In the zone

When I first started blogging last summer, I would bash out one post at a time and publish it immediately. Each post took about 20 minutes to write and I would write either in the evening or in the daytime while the kids were watching telly.

Then my blogging guru UleyGirl told me she always writes more than she posts, so you’ve got stuff ready for holidays etc. Good idea! The problem is this meant I was writing more and more and totally losing myself in it – generally to the detriment of my already sub-standard housework.

So I do most of my blogging on Thursdays and Fridays when my kids are at school and I don’t work. Sometimes I write one or two and I struggle a bit – the right words won’t come, the ideas don’t look as good on the screen as they did in my head. I think I’ll give up, then something pops into my head – some words, some sentences – and I need to get them down IMMEDIATELY.

Suddenly I am in the zone. The words flow. I get another idea. I need to write another post urgently before I lose those ideas and those phrases.

I am totally focused. I am in a sort of fog focused only on the words. It’s like when you shut your eyes in the shower to wash your hair and then when you open them you realised you have been lost in your imagination and have no idea how long you’ve been washing your hair. Or is that just me?

Eventually something, usually hunger, will snap me out of my trance. I realise I am thirsty and desperate for the toilet. I notice the weather for the first time. Somehow it has gone from just-dropped-the-kids-off time to lunchtime. I rush around trying to do all the jobs I was going to do that day and making up excuses for my husband about why the house looks such a mess – ‘You’ve got no idea how long it takes to sort the washing out’. Probably not all day, if I’m honest, so I doubt he’s convinced.

Although I am back in the real world, I’m still in the zone. My head is still full of words, phrases and ideas. Everything I see is a potential blog, although you will be pleased to know that I’ve rejected my thoughts on the car wash people at Sainsburys or the use of astroturf instead of grass in the car park outside Boots.

Only when I pick my kids up from school do I snap completely back to reality and out of MumofThree World.

Author: Sarah Mummy

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