Project 366 2020 Week 29

It’s been a busy week of work and the weather has felt like October most of the time.

Here’s our week in pictures…

Day 194 – Sunday 12th July – since we last went for a walk up the Malverns a few weeks ago, my daughter has been begging to go again. Knowing I couldn’t manage it after a long run, I replaced my usual 10 mile run with four miles. My daughter was keen to get to the top of the highest hill, so we started in the town of Great Malvern to make sure we did it. We walked seven miles in total. It was very steep and tiring, but we loved it!

Malverns, Husband, Son, Walking, 366

Day 195 – Monday 13th July – today my son started work for a new team for his apprenticeship, but he will still be working from home for the foreseeable future. My daughter officially started her school holidays today.

I usually take photos of the flowers in the garden, but these are the flowers I got for my wedding anniversary last week.

Sunflower, Flowers, Vase, 366

Day 196 – Tuesday 14th July – the weather is still pretty miserable. On Tuesdays, I usually go with my son to practise his sprinting. I hope the school holidays will get slightly more interesting for the kids at some point.

Sprinting, Son, Running, 366

Day 197 – Wednesday 15th July – a very busy day of work. I usually finish working at about 2pm, but I was still working at after 6pm. So I’m afraid it’s another photo from my garden. These are the ones that grew from the two packs of 29p seeds.

I was disappointed to hear that Stroud half marathon has now been cancelled, even though it’s not until 25th October. I really hoped that one might go ahead!

Flowers, Garden, 366

Day 198 – Thursday 16th July – another busy day of work, then I had to do the dreaded supermarket shopping. I still hate it and I still obsessively sanitise my hands the whole time I’m in there. My eldest and my daughter are driving me mad with arguing at the moment.

Today I took my last 20mg Roaccutane, which isn’t good as my skin still hasn’t calmed down. It has basically been flaring up since around the time lockdown started. I start on a lower dose tomorrow.

Roaccutane, Acne, 366

Day 199 – Friday 17th July – I had very little work today and, to be honest, I couldn’t have been happier! I’ve been feeling overwhelmed by it and needed the break. All of the kids saw friends today, which is a first, although my daughter was home after only half an hour. My eldest went out at lunchtime and ended up staying the night.

Today’s photo is my other two lovely boys.

guinea pigs, pets, Cedric, Henry

Day 200 – Saturday 18th July – week 5 of official (not)parkrun and my husband was back to running, more slowly than usually, after a few weeks of injury. The rest of the weekend will probably involve gardening and not a lot else!

(not)parkrun, running, son, 366

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  1. We have had a couple of nice days but the weather has felt Autumnal.
    That sounds like a fantastic walk on Sunday!
    Good luck to your son with his new team.
    The sunflower is so pretty. I have some in the living room at the moment.
    The flowers in your garden are so pretty. I have found the cheapest the seeds the better they end up.
    I feel so lucky that I don’t have to go shopping to a big supermarket. My dad’s partner has been going and she said it is so stressful.
    It sounds like having little work to do on Friday was a good thing. You deserve a break. x

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    • Thanks very much, I did really need that break! Now I’m all ready for work again. The supermarket really isn’t much fun at all.
      I think you’re right about the seeds – these were so cheap and so easy, but the results are spectacular. We got some more expensive ones, but they are slower to grow and I’m worried I will accidentally pull them up as weeds!

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  2. The walk to the top sounds hard going but well done for all of you getting there.
    Sorry to read you are struggling with life, hope it settles for you.
    Don’t think the school holidays are going to get any more exciting than they have been.

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    • Thanks very much, the walk was fabulous. It can be challenging juggling work, plus the kids at home and all the chores, but this is a new week, so hopefully it will be more straightforward!

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  3. That’s a good walk over the hills – well done. Sounds like you have been quite busy. My work has been up and down, but July has been better than for some months. Impressed by the colour you have got from your seeds.

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    • Thanks very much, it was a fabulous walk and I’m loving my seeds. It’s good to hear your work is picking up a bit now. I’ve been very lucky with the way mine has kept going over the last few months.

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  4. The weather has been really odd here too. At least it perked up for the weekend and is looking better next week. Bummer about the Stroud half. Hopefully there’ll be some smaller races happening.

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    • We did have a couple of nicer days, which would just about have qualified as July weather! Stroud half is a pretty small race anyway, there’s just one more possibility for this year – Tewkesbury half, which was postponed in May and should be happening in October.

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  5. Glad you’re enjoying the Malvern Hills. i won’t be able to walk up them now for 2 weeks with Peter coming over. I bought a box of mixed seeds like yours but ended up with 90% purple poppies. Hope things pick up for you and soon, see you have a food delivery booked, hope it helps relieve the stress of having to go to the shops

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    • You will miss the hills, but how lovely to have Peter back! We’ve got a few poppies in our seeds, but they really are a very good mix.

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  6. I don’t know what has happened to the weather, but it’s freezing. Sounds like a fantastic walk on Sunday. Good luck to your son with his new team. I hope he loves it. I do love sunflowers we are growing some too. It sounds like having little work to do on Friday was a good thing. You deserve a break. xxx

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    • Thank you, it was a beautiful walk and I definitely needed that quieter day on Friday! It sounds like my son is loving being with his new team so far, although it’s strange as he’s still working from home so hasn’t actually met them yet. x

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  7. What a lovely day you had for your walk in the Malverns. The sunflowers you got for your wedding anniversary are beautiful and I love seeing all your flowers in the garden too – they look so pretty. What a shame the Stroud half-marathon has been cancelled. Glad you had a quieter day with work and it helped you to feel less overwhelmed. Hope your skin calms down even with the lower dose of Roaccutane. #project366

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    • Thanks very much. It was such a lovely walk in the Malverns. My daughter in particular is desperate to go back. Sadly my skin isn’t doing well on the lower dose, so I have already gone back up to the higher dose!

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  8. The walk up the Malverns sounds lovely. It must be so disappointing to have marathons cancelled, it is always good to have something to look forward to. The sunflowers are stunning

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    • Thank you, it was a lovely walk. I am feeling sad about all the races being cancelled. I knew it had to happen in spring, but I really hoped there might be some in autumn.

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  9. I love the variety of colour in your garden. I can sympathise with your husband as my knees are struggling with my running (not that I am anywhere near your standards!) #project366

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    • Thank you, we love our garden at the moment. Sorry to hear about your knees while running, I hope they don’t get any worse.

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  10. Those seeds gave you some beautiful flowers I love all the colour. I am not a fan of the shopping and have managed to book a couple of click and collects or the husband goes. Sorry to hear about the Marathon. Hope you find a suitable replacement or do something virtually instead x

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    • Thank you, we’re so pleased with our flowers! I ought to try click and collect. I had one just before lockdown and haven’t done it since. My husband and son both did a bit of shopping during lockdown, but it’s back with me now! I haven’t tried a virtual race, I don’t think I could summon up the same enthusiasm for one, but never say never!

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  11. That is a good walk over the hills! Not sure my girls would manage 7 miles on a hill!

    The flowers look so pretty. Shame the marathon was cancelled!

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    • Seven miles is definitely a good walk! My daughter actually did Snowdon when she was only eight and all of the kids have done it several times since, so they have had some good practise!

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  12. Our weather has been not very summery lately either.
    I took those meds for a while and they did help but I had to stop for health reasons, it’s tricky managing skin issues, I know.
    Your guinea pigs are so cute! #p365

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  13. The walk in the hills sounds tiring but wonderful. The sunflower from your wedding anniversary bouquet is beautiful.
    Sorry to hear that the meds didn’t help with the skin problems. Have you tried any alternative medicine (sorry, if that’s not an option)? The guinea pigs are such cuties.

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  14. Great job on hiking up the hill! It’s great that your son started his apprenticeship. The sunflower and flowers look beautiful. It’s unfortunate that the marathon got cancelled. The guinea pigs look adorable as always

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