Bodies again

The kids remain endlessly fascinated by bodies. Particularly ladies’ bodies. Spot the question which scared me. Was hoping for a few more years before I had to face up to the whole girls and body image. issue.

LG age 4 3/4: This thumb feeled (sic) like it had a plaster on it because it feeled so warm.

Me: Will you give me a big hug after the run?
LG age 4 3/4: No, because you’ll be sweaty. OK, I won’t touch your sweaty bits though.

LG age 4 3/4: If you look at this (scab on her leg) like this, well, on Ben & Holly I saw frogspawn and it looks like frogspawn.

B2 age 7 1/4: Why do ladies have big boobies and hairy willies?

LG age 5: Guess how many poos I did? 13!
Me: Did you count them?
LG: Yes, I always do.

B1 age 9 1/2: What is (sic) boobies made of?

LG age 5 3/4: On the news, they showed people having these things in their boobies to make them bigger. Can I have them?

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. What was your reply to Question 4?

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  2. Just to clarify – I was assuming ‘willies’ was a generic term for all genitals. If he had been referring to ACTUAL willies, this would have been a much harder question to answer!

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