A few mysteries from my younger son

My younger son doesn’t ask a lot of questions. But even he has needed the answer to one or two mysteries over the years and, like his brother and sister, he can be quite morbid at times.

Age 6 3/4: Is it OK to do graffiti on the back of your own house?

Age 6 3/4: When will the world end?

Age 6 3/4: If your best friends died, would it be really, really sad?

Age 6 3/4: How does life insurance work?

Age 7: When did Take That win X-Factor?

Age 7: Mummy, what would you do with a minotaur?

Age 7 1/4: Has there been a trillion minutes since the world began?

Age 7 1/4: Is Ken a short name?

Age 7 1/4: If something was a penny and it was reduced, would it be free?

Author: Sarah Mummy

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