that’s not as busy this time?

Well, on Saturday he’s setting off at 7.30am on a trip to Twickenham with his big brother’s rugby team.

But we’ll be able to go to the shops on Sunday! Only two weeks since his shoes fell apart.

Oh no, we won’t. The under 9s football team is in a tournament. My son is in the under 8s. The under 9s are short of players. So my boy can play! Great! That’s going to take all day. And he’ll be really tired. And he won’t have done any homework.


Why don’t you just go to Next/ M&S and pick him up a pair, I hear you shout. Because my son has the world’s widest feet. There is probably one pair of shoes in the whole world that will fit him. He’s an H. Except he’s really an I. But they don’t do Is. So he has to go up a half size or a whole size to compensate. This is why he spends his entire life, summer and winter, in Crocs.

My kids don’t have to go to school looking pristine. Their jumpers are a bit faded and the cuffs are a bit frayed. This is normal.

But my kids are NOT the kids who go to school in stained shirts or falling-apart shoes. Well, they weren’t.

I am officially a bad mum.

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. I love it! My 9 year old son is an H too, so in a simlilar desperate state to yours last month I bought a pair of Tesco trainers to make do – guess what – we still haven’t replaced them. His headteacher will soon have kittens if he continues to go to school in trainers!

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  2. Thanks for commenting 🙂 Glad I’m not the only one! A friend of mine read this and offered us an old pair of her eldest’s shoes to keep us going. They were immaculate, my son tried them on and announced they were ‘perfect’. Then refused to wear them because they have laces, so we’ve had another two weeks in the falling-apart shoes. First stop tomorrow – the shoe shop! And they’d better last him until Christmas!

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  3. that’s what the internet is for. online shopping rules. and it tends to be cheaper

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