Project 366 2020 Week 31

I can’t believe we are at the end of July. Even though 2020 has been the strangest year ever, the weeks are flying by.

Here’s our week in pictures…

Day 208 – Sunday 26th July – I started the day with a 10 mile run as usual. In the afternoon we went for a walk at the hill and got caught in a huge downpour. Then we bathed the guinea pigs. Neither of them are very keen on it, but it’s something that has to be done. I try to do it three times a year – in spring, then early summer and late summer. We were a bit late with this bath as the weather hasn’t been good and they need to dry in the sun.

Guinea pig, Guinea pig in the sink, Henry, 366

Day 209 – Monday 27th July – I had a little bit more work today, which was good. In the afternoon I had to do the dreaded shopping, and of course I had to wear a mask. I don’t find it easy because I’m claustrophobic and I can’t tell you how relieved I felt to take it off! I promised myself that if they had any of the books I wanted that I would buy them as a reward. They had three of the books, so that was a win!

Books, JoJo Moyes, Robert Bryndza, Why I'm No Longer Talking to White People About Race, 366

Day 210 – Tuesday 28th July – I’ve been feeling a bit sad over the last few days, because it feels like my family is getting left behind. Gyms and swimming pools are open, football teams are training and playing in the park, dance classes have restarted, but nothing has changed for us. We still can’t do parkrun, the half marathons and marathons are cancelled, there are no athletics competitions and my daughter’s ballet classes haven’t started. We had a small light at the end of the tunnel – my kids were going to train on a track tomorrow. Their own track is still closed, but their coach had arranged for them to use another one. My son had literally been counting down the days for this.

Then today it got cancelled. It seems like the other club hadn’t confirmed the booking. My son was devastated. All he wants to do is to be able to train.

I took this sunset photo on our evening walk. It was one quick snap, which I hoped would turn out well – and it did.

Sunset, Countryside, Walking, Summer, 366

Day 211 – Wednesday 29th July – my eldest is now going to work in the office some of the time, which he is loving, although getting up an hour earlier is a shock! I had a bit more work today. The kids went out for a walk with my parents and I had the house to myself for a whole 20 minutes, for probably the first time since lockdown started.

This is me in my other mask, which was made by Karen from Cats, Kids, Chaos’s daughter. Yes, my skin does look really bad. Look out for a post on that next week.

Mask, Face covering, selfie, 366

Day 212 – Thursday 30th July – a hot day and a busy day of work. My younger son caught the bus to another town to see his friends, the first time any of us have been on public transport since my eldest flew back from Australia in March.

I took this photo of my daughter on our evening walk.

Daughter, Sunset, 366

Day 213 – Friday 31st July – we had our second weekly random coronavirus tests. We still haven’t had the results from the first ones, but apparently no news is good news and our GP will have them. I just really want to be sure I’ve actually done the test properly, so I will chase the results next week.

My eldest had a dream come true this afternoon. We made friends with a 70-years-young man from over the road during clap for carers on a Thursday evening. He is an ex-RAF pilot and regularly flies for fun. My son loves planes, so today he went out in one with our new friend.

Aeroplane, 366

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  1. oh wow at getting to fly, that must have been so amazing.
    What a shame about the running track not reopening.
    The weather has been quite rotten this week some days

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    • My son absolutely loved flying and will probably remember it forever. It was such a disappointment about the track. We’re hoping our local track will reopen in the next few weeks, which will make life much easier.

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  2. I love flying in small planes, what a treat for your son. Such a shame about the training, it must be very frustrating, especially when gyms are starting to re-open. Love the mask!!

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    • Personally I can’t think of anything worse than flying in a small plane, but my son absolutely loved it. I was so happy that he could have that experience. It has been hard seeing gyms open, yet my kids are still unable to access outdoor athletics facilities. Hopefully they won’t have to wait much longer.

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  3. It is crazy to think we’re in August. This year has flown over considering no one has really been anywhere.
    I didn’t know you only had to wash guinea pigs a few times a year.
    I am not great at wearing a mask either. I am OK at our local auction but when in the local shop I really stress myself out. Good on you for buying the books, you deserve the reward.
    Oh no! That is devestating about the track training was cancelled. I really feel for you son, I can just imagine how much he was looking forward to it.
    What a pretty mask. Well done Cat’s Kids Chaos’s daughter. x

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    • The year really is flying by! Buying the book later definitely made shopping more pleasurable and I’ve got a Tesco order coming up this week, so won’t need to do another big shop for a long time.
      My son was so looking forward to getting back to the track. Hopefully their own track will reopen soon.

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  4. How frustrating that the training didn’t happen. Hopefully something will get sorted soon for them. Nice mask – that blue t shirt really suits you too.

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    • Thanks very much, I do like wearing blue! It was so disappointing about the track. We’re hoping the local one will reopen this month.

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  5. Oh wow going in that plane is exciting. We have a friend with a plane like that, I’ve been in it once and it’s not for me! I love your mask, I think I’ll soon have a little collection going except I’m rarely going out somewhere I need it! Such a shame about the cancellations you’ve all had this week, it’s got to be so hard being ready to train and then a last minute cancellation. Hoping for a good week to come.

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    • My son loved going in the plane, but it’s not for me either! I only have two masks and I’m just about managing to alternate them with washing. I think we may need more if the restrictions carry on for much longer.

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  6. Wow, flying in a small aeroplane when you’re passionate about planes must be an unforgettable experience. (I am totally panic-stricken on the plane, that’s not a hobby I would choose. 🙂 ).
    How frustrating about the track. Hope it’s sorted for the next week.
    Beautiful photos of the sunset and your daughter in the rays of the sun.
    Your mask is lovely. I finally bought three fabric masks from Seasalt, and they are slightly easier to breathe in than in the single use ones I bought in the pharmacy online.

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    • I feel the same as you about planes, but it was an incredible experience for my son. I love the look of my mask, although I don’t like wearing them. No doubt I will get used to it in the end! Thank you, I was pleased with the way the sunset photos came out.

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    • It was so frustrating about the training being cancelled, but hopefully things will be getting back to normal soon.

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  7. The weeks do feel like they’re flying by in spite of how strange this year has been. Your guinea pig looks very cute having his bath. What a shame that the track training session was cancelled – I’m not surprised your son was devastated. It must be so hard not being able to do all the things you love with so much else opening up. That is a gorgeous sunset and I love the photo of your daughter on your evening walk. What an amazing experience for your son to fly in the plane with your new friend. #project366

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    • I can’t believe how quickly the weeks are going by. It has been hard seeing so many things reopen, but knowing my son still can’t run on a track, but hopefully it won’t be for much longer! Going in the plane was an amazing experience for my eldest, but definitely not one I would enjoy!

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  8. Aww the guinea pigs are so cute! It must be hard to give them a bath tho! We haven’t had to venture onto public transport yet it must be quite daunting really.

    My eldest wants to become a pilot, having a flight like that must have been such good fun! We have only gone as far as eldest flying on a flight simulator, once he is 14 he can start getting hours towards his own pilots licence.

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    • That is very cool that your son wants to be a pilot and can start working towards it at 14. My son doesn’t currently have any interest in being a pilot, but I suspect he will start to think about getting his licence now he’s had that flight!

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  9. Time’s flying by fast. Hi, guinea pig! Great that you were able to get the books you wanted. Hopefully the marathons and competitions will start soon. The sunset picture looks amazing! Cool mask, and loving the pimples 😉 I hope both tests come out negative. So cool to be still flying at that age

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    • Thanks very much, my neighbour is awesome to still be flying at that age. Our tests have all been negative so far. I must say we would be very surprised if they were positive.

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  10. How fab for your son to go up in the plane! Such an exhilarating experience! Sorry the trip to the track didn’t go to plan, but hopefully more things are opening for you all now!
    Such a gorgeous sunset picture! The weather has been a little crazy recently… much like our lives at the moment, but hopefully the sun will start to shine again soon so we can at least have a decent Summer!
    Hope the guinea pigs have recovered from having baths and hope you are all having a lovely week! Sim x

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    • Thanks very much, my son loved going in the plane. We think our own local track will open in just over a week, fingers crossed! Then hopefully there might be a couple of competitions for my kids to test themselves. It’s a shame that they’ve missed out on an entire season. x

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  11. Sorry to hear you have been feeling a bit sad. Think I would be same too if it felt like everyone else was getting on with things. Hope you manage to get back to it all soon!

    The mask looks cool!

    Oh wow at getting to fly!!

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    • My son loved getting to fly, thanks! We’ve got a bit of hope that our local track will open in the next few days, so hopefully we will all be feeling a bit more cheerful then. There are also plans to bring parkrun back safely, so we’re just waiting for a date for that now.

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  12. Nice to see our masks! I have flown in small planes as a passenger but I would love to fly one. #p365 from last week. Sorry it’s slightly late

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    • Your masks are being very well used! The small plane terrified me, but my son absolutely loved it.

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  13. Oh wow that sounds amazing re the flight what a great experience for him. Glad to hear that the work is picking up a little bit. Beautiful sunset pictures on your walks. I have still not been on public transport!

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  14. Do guinea pigs keep clean in sand or is that a different animal? We got our masks from Cats, Kids, Chaos too and they are really comfy #project366

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