We don’t often go on foreign holidays and we don’t often stay in hotels. But ever since we first went to Disneyland Paris when my eldest was 15 months old, we have developed a strong tradition of sitting in the bathroom while the kids go to sleep. With a toddler you don’t have to wait long. But with three biggish kids, you can sit in the bathroom for a really long time.

While many parents keep their kids up late on holiday, we prefer to be up and out early. The morning to us is the best time of the day, when you can get the most done. So early mornings mean decent bedtimes.

My kids go to bed pretty late anyway. Official bedtime for my boys is 8.30, but it’s not unusual for them still to be awake at 10. I like my daughter to be asleep by 8, which is still too late according to her teacher, but it’s usually closer to 8.30. Official bedtime on holiday may slip to 9, but we try not to let it slip further.

We have just spent four fun-packed days at Disneyland Paris. All sharing the one big bedroom – two double beds and a single.

At 9ish, the lights go off and my husband and I go into the bathroom. Luckily, it is a very nice bathroom. It has twin sinks and the toilet is set into an alcove so two people can be in the bathroom without seeing each other on the toilet.

I have a shower at night anyway, so that is a good use of my time. I usually brush my teeth and put moisturiser on just as I go to bed, but I do that too while I wait for the kids to drop off. I chat to my husband, then read my book while he checks his emails on his phone. Still sat on the bathroom floor.

There is a bath in the bathroom, unsurprisingly. So my husband decides to have a bath because there is nothing else to do. He puts a whole hotel-size bottle of bubbles in, just because he can.

Beer in the minibar is over 7 euros. Even a can of Coke or a small bottle of water is 4 euros 60. We wouldn’t touch them with a barge pole. But then we discover a shop on the railway station which doesn’t belong to Disney. The drinks are normal prices. So he buys a couple of cans of beer and enjoys them in his bubbly bath.

The kids are very excited when we tell them about the bubbly bath. The same kids who complain about a bath every other night at home. Surrounded by the most amazing rides and characters, they are begging to go back to the room and have a bubbly bath.

And by the time they drop off to sleep at about 10, I am so tired out from sitting on the bathroom floor reading, that I am asleep by 10.30.

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. This did make me chuckle – the number of times my husband and I have spent in hotel bathrooms waiting for our son to nod off. I thought it was just us!

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  2. Ha ha and I thought it was just me! We are such unseasoned travellers…

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  3. The things we do for our kids eh?! I bet your bum was numb after sitting on the cold floor for that long – good job it was a nice one 😉

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  4. Well, yes, as bathrooms go, it was definitely a good one! Crazy thing to do though. I think when/ if we go again we’ll just all go to bed at 10.

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