Darkness Falls by Robert Bryndza

Darkness Falls is the fourth part in the Kate Marshall detective series by Robert Bryndza. I picked it up cheaply in Sainsbury’s a while ago, at the same time as I bought The Skeleton Key. I’ve previously read the first two books in the series – Nine Elms and Shadow Sands. Somehow I’d missed the third book.

In Darkness Falls, Kate’s detective agency is starting to take off. She is approached by a mother whose daughter had disappeared 13 years earlier. Joanna Duncan was a newspaper journalist whose story about the local MP had led to his downfall. She had gone missing soon afterwards. Had the MP been involved?

The police investigations had failed to find Joanna and her case had been forgotten. But Jo’s mother, Bev, couldn’t give up on her daughter and was determined to find out what had happened. Could Kate and her business partner, Tristan, succeed where the police had failed?

Looking through Joanna’s old notes, Kate comes across two names of young men. Both men had disappeared at a similar time to Jo. Had she discovered a serial killer preying on young men?

Darkness Falls is a proper page turner and I couldn’t put it down. I definitely didn’t guess the identity of the murderer.

The only negative is that I read Darkness Falls immediately after The Falls by Ian Rankin. While it is a good story, I must say I found the writing rather clunky in comparison with Ian Rankin’s. It also referred repeatedly to ‘Exeter town centre’, but Exeter is a city, which slightly annoyed me. I feel it’s important to get those sort of facts right in a book.

But if you enjoy thrillers and detective stories, I would definitely recommend Darkness Falls. To me, it’s the best of the series so far. I will also be going back and tracking down the third book in the series – Devil’s Way.

I also previously enjoyed Robert Bryndza’s Erika Foster detective series.

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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