Adults by Emma Jane Unsworth

Adults by Emma Jane Unsworth was one of the books I bought on the day Waterstones reopened after lockdown. It wasn’t a book I’d previously wanted to read, but I liked the cover, the blurb and the reviews on the cover.

Regular readers of my book reviews will get the impression that I love all books. And they would be right. I enjoy every book I read. Of course, some of them won’t be the best and I will look back in a few weeks or months and think they weren’t that great. But I enjoy 99% of them while I’m reading them.

Spoiler alert. I didn’t much enjoy Adults.

It started well. I thought it was funny at first. The main character, Jenny, is obsessing over what to post on social media. She’s also constantly checking the Instagram feed of a woman who she admires a lot. The reviews described it as ‘Relatable’ and I could sort of relate to that bit.

But then I stopped relating and started feeling a bit irritated.

Jenny is 35, but I think people who are 10 years younger would relate to her better than most 35-year-olds do. She is very self-centred and constantly texting her best friend about unimportant things, but never asking her friend how she is getting on.

I get that this is the nature of the character. But it just annoyed me.

Jenny has a few bad things happen during the book and she almost certainly has mental health problems, but I just couldn’t relate or care for her. (I do read books about people with mental health problems and people who are much younger or much older than me, which I do relate to and care about.)

There were a few little twists in the book and I did actually start to enjoy it a bit more towards the end. But Adults really wasn’t for me.

It’s not a terrible book, I just wasn’t its intended audience. In future, I will look more carefully at the reviews and who is actually saying them before I buy a book!

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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