Project 366 2020 Week 30

After being fairly busy throughout lockdown, work fell off a cliff this week. I was only doing between half an hour and an hour a day. To be fair, this does often happen over the summer, although not usually until August.

Here’s our week in pictures…

Day 201 – Sunday 19th July – we went for a drive to Kemble airfield, which is where the British Airways 747s and a lot of other planes are being stored after being decommissioned. My eldest is a plane enthusiast, so was keen to see them. The other kids were much less keen to see them. We sold them a walk, but it turns out there wasn’t anywhere to walk or park and we couldn’t get very close to the planes! This is as close as we got. My daughter refused to even get out of the car.

747, Aeroplane, British Airways, Son, 366

Day 202 – Monday 20th July – the sun came back at last, although there was a chill in the air, so it felt more like September than July. Last week I shared a photo of my lovely new vase in my windowsill. It looked so nice that I would like flowers in it all the time. So I cut some of my flowers from the garden. There are so many flowers that you can’t even see that they are missing. Will just have to remember to keep the stems a bit longer next time!

flowers, vase, 366

Day 203 – Tuesday 21st July – I wrote a few weeks ago about how I had lost pace when running. I blamed getting older. But over the last couple of weeks I seem to have got my pace back! Until a few months, I would run between 8:30 and 8:45 pace on a morning run, but it had slipped to 9 minute miles.

running watch, running, pace, runner

Day 204 – Wednesday 22nd July – I went a walk in the afternoon with my younger kids and my parents. This is probably my favourite local walk, which we have done quite a lot since lockdown started (and only twice in all the years before that!).

Son, Walking, Countryside, 366

Day 205 – Thursday 23rd July – we’ve been randomly selected to get regular coronavirus testing. We got a phone call this morning to tell us the lady was on her way. Luckily four of us were at home and the fifth was only a phone call away. I had to answer a few questions too, so that was our excitement for the day. I was dreading the test and, while it wasn’t pleasant, it wasn’t as bad as I’d built it up in my head.

Test, Coronavirus test, Covid-19 test, 366

Day 206 – Friday 24th July – another quiet day of work. Masks are now mandatory in shops in England. We didn’t go to any shops, but we finally got masks. I must admit I found it a bit claustrophobic, which isn’t surprising as I am claustrophobic. I know I’m going to have to get used to it though as I’m the main shopper in the house!

My daughter and I went to visit my sister, who moved house a few days ago. In the evening we went for a different walk. We were only a couple of miles from home, but the kids don’t recall ever walking that way before. My son said it felt like we were on holiday!

Masks, Daughter, Selfie, 366

Day 207 – Saturday 25th July – we decided to go to the park to do our (not)parkrun today. It’s the first time we’ve done that as it isn’t recommended because of the possibility of crowds, but obviously lockdown restrictions have eased a lot in recent weeks. In addition, we didn’t run until nearly 10am rather than 9am, as the kids take quite a while to get out of bed! Doing our (not)parkrun is a real highlight of our week anyway, but it was so nice to actually run round the park again.

(not)parkrun, parkrun, running, runner

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  1. Oh no! Such a shame about you not having much work, especially after a busy few weeks.
    It sounds like a good day out to see the planes for your son.
    That vase is very pretty. The flowers are too.
    Ohh! Having a random coronavirus test does sound like a bit of excitement. I’m glad it wasn’t too bad.
    Yours and your daughters matching masks are fab! x

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    • Thank you, it was a bit of a shock suddenly having so little work. I hope it picks up again soon. I ended up convincing myself that I hadn’t done the test right as it wasn’t as bad as I was expecting. I’m still waiting for the results. We love our masks! Karen’s daughter made them (catskidschaos).

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  2. That’s such a shame not being able to get closer to the planes.

    The thought of having the test makes me nervous as heard so many people say it is not pleasant!

    Love your masks!

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    • Thanks very much, we’re very pleased with our masks! It was disappointing not to get closer to the planes, but I think my son was happy anyway.

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  3. I’m glad we’ve not got to the the random testing. Once was fine, and it would be a nightmare to get the OH or N to do them.
    I love your masks. I’ve got some material to make some as my makeshift bandana one is just too builky. Maybe I’ll use the fabric to make one instead.
    My dad was a plane spotter, so there was many a time up to me being 3 when he died, when I was taken to sit outside airfields while he noted all the planes down.

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    • The thing with random testing is that it’s voluntary, so nobody has to do it. Good luck with your mask making! These were made by Karen’s daughter (catskidschaos). I know I wouldn’t have the skills or patience to do them myself. My daughter said she wanted to try, but she hasn’t!

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  4. Your face masks are so pretty. I need to get a floral one too. I find the cloth masks easier to breathe in, rather than the single use ones I bought online. A pity you couldn’t come to see the planes closer, but I’m afraid, I’m with your daughter, and wouldn’t want to get out of the car. 🙂 Sorry to hear that you’re not having enough work.
    The new vase is so beautiful, it would look fab with any flower arrangement.

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  5. I’ve not heard about the random testing. Perhaps that’s an England thing? I have to wear a mask all day at work as we aren’t able to social distance, just waiting for it to become mandatory for shops here too. Which would be a good thing to be honest, probably a little late in the day to instigate it tho!

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  6. yes airports these days are designed to be watcher friendly like they use to be, our kids use to love a visit to the airport, grandkids would find it boring as we live under the circling path for landing planes so see them regularly.
    Nice they can equate a walk a few miles away to a holiday. Hope sister is settling in.

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  7. It looks like you managed to get reasonably close to the planes. Your new vase is so pretty and I love that you can put home-grown flowers in it. Glad you are managing to get your running pace back again and enjoyed being able to run around the park again for your (not)parkrun. #project366

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  8. I love your daisy masks, I hate wearing them too as I feel like I am overheating. We loved seeing the planes when they were at Bournemouth Airport, sadly they have all gone now. Glad to hear your running pace is improving again

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  9. I had no idea they are doing random testing in the U.K.! It’s really hard to get tested in the state I live in in the USA, unless you have at least one symptom or you are traveling out of state for a “real” reason then they aren’t doing tests. I like your masks. Your daughter sounds like me when I was waaaay younger, I would refuse to get out the car too!

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  10. I drove past Kemble last week, noticed there was no where to pull over. The masks look pretty, I don’t mind wearing them and I find the cloth ones are far easier to wear than the paper ones. Have you and your family worn that path down from all the walking?

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  11. I am envious of your pace: mine has dropped due to tendonitis in both knees and my right foot 🙁 Love the purple vase ans clourful flowers #project366

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  12. I love your matching masks! I really should crack on with making more considering we could be wearing them for a while, would be nice to mix and match!
    Such a fab picture of the 747’s but also bittersweet… such an iconic aircraft, I’ve loved flying on them over the years, I guess their time has come though 🙁
    You have such lovely walks near you – we have ventured on new walks, all local, but walks we would never have considered before lockdown and it has been exciting checking out new things we have never noticed before.
    Hope you are all having a lovely week and that the random testing is going well! Sim x

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  13. Wow, you’re so close to the plane! Its tough keeping all the kids entertained. The flowers look lovely together. It’s so great that they randomly test people without symptoms to give one a sense of surity. Here we can only get tested if we have difficulty breathing. I can see the resemblance between you and your sister even with the mask.

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  14. My two would love to go and see the planes all parked up. Love the vase and the flowers look really pretty. I hope work has picked up for you, glad you have got your pace back.

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  15. Loving the matching masks. Hope the work has picked up a bit by now. Mine is up and down, but less than usual for the time of year.

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