Happy birthday to a hot hubby/ lazy son

Is it just me, or is there a massive gap in the market for birthday cards for the people that matter? Particularly the male people that matter.

I’ll be honest, I don’t put much thought into friends’ cards. Either my own friends or my children’s. For my best friend it’s usually some little girls or old ladies dancing, in memory or our long-gone clubbing days, some of the happiest times we spent together. For my other friends it’s those old card shop staples of cupcakes, chocolate or shoes. I don’t do wine cards for obvious reasons. Footballs and princesses are fine for my kids’ friends.

But what about the people that really matter? I do actually want to buy cards that say ‘son’, ‘husband’ or ‘daddy’ on them. But what’s on offer leaves a lot to be desired.

It is some time now since my sons outgrew Bob the Builder and pirates. But despite the fact that they do fart and do have an untidy bedroom, I don’t want to be making a joke about it on their birthday. But there’s nothing in between. To buy your own son a card with a boring picture of a football on it (particularly if he plays rugby and doesn’t even like football) doesn’t really cut it. So for my son’s fast approaching 8th birthday I have gone for a non-son, medium-sized Smurf card with a big number 8 on it. He will like it and it’s nice enough, but it doesn’t exactly convey to him how special is to us.

And then there’s husbands. I love my husband, but we’re not the slushy overly-demonstrative type. And we are most certainly not the rude type. I would rather die than buy him a card describing him as a ‘hot hubby’. And I won’t make jokes about his laziness or his drinking or any of those other things husband cards joke about. So he normally ends up with a non-husband card with something random on it like a knitted monkey.

Clearly my Dad is an older man. But he doesn’t fish, he doesn’t drink beer (he’s teetotal too) and he doesn’t sit in his shed. And I’m too old to give him cards about daughters taking all his money or using the phone. So it will end up as some boring photographic view of something. Oh, and he’s called ‘Grandpa’ not ‘Grandad’, so that cuts my options right down for cards from the kids. I know he has had the same card on consecutive years from the kids. Very bad daughter.

So if anyone out there has any influence or creative skills, give a thought to cards for people who just love the male members of their family in a straightforward way. Surely I can’t be the only one?!

Author: Sarah Mummy

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