Marathon Mum by Rachel Brown

I was sent a copy of Marathon Mum by Rachel Brown to review (#ad #gifted). I don’t usually accept books for review, as reading is my relaxation and I want to be sure I will enjoy the books I read. But a book about running and a woman inspiring others to run? There was no way I was turning that down!

Quite by coincidence, I wrote just the other day about how running can help mental health. If you don’t believe my little post, you need to read Marathon Mum, because then you really will believe!

Rachel is a woman from Merseyside, who has had a fairly eventful life. Some of the difficulties she faced in her early 20s left her with serious mental health problems. After the birth of her children, she was feeling particularly down and her self-esteem was at rock bottom (not helped by her marriage).

She started to run to boost her self-esteem and lose a bit of weight. She achieved those things, but she soon realised that running gave her a lot more. When other mums asked if they could run with her, she inspired a running revolution in the area.

Those first few women were joined by more and more. They became Mums to Marathons – all inspired by the enthusiasm of Rachel to do things they didn’t believe were possible. Like Rachel, many of them had been through some tough times. Many of them had never run before and didn’t believe it was possible for them to run. Women with long-term physical and mental health problems soon found themselves running half marathons and marathons and cutting their medication.

From her initial group of runners, Rachel started groups across the area, and made it her mission to support them all. Together, Mums to Marathons have also raised huge amounts of money for a local charity through their races and other challenges.

Told largely by Rachel (with assistance from author Warren Fitzgerald), Marathon Mum also includes chapters by some of the other women from Mums to Marathons. It really is an incredible story. Whether you are a runner or are curious about running, but think you’re not fit enough/ young enough to try it, you will be inspired by Marathon Mum. It is also a fantastic story of the power of female friendships.

I was sent a copy of Marathon Mum for the purposes of this review. All opinions are my own.

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Sounds a lot in the same sort of tone as the last running book i read. Definitely one to add to my Kindle. Thank you.

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    • I’m sure you would love it! It made me think of you because it’s all about women running in a group of women, like you do.

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