Project 366 2020 Weeks 26 & 27

Week 27 of 2020 – more than halfway through the year. The last couple of weeks saw another family get older. And still we are in some form of lockdown (week 15!).

Here’s our fortnight in pictures…

Day 173 – Sunday 21st June – Father’s Day, although we’re not particularly big on Father’s Day in our house. The kids did buy my husband small presents, but my husband lost his own dad when he was 13 and my dad always says that Father’s Day ‘isn’t real’. He says it was just made up by card companies because there is a Mother’s Day.

The highlight of our day was probably the walk up the hill.

Hill, Landscape, Walking, Sons, Brothers, 366

Day 174 – Monday 22nd June – a busy day of work and the weather is definitely starting to improve. My husband has started going into the office every day now. It’s strange not having him at home after so long. Before work, he did a coronavirus test, after he was randomly selected. It’s pretty brutal – having to touch your tonsils five times, which made him gag twice. Sadly it wasn’t an antibody test. We suspect the whole family has had the virus (thanks to my son’s travels!) and it would be nice to know.

Coronavirus test, Covid-19 test, 366

Day 175 – Tuesday 23rd June – a hot day with lots of work. Also, the end of an era – the last televised coronavirus daily briefing. Apparently on 4th July pubs, hairdressers and cinemas will reopen. Social distancing will reduce to one metre and life will start to feel almost normal. I really hope it is the right thing to do.

Isn’t Chris Whitty a legend?

Chris Whitty, Coronavirus, Daily briefing, 366

Day 176 – Wednesday 24th June – an even hotter day with temperatures reaching 30 degrees. Another busy day of work. My younger son went to meet a couple of friends briefly and I spotted the first flower in my garden which I grew from seed this year. There’s lots more to come.

flower, garden, 366

Day 177 – Thursday 25th June – a very hot day – about 31 or 32 degrees. My eldest had a birthday barbecue for six of his friends. They were very noisy and it felt a bit uncomfortable being in the house with them all in the garden, but they were well behaved. At 10.30pm, they suddenly cleared up all the mess and then went home.

Apologies, it’s another flower picture. We have three of these plants (phloxes), which were planted by the previous homeowner. Every year, they bring so much colour to the garden.

flowers, garden, 366

Day 178 – Friday 26th June – first thing in the morning, this was the only evidence we’d had teenagers in the garden last night (it doesn’t belong to us). But then all but one of them came back at 9am! And then all but one of them left at 11am. A hot and busy day.

Drinks dispenser, Garden, Teenage party, 366

Day 179 – Saturday 27th June – my son turned 19 today. He didn’t want to do a lot, but we had a takeaway curry for tea. He also went to town and bought himself a bargain jumper with his birthday money.

Birthday, 19th birthday, Son, Pumba, Presents, Cards, Balloons, 366

Day 180 – Sunday 28th June – I went for a 10 mile run on my own this morning, as my husband is injured. It was a much colder day. We went for a walk in the evening. You will notice that my daughter’s hair is much shorter! I didn’t want her to have to have it cut, as she’s always had it very long.

Daughter, Walking, Hair, Haircut, Shorter hair

Day 181 – Monday 29th June – after three months on furlough, my son finally went back to work today. He’s still working at home, but it’s nice for him to have the structure and routine in his life again.

It was an unbelievably cold, grey and windy day. These are the flowers I grew from seed (two 29p packets from Lidl!), which are just starting to bloom.

flowers, garden, 366

Day 182 – Tuesday 30th June – I went for a walk with my oldest friend, which was really nice. I genuinely don’t think I’ve seen her in 2020. Hopefully we will be able to see each other more regularly now.

These are tiny baby lupins on the front garden, which I grew from seed. They won’t flower until next year, so I have to keep them alive until then!

lupins, plants, seeds, garden, 366

Day 183 – Wednesday 1st July – another day, another walk with a friend. We went to our favourite hill, which my friend hasn’t really been to before. She absolutely loved it there and it was lovely to see her again.

Friends, Walking, 366

Day 184 – Thursday 2nd July – today was one of those days when lockdown limbo got on top of me. My son says he is always ‘waiting’. With no school work to do, he literally spends his whole life waiting until he can sprint and jump. And he’s finding it really hard that he can’t jump at the moment. Why couldn’t the stadium have got flooded this time last year when he’d just fractured his pelvis?!

The only photo I took was of this wonderful book which I finished reading today. Look out for the review next week!

The Confessions of Frannie Langton, The Confessions of Frannie Langton by Sara Collins, Sara Collins, Book review

Day 185 – Friday 3rd July – I’m getting a bit fed-up of the grey weather. Luckily I at least managed to clean the guinea pigs before the heavens opened.

guinea pigs, pets, Cedric, Henry

Day 186 – Saturday 4th July – today we have the freedom to go to pubs and restaurants and get our hair cut. Our neighbour had his hair done at 9am, but we’re not in any rush to go anywhere.

This was the third official week of (not)parkrun – this is my times logged for the last three weeks. Today I got my (not)parkrun PB.

parkrun, not parkrun, (not)parkrun, 366

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  1. hahaha! My dad is the same. He said Father’s day was just made up to sell cards.
    That hill looks a gorgeous place for a walk. What a view!
    My fella has been back to work for a few weeks and it is strange not having him here too. The coronavirus test sounds awful. I think I would have gagged too.
    Well done your son and his friends for being well behaved and clearing up!
    Your garden looks so pretty. It’s so nice to see everything growing. x

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    • Thanks very much, I’m glad my son was able to enjoy his birthday. I’m so pleased with my garden! Quite a few people have said to me that they don’t bother much with Father’s Day either. I always thought we were the only ones!

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  2. Happy 19th birthday to your son, glad to hear he managed to get himself a new jumper. The guinea pigs are so cute, hope they are enjoying the new cooler weather. Hoping that things don’t go wrong with the release of lockdown but I guess that we have to start getting back to normal some time.
    My husband starts a new job on Monday so it will be weird not having him home all the time

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    • Thanks very much, I was glad that my son was able to celebrate his birthday. Good luck to your husband for his new job!

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  3. Yep, same in our family with Father’s day. Mine died when I was 3, and my Grandad lived miles away.The OH’s family don’t really celebrate these things either, I mentioned it to N but he didn’t bother even making a card! Must be strange for your OH to be back in work, and your son to be working again.

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    • Although my husband enjoyed working at home, I think he’s happy to be back in the office now. My son is very happy to be working again too, even though it is only at home at the moment.

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  4. The BBQ sounds like it went off well and your son had a good birthday despite the restrictions. You have done well with flowers from seeds – I have grown some too, but not expecting flowers before next year.

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    • Thanks very much, I’m glad my son managed to have a good time with his friends. The lupins won’t flower until next year (if I can keep them alive for that long!), but the ones that are like wildflowers are easier. I just planted those in spring, they grew quickly and now we’ve got all this beautiful colour.

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  5. We’re not big on Father’s Day either – those kinds of days are always a little harder anyway without Jessica. We had to do a coronavirus test on Thomas this week and the throat swab was very tricky to do. Have you had your husband’s results back? Love all your flowers in your garden and how lovely to see things growing that you planted from seed. Hope your son had a nice birthday. I do love how Pumbaa always makes an appearance on birthdays in your house. Well done on getting a PB for (not)parkrun. #project366

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    • That’s understandable that Father’s Day must be so much harder without Jessica. It can’t have been easy doing the coronavirus swan test on Thomas. My husband’s results came back negative very quickly.

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  6. It will seem funny with some of them working again, be that from home or at work. Well done to sn for being motivated to work from home, can be difficult to do.
    Shame the jumping can not go ahead, the weather has been overly wet here as well lately.
    Nice to meet up with a friend

    Post a Reply
    • It does feel like we are gradually getting back to normality. My son doesn’t find it easy to work at home, but it is definitely preferable to not working for him. My younger son is getting so frustrated about the jumping!

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  7. I’m feeling the same over my daughter wanting her hair cut, but she is adament! :/
    Sounds like you have had an action packed fortnight… who doesn’t like teens who clean up after themselves, they all sound very respectful, I guvess they have cottoned onto the fact if they are well behaved, then they can have another garden evening! 😉
    Glad your son had a lovely birthday… and managed to snag a bargain jumper too! Keep the flower images coming, they are stunning! Hope you are all having a lovely week! Sim x

    Post a Reply
    • Thanks very much. I don’t think my own kids would clean up as well as the visitors did! It’s so sad when they want to cut their hair! It’s probably been nearly a month now and I’m just starting to come to terms with my daughter’s.

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  8. Happy 19th birthday to your son, glad to hear he managed to get himself a new jumper. Aww the guinea pigs are so cute, hope they are enjoying the cooler weather. Here’s hoping the lockdown changes go to plan x

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    • Thanks very much, the guinea pigs definitely are cute! So far the lockdown changes seem to be going well, let’s hope it lasts! x

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  9. We don’t bother much with fathers day either…except for some cake or something.

    Lots of flowers in the garden…love the bright and colourful.

    Happy belated birthday to your son!

    Always love seeing the guinea pigs!

    Post a Reply
    • Thanks very much! I’m quite pleased to hear there are so many others that don’t bother much with Father’s Day. I thought we were the only ones! I love my phloxes too. They lasted a really long time, but unfortunately the rain over the last few days has ruined them!

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  10. Happy 19th birthday to your son! Did he enjoy his shopping trip? Glad he had friends over for his party.
    I’m kind of with you on Father’s day, we didn’t celebrate it in Russia when I was a child. Neither did we have a Mother’s day, but an all-inclusive Women’s day on the 8th of March, when women of all ages were feted.
    Your phloxes look beautiful. Good luck with the lupins for the next year.

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    • Thanks very much! I’m glad my son could have his friends over. Teenagers need a bit of normality. That’s interesting that you didn’t even have a Mother’s Day in Russia. I’m so impressed with the phloxes – they look beautiful every year. I’m hoping that at least a couple of the lupins can make it through to next year.

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  11. My hubby was an adult when his dad died but it still makes Father’s Day a slightly sadder occasion so I need to remind the kids to be gentle. Anya was invited to have a corona test but we did not sign up as I am certain none of us have had it and I didn’t want her to go through it as I’ve heard it is quite unpleasant. Ooh off to search for the book review… #project366

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  12. Hmmm good point about the card company. I treat my parents often whenever I can, I don’t need a specific day to do it, except their birthdays. Wow, the hill and the view from it look amazing. That’s a shame, if they’re going to test for the virus, they should do it properly. A relative of mine travelled and came back and the admin of the colony would just send someone to ask questions if she had any symptoms or not. Pretty flowers. Happy birthday to your son (hi, Pumba)! You and your friend look cute. Nice to get some freedom with pubs and salons opening but do stay safe

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  13. Wow that test doesn’t sound nice at all. I would like to get the antibody test for all of us too since I think all but the littlest has had it. Love all the flowers and a Happy Belated Birthday to your son.

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