All’s well that ends well

Remember that depressed, angry woman of a week or so ago? (Me) That woman who had to do a job interview for (sort of) her own job – twice? That woman is gone. That woman is replaced by a happy woman. A hyper woman who is so happy she has eaten a whole bar of Green & Blacks today (funny how she can also eat a whole bar when she is unhappy) and has completely lost the ability to tidy. And, importantly, doesn’t even care. Because that woman HAS A JOB!!!

In the continuum of best case to worst case, I got second prize, silver medal. I got the communications officer job, rather than the senior one, on MY EXACT SAME HOURS. Thank you, Lord, and thank you bosses.

I am so happy that I don’t even care that I didn’t get the top job. I am perfectly happy with the basic job. I’m going to do it well, I’m going to shine and maybe in a year or two I will get the chance to go for the senior job. And, if I don’t, I don’t really care about that either.

And all my lovely ladies, those mad women from the Friends and colleagues post (in November) have got jobs too. So we will all still be together! There will be a few other people too, so I hope they can embrace the madness rather than dilute it.

There have a been a small number of casualties, of course. They are not people I know well, but I feel desperately sorry for them. It will be a miserable Christmas for them.

After all the worry, the interview process wasn’t too bad. There were tests beforehand, which at first glance seemed hard, but at second glance seemed perfectly do-able. I remained calm throughout. And then an interview. Twice over. I stayed calm again. I think I did OK first time around. I know I did better second time round – hence the job.

Importantly for me, I think I’ve shown my boss’s boss what I can do. I’ve always been in the background, someone’s third or fourth choice to do something. When it’s just me in the room being interviewed and tested, I think he can see that I’m not just some middle-aged part-timer who’s been there too long. I can actually do the job well and I have potential to do more.

It’s been a stressful few months. This has been hanging over me and my colleagues for ages, but now it’s all over. Private sector cynics might ask, what was that all about?? Why put all those poor people through all that stress, only to give them jobs anyway? Why not just get rid of the crap people and save the uncertainty? That’s what a private sector cynic might say. NOT ME. I’m a public sector girl through and through.

My kids are delighted for me and, let’s be honest, themselves. They are discussing the holidays at Disneyland and Center Parcs we can still have.

Now the lovely ladies and I just have to start work on our new jobs, whatever they may be, and move forward. Onwards and upwards. I may even buy some new work clothes.

And we can all enjoy Christmas! Hooray!

Author: Sarah Mummy

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