Project 366 2020 Week 25

Week 25 of 2020 and week 13 of (just about) lockdown. So we have now been in lockdown longer than we haven’t this year.

Here’s our week in pictures…

Day 166 – Sunday 14th June – my husband and I started the day with a 10 mile run, as we always do on a Sunday. Doing a five mile walk with the kids later in the day wasn’t a good idea and I was exhausted. This is one of our new flowers in the garden – a delphinium.

Delphinium, Flower, Garden, 366

Day 167 – Monday 15th June – a lot of shops reopened today. I didn’t go to them and have no plans to go to them in the near future, but I won’t judge people harshly who do choose to go. People who choose to go shopping will help to kick-start the economy and safeguard jobs.

I’d misplaced my keys a few days ago. I wasn’t even sure if it was Friday or Saturday. The last time I definitely remember having them was late afternoon on Friday, but logically I still had them on Friday evening and I had a vague recollection of getting them out before running on Saturday. Having searched everywhere, I’d come to the conclusion that maybe I had properly lost them. I tweeted about them first thing in the morning. Remarkably, probably the only follower who knows exactly where I live (a real life friend) saw the tweet and told me the parish council had posted about some lost keys. I got in touch with them and, sure enough, the keys were mine! I had lost them while running and they had been picked up by another runner, who lived in a different village. It was such a relief to get them back.

My daughter went for a walk with a friend today for the first time. I took some photos of the guinea pigs and Cedric decided he wanted me in the photo too.

Today’s missed GCSE was further maths.

Guinea pig, Pet, Cedric, Selfie, 366

Day 168 – Tuesday 16th June – another same old-same old day of running, walking and working. The heavens opened early in the evening, with spectacular lightning and non-stop thunder. This photo in no way represents how heavy the rain was. The road outside our house was like a river.

Rain, Storm, Garden, 366

Day 169 – Wednesday 17th June – got some partial bad news today, as our holiday to Padstow has been cancelled. All along I’ve said that I can cope with any cancellations and whatever lockdown has to throw at us, as long as I can get to Padstow in the summer. The good news is that we should be able to book somewhere else, but it is unlikely to be the same date. The date we are being offered clashes with my son’s GCSE results day, but of course we don’t know if results day will be anything like a normal results day. The main thing is that we actually get to go away for a few days, so we will see what happens…

My husband suddenly decided to go into the office today, after working at home since the start of lockdown.

We had another storm. The rain was just as heavy as yesterday and lasted for longer. We didn’t have quite as much thunder and lightning.Flowers, Garden, Rain, 366

Day 170 – Thursday 18th June – today should have been my son’s final GCSE – further maths. It should also have been his prom.

It was raining when we got up and it pretty much rained all day. I still went out in it. I don’t like being wet, but I dislike being stuck inside far more and go a bit stir crazy.

Rain, Walking, Selfie, 366

Day 171 – Friday 19th June – it didn’t rain as much today, so I managed to avoid a soaking! I had a lot of work on. My eldest went to meet his friends in the evening, so we went for a walk without him.

Walking, Family, Daughter, Son, Husband, 366

Day 172 – Saturday 20th June – we’ve been doing our own non-parkrun since parkrun was put on hold three months ago. Today it became an official thing, so you can log your times. After weeks without running due to an injured toe, my daughter finally got back to running today.

Daughter, Running, Runner, 366

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  1. It is crazy to think we have been in lockdown more than we haven’t this year. Eesh!
    I think I would need to lay down for a week after all the exercise you did on Sunday. lol
    We haven’t been to the shops either and we’re in no rush to go either.
    That is so lucky to get your keys back. Social media really is a wonderful thing.
    We haven’t had any of the storms but did have the rain on Thursday and some on Friday.
    So sorry about your holiday to Padstow being cancelled and your son missing out on his prom. I do hope they rearrange it. x

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    • Even though it feels like we’ve been in lockdown a long time, it is still crazy that we’ve been in lockdown longer than we haven’t! It was really lucky to get my keys back. It would never have occurred to me to contact the parish council. Thanks very much, we will definitely get a holiday at some point and the school has promised they will do something for the year 11s – even if it’s at Christmas! x

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  2. Insert “humans that look like their pets caption” here

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    • I hadn’t even thought of that, but that’s very true!

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  3. Wow, that was lucky about your keys. We had rubbish weather most of the week too. Hopefully you get to go to Padstow. Our camping is end of July, but we’re waiting to hear whether it’s socially distanced camping only or not. Haven’t heard from the campsite yet.

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    • Thanks very much, it was so lucky about my keys! I suspect the campsite will still be waiting for advice from the government about how much social distancing is required. My daughter is supposed to be going on a school trip to Paris in two weeks and we still haven’t had confirmation that it’s cancelled!

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  4. Such a shame about Padstow – looking forward to something is a great way to keep going through lockdown. I hope you manage to find somewhere else. Good news about the keys!

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    • Thanks very much, it was such a relief to find my keys! It’s good to know we have the holiday in results week to fall back on, but hopefully we will be able to go away a different week.

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  5. The delphinium is such a beautiful colour! Sorry to hear your holiday has been cancelled, you must be so disappointed. Glad to hear you found your keys – i lost mine last week too

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    • Thank you, it was such a relief to find my keys! I hope you found yours too. We will get a holiday in Padstow, but we’re just not totally sure where and when yet!

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  6. Cedric is such an awesome name for a pet… especially a guinea pig! 🙂
    You were so lucky to get your keys back and what a lovely community! The delphinium is such a beautiful colour, anything purple never fails to make me smile! 🙂 Your 10 mile run to kickstart a Sunday is really putting me to shame… I need to start moving more! Hope you are having a lovely week! Sim x

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  7. The delphinium is such a beautiful colour. Love them. I’m so sorry to hear your holiday has been cancelled, you must be so disappointed. Glad to hear you found your keys though. Love seeing Cedric x

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  8. Delphinium looks beautiful. Awww hi guinea pig! It must have been a huge relief to find the keys. It rained heavily here too. I hope your travel plans adjust to what you want it to be. You look cute in your raincoat.

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    • Thanks very much, it was a huge relief to find my keys! We will definitely be able to go on holiday, which is a huge relief. I’m just not exactly sure when and where yet.

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  9. That delphinium is stunning!

    That is really lucky with the keys…..glad you got them back. I am like you, don’t want to go to the shops. Bee does need some sandals but I am ordering them online now and hope they fit.

    Sorry to hear your holiday has been cancelled!

    Your daughter must be glad to get back into running.

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    • Thank you, I love my delphinium! I hope you found some sandals to fit Bee. I think I’m going to take my younger son to the shops to get some trainers this week as he needs two pairs and won’t choose anything online!

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  10. What a beautiful delphinium! Your phloxes look healthy too. Mine are not doing well this year, something is chewing the leaves, and I cannot spot what the insect that damages them.
    Sorry to hear about your Padstow holiday. And how fortunate that your keys were found.
    We’ve only been to the book shop, and I nipped into a Shoezone as it looked empty and grabbed a pair of shoes for Sash, as his shoes are falling apart. sadly, I need to go back to exchange for a bigger size.

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    • Thank you! I’m really pleased with the phloxes this year. I have three of them and they all look stunning. Sorry to hear yours haven’t been so healthy. How annoying about the shoes. I hope you managed to change them.

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  11. That delphinium is beautiful. So glad you got your keys back, how lucky that someone saw both your tweet and the post from the Parish Council. Sorry that your holiday got cancelled but it’s good that you could rebook even if it’s not such good dates for you. Love that nonParkrun has become an official thing now. #project366

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    • It was so lucky about my keys! I thought I was going to have to change the locks, which would have been expensive and annoying! It’s great that (not)parkrun is official now, although I guess it’s a clue that it will be a long time before real parkrun comes back.

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  12. Oh no I am sorry to hear about your holiday. I hope you find something else soon. I am worried ours will also be cancelled just keeping everything crossed. Wow you had a lot of rain we had one day which was rotten but avoided the rest thankfully. Nice you can now log times on your park runs.

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    • Fingers crossed your holiday isn’t cancelled! We’ve had to cancel two other short breaks, so really want Padstow to go ahead! It’s good to know that we can go, even if we’re not sure exactly where or when.

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  13. That sounds a great idea to be able to record your non parkrun, parkrun times. I’ve enjoyed the on and off rain, makes for the day to be interesting when you draw the curtains. Love the flowers in your garden

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    • It is really good to be able to record the (not)parkrun times. It’s nice to get a bit of rain between the hot days, but the rain was a bit too heavy for my liking!

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  14. I think the rain has definitely had a negative effect on our attitude this week. You must be so disappointed about your holiday: luckily we hadn’t booked one this year as we intended to have lots of days out instead but obviously that hasn’t been possible either 🙁 #project366

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    • What a shame about your days out. We at least know we will get a holiday, we’re just not totally sure where or when, which is a bit strange.

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