Crime, law and order

Crime is something which doesn’t happen to us. It is committed by other people to other people. That makes it endlessly fascinating, scary and mysterious to my kids…

LG age 4 1/2: Will any of us ever go to prison?

LG age 4 3/4: What are robbers? Are they people? Can they fly?

B1 age 9 1/2: If you were a robber, and you were robbing a school, why wouldn’t you steal all the small things like footballs?

B1 age 9 1/2: Are all robbers unemployed?

B1 age 9 1/2: Is it illegal to be unemployed?

LG age 5: Grown up men are good. Some men are robbers, though.

LG age 5: Are there real pirates?
Me: Yes.
LG: They haven’t got us, have they? Why haven’t they?

Author: Sarah Mummy

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