Project 366 2020 Week 22

Week 10 of lockdown and it’s half term, but that doesn’t make much difference to us. The only person it actually affects at the moment is my daughter.

Here’s our week in pictures…

Day 145 – Sunday 24th May – a warm, sunny day and started the day with a 10 mile run, as usual. Went for a couple of walks and did a bit of weeding. We even had a long chat with my sister and her family over her fence. This was the sunset in the evening.

Sunset, Sky, 366

Day 146 – Monday 25th May – bank holiday Monday, which again doesn’t make much difference to us, but it’s nice to have a day off work. I did yet more weeding and we went for one of our favourite walks.

Daughter, Hill, Landscape, 366

Day 147 – Tuesday 26th May – my daughter has an injured toe. It’s a sports injury she has had before and she knows she needs to rest it. So she didn’t do any walking today, instead she painted and cleaned the downstairs toilet! I took over her ‘duty’ of going for a long walk in the afternoon with my son, which was nice. This is one of the new flowers in our garden. As ever, I don’t know what it is!

flower, garden, 366

Day 148 – Wednesday 27th May – I had a telephone appointment with the dermatologist. He’s going to keep me on the higher dose of Roaccutane for a few months, then I will go down to 10mg for three months before finally getting back down to 5mg around the start of next year. Recovery is always a very slow process with skin.

My daughter decided she could go for a short walk, so we all went for a walk in the evening. She started touching up the paintwork in our ensuite and also mopped it. I feel mean that she’s doing these things for us, but she’s doing them because she wants to.

Family, Walk, Walking, Sons, Husband, Daughter, 366

Day 149 – Thursday 28th May – another hot day. After a couple of days’ rest, my daughter decided she was fine to go for a long walk with her brother, so I didn’t go with them. I did go with my son for sprinting practise though. In the evening we did clap for carers. We have done it every week. Apparently today was the last one.

Son, Running, Sprinting, 366

Day 150 – Friday 29th May – today was a sad day as we had to say goodbye to a Scout leader who died too young. He had worked with all of my kids. Families lined the road to applaud the hearse. I hope his wife and children were able to take some small comfort from that.

The weather has been hot all week. The guinea pigs don’t like the heat, so I put a bottle of ice in their hutch and they sit leaning on it to stay cool.

Cedric, Guinea pig, 366

Day 151 – Saturday 30th May – we started the day with our non-parkrun parkrun, although my daughter is still giving running a miss. It looks like another hot and sunny day ahead, which no doubt will mainly consist of going for walks and doing the garden.

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  1. Hope your daughter’s toe’s better now. It’s weird having a ‘day off’ when they all blend into one. I had a few days off and it was so hard doing work again on Thursday. That’s nice that everyone could go a line the streets for the scout leader. So sad

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    • It was so sad about the Scout leader, but lovely that everyone could show their support. My daughter’s toe is almost better. Personally I think she should have rested it for longer, but she’s confident she’s doing the right thing.

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  2. Ahh! Half term has made a youngest to my youngest. She’s had no school work to do.
    It sounds like you’ve had some lovely time outside and your daughter is being a great help. There is no harm in her doing the work if she’s enjoying it.
    So sorry about the Scout leader. It sounds awful.
    That is a great idea with the bottle of ice to keep the guinea pigs cool. x

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    • It was a real shock about the Scout leader, even though we knew he’d had some health problems. Glad your daughter has been enjoying half term and the break from schoolwork!

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  3. Lots of exercise again this week, love how you all go for a walk together as well as in small groups. Sorry to hear about your skin and having to change your medication, I hope you have the right dose now. Great your daughter wants to do some DIY for the family. So sorry to hear about the local scout leader, how lovely for the neighbours to come out, I’m sure it will ahve provided some comfort to the family

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    • Thanks very much, I really hope the Scout leader’s family will have taken some comfort from seeing so many people out supporting them. My daughter is still being very determined with her DIY, which is great! I must say there are often arguments on the evening walk, but it would be difficult to leave one person at home – we would have to alternate to be fair.

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  4. What a shame you had to take over from your daughter and go for a long walk….lol
    Don’t suppose it is much fun being any hairy animal in this weather, the frozen water is a great idea.

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    • Yes, it was a real hardship to have to go for the walk! It was disappointing that she recovered so quickly and my services were no longer required. The guinea pigs are very sensible about staying in the shade and leaning on their bottle of ice.

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  5. Wow, thats a spectacular view from your walk. Hi, pretty unlnown flower. What happened to your skin that you need ointment for? That’s sweet of your daughter; I hope her toe heals. So sorry to hear about the Scout leader

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    • Thanks very much, it was very sad about the Scout leader. I suffer from severe acne, which has largely been controlled by Roaccutane for the last few years (giving me clear skin for the first time since I was 12 and I’m 46 now). But I do occasionally have flare-ups and the current one has been harder to shift, so requires a bit of long-term planning to turn it around.

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  6. Hope your daughter’s toe’s better now. Poor soul. I had the bank holiday Monday off and it was nice. That’s nice that everyone could go a line the streets for the scout leader. So sad though. Big hugs xx

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    • It was really sad about the Scout leader, thank you. My daughter’s toe is taking longer to heal than we expected. I think she needs to stop walking on it, but of course she won’t! x

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  7. What a fabulous straight road for sprinting practice!! You have certainly been more active than us, but walks out are definitely keeping us going and refreshed! I hope your daughter’s toe is better now and she is able to get out and about with no problems! Seriously though, I said this last time, but you do need to let me know your tips for getting children to tidy up and paint etc around the house! 🙂 Sim x

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    • My daughter is walking on her toe, but not running at the moment. It’s remarkable how much traffic, as well as cyclists and pedestrians come along the sprinting road. That’s the main reason I go with my son, so I can keep an eye out! I have no idea how to get kids helping around the house – this just happened unexpectedly! x

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  8. Hope the injured toe is well on the way to recovery now and that your skin improves with the continued high dose. I love that the guinea pigs have an ice bottle to lean on.

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    • Thanks very much. The guinea pigs are so sensible at using their ice bottle. My skin is getting there gradually, thanks. It’s just very sore because the medication works by drying it out.

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  9. Love the view from your walk. Hope your daughter’s toe has improved, and that your skin meds help with an increased dose. Poor guinea pigs, they must be so hot with all that hair. Though the last couple of days were much cooler.
    How lovely of your daughter to do all the DIY jobs. I wish we had some volunteers in our house. 🙂

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    • Thanks very much, my daughter’s toe is gradually improving. The guinea pigs must be so hot, but they are sensible – they stay in the shade and they stay still during the hottest part of the day.

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  10. Hope you daughter’s toe gets better soon. The weather has been so good hasn’t it but sorry to hear that your guinea pigs don’t like it

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    • Thanks very much, the toe is healing a bit slower than she expected it would, but I don’t think she’s rested it enough! I love the warm weather, but I do worry about the guinea pigs.

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  11. I’m so sorry to hear about the Scout leader, that’s so very sad. How lovely that families were able to pay tribute to him though. It was lovely weather to get out for lots of walks. I hope that your daughter’s toe heals soon. #project366

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  12. Glad your daughter is on the mend. How lovely to celebrate the impact on the community by honouring the scout leader #project366

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    • I do hope the Scout leader’s wife and children were able to take some comfort from it.

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  13. Lovely sunset.

    Sorry to hear about the scout leader…heartbreaking for all.

    You can use the app PlantNet to figure out what the flowers are called…just take a picture of them.

    Ouch to the injured toe but glad she managed to go for a walk.

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  14. Hope your daughter is back and running again now. Sorry to hear about the Scout Leader, sounds like you gave him a lovely send off. Hope you are keeping on top of the weeding ours needs some attention! x

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