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Children and teenagers require stability, and change can offset their rest patters more than we realise. It’s easy to think that once they are taller than us, that our kids are all grown up, but teenagers are still children with a lot of developing to do!
When it comes to their bedrooms you need to be sure that they have a place that is secure and comfortable, to provide stability and fuel their creativity. No matter what age they are, children will stomp around their rooms and create mess you didn’t think would be humanly possible.

The floor in your teenager’s room is among the chief victims of their excitable and often careless nature. Used mugs, damps towels, dirty clothes and endless school books are pretty much standard for all teenagers’ floors. This is why Karndean click vinyl flooring is the best force to have under your little and not-so-little terrors.

A different product

Vinyl flooring is a great way to deal with the mess in children’s and teenagers’ rooms. And vinyl is no longer associated with the cheap and tacky flooring option from decades ago. Today it is associated with the most popular flooring product on the market, perfectly replicating other flooring options, yet much cheaper and much more secure.
Today’s vinyl flooring is highly recommended by interior designers, due to its advanced protective properties against scratches, stains, heat and water. It has undergone years of successful testing against its biggest complaints and that of other flooring problems to become a sought after product throughout the home.
With kids being boisterous and susceptible to spills and stains, Karndean click vinyl flooring provides the ultimate in easy care maintenance with a range of bright, colourful and playful patterning that your kids will love.

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Night care

Should children need to get up during the night, vinyl flooring is a great cushioned flooring that not only protects your child when they stagger out of bed, but it’s also a perfect partner for underfloor heating. It is ideal for maintaining warmth on cold nights, should your child become uncovered.

Children and teenagers who suffer with allergies will be safe with vinyl, thanks to it being allergy free and made from environmentally-friendly materials. There is no doubt parents will find peace with its sound absorbing qualities, for when your teenager stay up chatting to friends late into the night.

If you want to provide something that will last your children and teenagers way into their twenties, allow them to explore which vinyl flooring they would love in their room, giving them a choice from the beautiful artistic designs to the cool colours on offer.
Karndean click vinyl flooring is the perfect comfort for your children’s rooms through every stage of their lives, providing safety, comfort and satisfaction for everyone.

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  1. Wow vinyl has definitely come a long way, you would never know that was vinyl by looking at it x

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    • I know, it’s amazing, isn’t it? When we moved into our house it had a vinyl kitchen floor which was horrible. I suspect it had been there since the house was built in 1987! X

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  2. The vinyl looks great, we need to look into something like that. Love this xx

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    • It does seem like a really good idea – for lots of rooms, not just bedrooms. It would be good to have something easy to clean and hardwearing in the hallway. x

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  3. I would absolutely love to have vinyl floors throughout the house, so practical, especially with a dog in the house

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    • Oh yes, they would be perfect with a dog! So much easier to clean than carpet.

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