Year 6 angst

Year 6s are a funny bunch. Some of them are nearly as big as adults, others are barely bigger than my 5 year old. Some are already dressing like teenagers and hanging out in town with their friends, while others play happily with toys. Either way, they are all big fish in a small pond, with an attitude to match.

My eldest hasn’t yet developed an interest in fashion, but is fiercely anti-chav. Walking down the street, I am shocked by his appearance. If he saw himself, he would hate himself. His jeans are falling down – because he is skinny and refuses to wear a belt, not because he actually wants to display his boxers for the world to see. The hood of his hoodie is up – because it is 3 degrees and he has ‘forgotten’ to bring a coat to town (or so I thought). He is dragging his feet – because recently he appears to have lost the ability to actually pick his feet up. He looks like a chav.

My daughter informs me that his hood went up in the lobby of the cinema when he was buying sweets and hasn’t come down since. Why did his hood go up then? Because he saw two girls from his class. Couldn’t he say hello to them? No, because he was with his sister. Well why would that be a problem? The kids (especially the girls) in his class think his sister is cute.

‘Well I don’t want people to think I spend all my time with her,’ he mumbles.

She’s in his family! Of course he is going to spend time with her! Isn’t he?!

Have I got a lot to learn about tweens?!

Author: Sarah Mummy

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