2020: The year of cancelled things

2020 truly was the year of cancelled things. Even when coronavirus was starting to take hold and things were starting to get closed down, who could ever have imagined that so many things would be cancelled? And for so long? Who would have thought that we would ever only be allowed out of the house once a day to exercise?

I guess we are ‘lucky’ in that we’re not big on days out or exotic holidays. But, like most people, we have still had a lot of things cancelled this year.

If you’d told me at the start of this year that we would have holidays and athletics competitions cancelled, I wouldn’t have known how we could bear it. But with hundreds of people dying every day when the crisis was at its worst, a cancelled holiday really paled into insignificance.

So, although we’ve briefly felt sad about cancelled things, we’ve taken it all in our stride. Because we had to!

Who knew we would make it through a year without so many of the things we love?

With the exception of the last two, these are all things that we had booked or organised before lockdown. The list doesn’t include things we might have arranged at the time.

This may not be an exhaustive list, but I THINK this is all of our cancelled things from 2020:

  • 11 GCSEs – a total of 24 exams
  • Countless days of school (neither of my kids spent any time in school after 20th March)
  • Three months of work for my eldest (furlough)
  • A marathon
  • Four half marathons (ie every half marathon I’d intended to do this year)
  • 42 parkruns (which would have taken me beyond my 250 parkrun milestone)
  • A trip to Amsterdam for my husband and I
  • A school trip to Paris for my daughter
  • A school rugby tour for my son
  • A year 11 prom for my son
  • A holiday to Center Parcs with my whole family
  • Countless athletics competitions for both kids
  • Countless athletics training sessions for both kids
  • Several school and club football matches for my son
  • Countless ballet and jazz classes for my daughter
  • Countless weekly football sessions for my husband
  • A Scout camp for my daughter
  • A term and a half of Scout meetings for my daughter
  • A term and a half of volunteering at Beavers for my daughter
  • A meet-up with blogging friends
  • A trip to the theatre
  • Wychwood Festival
  • Levellers concert
  • FA Cup semi-final and final at Wembley for my husband
  • England games at Wembley for my husband
  • The opportunity to do work experience or volunteering in preparation for a medical degree for my younger son
  • The opportunity to do part-time work for my younger son
  • A panto for my daughter – including audition, rehearsals and around 28 performances
  • Driving theory test for my son (although this is one of the few things which has been rescheduled)
  • Several driving lessons for my son

What have been your biggest cancelled things? How have you coped without doing the things you love for so long?

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Yes lots of things cancelled here too. The biggie was tickets for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child that I had been trying to book for ages as my youngest was desperate to see. He got the play script as soon as it was published. I finally managed to book a year ahead. Currently our tickets have been rescheduled for next summer so fingers crossed. Like you, I was expecting to hit a parkrun milestone, 100 in my case. But the one thing I was very relieved we got scheduled just before lockdown was my mum’s funeral, every day waiting we were dreading the possibility of attending funerals being banned

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    • So sorry to hear you missed out on Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. I really hope it happens for you next summer. I also got the script as soon as it was published and tried to get tickets without any luck.
      Here’s hoping we reach our parkrun milestones before too long!
      Thank goodness your mum’s funeral was able to happen. It must have been an awful situation without that added stress too.

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  2. Apart form school, some days out and my eldest girls job I feel like we have been quite lucky with things being cancelled. It sounds like you have missed out on so much. x

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    • I was actually surprised at how much we had missed on when I started listing it, as I feel like we’re not the sort of people who do loads of things. But maybe we are! Sadly some of the things we’ve missed out on, like the kids’ school trips and my son’s prom, will never happen now. x

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  3. Yes, there has been so many things cancelled across the board. Apart from holidays, our biggest was my middle child’s end of primary, start of high school residential, saying goodbyes, assemblies and induction. The kids have had trips cancelled and lots of money lost, but other than losing my mother in law we are safe. It is hard. Hugs xxx

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    • Losing your mother-in-law must have been the hardest thing. I hope your family are all feeling better now. It is sad to miss out on all the end of primary school stuff. Some things, like holidays, can be rescheduled, but a lot of the school stuff is gone forever. I remember my son’s headteacher said that they would definitely do something to replace prom ‘even if it’s at Christmas’ and he laughed when he said that because of course they would do something before Christmas. Needless to say, they didn’t do anything at Christmas and they never will! x

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  4. When you read it all listed like this, it really is amazing how we’ve coped with so much disappointment! I’ve kind of lost count now but have definitely had a couple of holidays cancelled and numerous school trips. Such a shame for our kids isn’t it? It’s them I feel most sorry for because those trips won’t be offered again. My son was supposed to be going to Berlin with the school in October.

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    • It is crazy, isn’t it? Yet somehow we more or less took it in our stride. Sorry to hear about your son’s trip to Berlin. It’s definitely the kids I feel most sorry for as those things are all one-offs and they won’t get the chance again. My son’s rugby tour was initially postponed until 2021, but it was cancelled altogether in September. I know he will never get another opportunity like that again.

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