Project 366 2020 Week 28

We celebrated 20 years of marriage and, while much of the world appears to have left lockdown, not a lot seems to have changed here.

Here’s our week in pictures…

Day 187 – Sunday 5th July – the first day which has felt more like summer for a while. I went for my 10 mile run on my own as my husband is still injured. I then did too much walking with the family! I went out for three walks totalling another 10 miles, which was definitely overdoing it. Today my son should have been going to South Africa for his rugby tour.

running, runner, 366

Day 188 – Monday 6th July – a day of work at home for two of us, work in the office for one of us, schoolwork at home for one of us and doing not a lot for one of us. I also had to do the dreaded shopping.

I have managed to get a Tesco order for 22nd July! We had a Tesco order every week from 2006 right until just before lockdown. I sacrificed two orders I had booked to free them up for vulnerable people and we have done the shopping ourselves ever since. I used to quite enjoy doing quick top-up shops before lockdown, but we are trying to stick to two big shops a week and I hate it. I’d grown quite resentful of the people who never had deliveries before and weren’t vulnerable, but were getting deliveries while I got stressed in the supermarket! I need to get into the habit of doing regular orders three or four weeks ahead now.

This is my favourite flower grown from seed so far.

flower, garden, 366

Day 189 – Tuesday 7th July – twice a week I try to go with my son while he practises sprinting. I thought he needed me to go for his safety – to look out for cars, pedestrians and cyclists – but it turns out he just likes me to go with him. I like to go as it is my best chance in the week to talk to him as it’s just the two of us. I’m cheating with this photo as it was taken on Sunday. It was raining today and the photos were very blurry!

Son, Sprinting, Running, Runner, Athlete, 366

Day 190 – Wednesday 8th July – our 20th wedding anniversary! We were supposed to be going to Amsterdam today for a couple of nights, which would have been only our second time away without kids. My daughter was supposed to be going on a school trip to Paris. Normally on our wedding anniversary we have a day trip to London to see a show. Clearly none of that happened today.

It rained all day at home, but the weather was better by going slightly north to Stratford-upon-Avon, so that’s what we did for a few hours. We took our younger son with us. My daughter didn’t want to get behind with her schoolwork, so she stayed at home with my eldest.

If you want to know what I looked like 20 years ago, have a look at my Instagram!

Stratford, Stratford-upon-Avon, Boats, RSC, 366

Day 191 – Thursday 9th July – it feels like we’ve had two weeks of bad weather. I think we all got soaked three times today. This is our evening walk.

Rainy day, Umbrellas, Family, 366

Day 192 – Friday 10th July – today was my daughter’s last day of year 9 (the school decided to bring the end of term forward by a week). It was also my son’s last day with his current team for his apprenticeship. He has really enjoyed working with that team. He will start with a new team on Monday, while continuing to work at home.

The rain finally stopped and the clouds went away. It looked like summer, but it didn’t feel like it. There was a definite nip in the air. This is another of my beautiful flowers grown from seed.

Flower, orange flower, garden, 366

Day 193 – Saturday 11th July – we started the day with a (not)parkrun. Only my son and I were running. My husband is still injured (yes, there is always someone injured in our house!) and my daughter has lost her running mojo. They both walked instead.

Running, Son, parkrun, (not)parkrun

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  1. It sounds like you were out and about on Sunday.
    Hooray for getting a Tesco order. I got one delivered today for the first time in a few weeks. We’re not vulnrable but have relied on them because for us to go shopping to a proper supermarket is 2 bus rides away.
    That is a pretty flower. It looks huge.
    Happy anniversary to you and your hubby.
    I hope your husband recovers soon from his injury.

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    • Thanks very much, it was a strange sort of anniversary for us! You should definitely be getting supermarket deliveries! Two buses to get to the supermarket sounds horrendous. Our closest supermarket is in walking distance, but we drive to do a big shop as it would be impossible to carry!

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  2. what a shame you have all missed so much travel. the rugby tour sounds like a massive loss, not something you get chance to do just whenever it suits you.
    At least you still make the effort to go pout in the rain.
    Nice he wants you to come with him, one on one time is a luxury with teens.

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    • It is lovely that my son likes to go out with us. That quality time is very rare with two other teenagers in the house. I’m pleased to say that he will get his rugby tour next year, but I think my daughter’s trip is well and truly cancelled!

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  3. Glad you managed to get a delivery. I’m finding our store have a lot more slots available now, odd ones that pop up in the week, and this time the new week had every day free. It’s bizarre they’re changing all delivery prices to standard – hopefully it still makes it worthwhile have the delivery saver. I’m surprised the supermarkets seem to have stopped the social distancing measures. Feels a bit early to me – not sure if that’s standard across them all now.

    Hope your son’s team move goes well. And Happy Anniversary for the other day.

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    • Thanks very much. I just need to get into a regular routine with ordering the shopping deliveries. When I looked there was nothing at all for the current week or the week ahead. Our supermarket still feels like it has social distancing in place.

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  4. I’m sorry to hear you didn’t get the chance to celebrate your 20th anniversary how you should have. A trip to Amsterdam would have been ace, however… it just means you have to plan an extra special trip there when you can!
    It’s great you and your son have that bonding time when he is sprinting, great to have you there as a look out, but fab bonding time too!
    You really are putting me to shame with all your exercising, we are getting more walks in, but would prefer the weather to be better! Hope everyone is recovering from injuries now… fingers crossed for a good week! Sim x

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    • Thanks very much, it was a shame about the trip to Amsterdam, but we enjoyed our little trip to Stratford-upon-Avon instead! I was thinking it does sound like someone in my family is injured all of the time – that is the downside of doing so much exercise! But we do love our running and walking. x

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  5. Happy anniversary! Yeah that is overdoing it. Strange Tesco procedure. Aww what a sweet son wanting to walk with you. Damn, so many plans cancelled by a single virus. Cool, you’re children are entering a new phase of life being upgraded to the next class or working with a new team. You look lovely in your wedding photo

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    • Thanks very much. It is crazy how many plans have been cancelled by the virus. It is lovely that my son likes me to walk with him while he trains. It’s not easy to get one-to-one time with three kids and with everyone being so busy.

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  6. You have managed to grow some stunning flowers!

    Happy Anniversary! So many trips being cancelled at the moment because of this virus.

    Our local tesco is getting lots more delivery slots available now so I have sometimes started getting our shop online. I don’t like going as some people just don’t social distance but waited until there were plenty of free slots until I started using them as don’t want to take them away from the most vulnerable.

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    • Thank you! I’m so happy with my flowers. It sounds like you’ve got a sensible attitude with the supermarket deliveries. I haven’t yet managed to secure them weekly, but hoping that will happen soon!

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  7. It is sad to look back at what was missed. We didn’t have anything booked this far out from lockdown, so we have already ‘missed’ anything we were going to miss. Hope you had a good wedding anniversary despite not being able to do what you wanted.

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    • Thanks very much. The anniversary was different, but we still enjoyed it. We’ve still got a bit of missed stuff to come – including a concert in December, so it really is a whole year of cancelled things.

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  8. That must be really strange for your son doing an apprenticeship yet working from home and not meeting the team. Happy anniversary to you both, will you go away next year to celebrate?

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    • It is strange for my son not to be able to meet the team, but hopefully he will be able to go back to the office in a couple of weeks. We will definitely celebrate our anniversary properly next year, but not sure if we will manage to go away.

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  9. Happy anniversary! How lovely to enjoy a day in Stratford-upon-Avon together even if it wasn’t what you originally had planned. Your flowers are looking really beautiful. Good luck to your son with working with a new team. We’re starting to get shopping delivered again which is much less stressful than doing a big shop in the supermarket. #project366

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    • Thanks very much. It was lovely to have a little day out after spending so much time at home. I need to get back into the routine of securing us a weekly Tesco delivery now. I’m not quite that organised yet!

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  10. Congratulations on celebrating 20 years of marriage! We have managed to get a click and collect shop every week except for the first fortnight and next week I have a delivery from Asda at last! #project366

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    • Thanks very much! I should have tried for click and collect orders. They would have been far less stressful than actual shopping! Enjoy your Asda order, that will be amazing!

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  11. Happy anniversary! I had a look at your Insta, and what a stunning bride you are in that photo! A pity all your plans for the date were ruined by the lockdown, hopefully you can still plan a trip some time later this year.
    It’s lovely that your son wants you to accompany him for the running. You’ve been doing plenty of walks in the past week!
    I haven’t been able to book a single Tesco delivery for months.

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    • It’s so frustrating about the Tesco deliveries, isn’t it? I hope you can get one soon. Thank you, I loved my wedding dress and I still do.

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  12. Happy Anniversary. Sounds like you have had a busy week.
    We normally shop in store but were shielded for my daughter, so got online shops for three months which was weird but very helpful, now we are doing click and collect as I am not quite there yet with the supermarket and anxiety.

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    • Thanks very much! You are the complete opposite to me with the shopping! I love my Tesco orders and don’t have the patience to shop in store, especially when it’s stressful like it is now. My husband and son did it for a while, but it’s come back to me now and I’m not enjoying it! Click and collect sounds like a good compromise.

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  13. Happy Anniversary, 20 years is such a milestone. Such a shame you didn’t get to celebrate the way you wanted. I feel for the kids now, they are missing out on so much – mine are missing their cub / scout camps this week 🙁

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    • Thank you! 20 years is a long time, although 25 years is the big one! I’ve been keeping a list of everything we’ve missed and there is so much, yet my kids are taking it all in their stride. What a shame about the Cub and Scout camps.

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  14. Happy Anniversary to you both. Sounds like you’ve had a busy week. I tend to do online shopping, but I did it anyway. I am liking shopping even less now xx

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