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For many people, Christmas cards have become a thing of the past. And, even though writing them can be time consuming at a busy time of year, I can’t let them go! I love both sending and receiving Christmas cards and always have.

I know lots of people these days prefer to give money to charity instead of sending cards, and that is a great thing to do. I’m not going to knock anyone for that.

But for me, there is something very special about receiving a Christmas card that I can’t quite explain. I think it goes back to my parents and even grandparents. My parents still send Christmas cards to EVERYONE – including people they worked with over 50 years ago and my old neighbours (yes, not their old neighbours, my old neighbours!).

My Grandma used to say ‘I don’t mind if I don’t get a present, but I do like a card’ and I know what she means. A Christmas card shows that someone somewhere is thinking about you, even if you haven’t seen them for a really long time. (Which is even more likely after nearly two years living in the shadow of Covid.)

And it might seem irrational and silly – possibly even a bit wasteful – but I insist that my husband and kids give me a card every year! Yes, they think I’m crazy, but I do a lot for them every single day of their lives. So they can show their appreciation by giving me a Christmas card because I like them! Even if they do think I’m a bit mad.

One thing I’ve realised in recent years is that I’m getting quite fussy with my choice of Christmas cards to give to others. There is a huge selection out there, yet sometimes I just can’t find what I’m looking for! (I have the same issues with birthday cards too.)

I realise I’m actually very traditional in my choices. I won’t have candy canes (too American). I refuse polar bears and penguins (synonymous with snow, but not actually with Christmas). I refuse to ever give cards to do with alcohol (because I’m teetotal). And I definitely don’t want any jokes that are a bit rude or even slightly cheeky, because my cards will go to my uncles and aunties and my elderly neighbours.

So I’m basically left with Christmas trees, stars, Father Christmas and reindeers for my Christmas card choices.

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In addition to my concerns about the design of a card, I’m also very keen to avoid glitter, foil, ribbon or anything else which makes a card difficult to recycle. It is very important to me that a Christmas card is as sustainable as possible.

So I was very impressed to discover the range of printed Christmas cards and tags at Aura Print, which has been trading in the UK and US since 2007. The designs are traditional with a modern twist, exactly what I like! They are suitable for friends and family of all ages. And there’s no foil or glitter in sight.

If you order from them, Aura Print promises to email you when they are dispatched, so you know exactly when to expect your delivery. My order was certainly very prompt!

For my Christmas card, I chose a simple design – a neutral brown with a silhouette of Father Christmas and his reindeer flying above a traditional looking village, complete with snow and fir trees. The wording on the outside reads: Have a very Merry Christmas. Inside, it says Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas, which is a sweet greeting that should appeal to pretty much everyone.

The cards would also be perfect for businesses to give to their customers, contacts and suppliers.

The Christmas card fits in very well with the trend for more natural looking wrapping – with lots of people opting to wrap their presents in sustainable brown paper, rather than shiny paper which is destined for landfill. Not only does it look sustainable, it is actually made from 100% recycled paper, which is a big bonus for me.

I’m very confident that my friends and family are going to love their Christmas cards from us this year.

I’m pleased to say that, with Aura Print, I’ve solved my Christmas card problem. If you are struggling to find the perfect Christmas cards, I would definitely recommend taking a look at their range, because they tick a lot of boxes! I will certainly be back to Aura Print next year.

I was sent 50 Christmas cards from Aura Print for this review. I received a payment for my time, but all opinions are my own. #ad

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. I only send a handful of Christmas cards now to family and friends that I don’t see very often just to let them know I’m thinking of them. There is something nice about receiving them, my great aunt used to say the same, she wasn’t bothered about presents but loved the cards. I like traditional Christmas cards too and I can’t stand glitter on them.
    The Aura Print cards look and sound fantastic. x

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