Project 366 2020 Week 21

Week 9 of lockdown has seen some sun and a nice steady amount of work for me.

Here’s our week in pictures…

Day 138 – Sunday 17th May – we keep working on the garden. There’s still room for new plants and I’m still weeding. There is one particular type of weed which is driving me mad. It’s everywhere and even the tiniest ones have the most enormous roots. I also dug up this tiny horse chestnut tree – with the conker still attached! The squirrel must have buried it in the autumn. My kids were cross with me for digging it up, but it was growing right by the fence and very close to the house, so I couldn’t leave it.

Horse chestnut tree, Garden, Tree, plant, conker, 366

Day 139 – Monday 18th May – my husband bought yet more plants yesterday, including this lupin. He has obviously forgotten the lupins we planted a few years ago which all died within months.

I’m pleased to say that work is going well in lockdown. My work is usually extremes – too much or not enough  – but in lockdown I’ve had a balanced amount for weeks now. Long may it continue! I need to make sure I’ve got enough money for my corporation tax and accountant’s fees, as well as to pay myself.

Today’s missed GCSEs were geography and German listening and reading.

Lupin, Flower, garden, 366

Day 140 – Tuesday 19th May – this is an unusual photo. This Lucozade is what I drink on long runs, but it’s been out of stock in all of the supermarkets. Because of my IBS, I’m always unwilling to try anything new while running. So I was very happy to be able to order my Lucozade direct from the manufacturer – and it came in two days!

Today’s missed GCSE was maths.

Lucozade, Running, 366

Day 141 – Wednesday 20th May – the hottest day of the year so far. I love the sun, but it was too hot for me to sit in it for long. These are our new pots in the garden. Well, the pots are old, but we’ve moved them and put new plants in them.

Today’s missed GCSE was physics.

Garden, Plants, Pots, 366

Day 142 – Thursday 21st May – my daughter went running with me. It’s a long way for her – 4.5 miles. It was only the third time she had run that distance and it was hard in the heat.

Today’s missed GCSE was English literature.

Daughter, Running, Runner, 366

Day 143 – Friday 22nd May – I felt like I had more work than usual today, which isn’t a bad thing. My daughter finished painting the bathroom, then gave it probably the best clean it had ever had – all completely voluntarily! The only photo I took was of the guinea pigs on the grass.

There were no missed GCSEs today.

Guinea pigs, Garden, Grass

Day 144 – Saturday 23rd May – I’ve failed with this photo as it’s my window for Instagram stories (I post one of these every day). We did our family non-parkrun parkrun and my husband came up with some staggered start times, so that we would all finish at about the same time. My daughter was very happy to finish first. I was last, but not by far. Our plans for the bank holiday weekend will be gardening and not a lot else.

Window, Plant, Instagram, 366

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  1. Weeds are driving us crazy in the garden too especially since I planted a load of wild flower seeds in the flowerbed and now I can’t tell what is weeds and flowers. lol Good luck with the lupins.
    I’m glad work is going well and there’s plenty of it.
    I love the sun too but spent about 10 minutes outside midweek and had to come back in as it was too hot.
    Fab photos x

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    • Thanks very much! I have exactly the same problem with seeds and weeds! There is one sort I definitely know is a weed, so I have been pulling that one up, but I’m not sure about some of the others.

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  2. Everyone’s getting gardens sorted in lockdown. Ours is still the same as usual. I need to get some compost and pots to plant seeds in, but probably getting too late in the year now.
    Impressive that your daughter is willing to clean the bathroom – and do all the painting!

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    • We would have been sorting our garden out at this time of year anyway, but I think we are doing a bit more because of lockdown. I’m so impressed by my daughter doing the bathroom. It was entirely her own choice!

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  3. Your pots are looking good and your lupins too. I haven’t had much success with lupins either, but they do look lovely. I like the idea of starting the run with staggered start times so you finish about the same time.

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  4. Love that the little horse chestnut tree still had the conker attached. Love the pots in your garden and fingers crossed that the lupin survives. Well done to your daughter on managing a 4.5 mile run in the heat and for finishing first in your non-parkrun family parkrun. Glad that work is going well in lockdown and you managed to get the Lucozade delivered. #project366

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  5. I understand why you dug it up, I would have been tempted to pot it up.
    Hope these lupins last longer.
    Such a shame about the missed exams, ours would have been finished by now.
    A great confidence boost for her to come first.

    Post a Reply
    • I did feel guilty about getting rid of the horse chestnut, but there was nowhere to plant it safely. Now my daughter will expect to come first every week and end up pushing herself too hard! My son’s exams weren’t due to finish until 18th June.

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  6. Like the look of your potted plants! Lupin is very pretty, I don’t think I’ve ever grown it in our garden. And don’t start me on weeds, we have a big problem with the ground elder. I hate it. Nettles I don’t mind much, they are good for butterflies and bees, so I leave them behind the greenhouse. The dug out conker is probably the best, it might grow into a huge tree.
    Glad you got your Lucozade.
    Wednesday was super hot.

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    • I’ve looked up ground elder and it is the same weed which is giving me problems! It’s a real nightmare to deal with. The lupin does look lovely. It’s tempting to get another one, but we should probably wait to see if this one survives the winter first.

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  7. That lupin is gorgeous, I hope it takes and lasts longer this time around! Such a shame to pull up the horse chestnut sapling, do love conker collecting in the Autumn, but definitely wise to not have too close to the house! You need to tell me your secret to getting children to tidy and clean up! I feel like I am just running around in circles all the time cleaning up after mine! Sim x #Project366

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    • I did feel guilty pulling up the little horse chestnut, but there was nowhere to grow it safely. I don’t have the secret to getting kids to help out around the house! Mine have never helped before. It’s just the boredom of lockdown which has got my daughter working.

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  8. That’s impressive your daughter painting the bathroom, it’s great she’s learning new skills, I guess we all are. I bought a lupin, but it appears something is eating it already, I’ve also got a lot of weeds and mini trees to constantly remove. The staggered start times are a good idea, see if your husband can get the timings just so, so you all arrive home at the same time

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  9. That is awesome that your daughter painted the bathroom. She is doing fab. I’m so bad at gardening. One day I will learn x

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    • Thanks very much, I’m amazed at my daughter for painting the bathroom. We’re getting there gradually with the gardening, but we still have a lot to learn! x

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  10. Lovely lupin!

    Have your lupins not regrown this year? They are pretty hardy and come back every year.

    Well done to your daughter on managing the run!

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    • We had a couple of lupins die after a few months a few years back, so haven’t had any since. Hopefully this one will survive! My daughter did very well to manage the run, especially in the heat.

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  11. The lupin looks amazing! I love the transition of shape and colour. Damn, all those GCSE exams that won’t take place….. Hey guinea pigs! The furry one reminds me of my shih tzus who are furry and have the same colour.

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    • I love the way the lupin gradually changes colour too. The furry guinea pig reminds me of my neighbour’s dog too!

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  12. I am actually heading out to do more weeding in a minute. It does seem to be never ending. But the sounds of things we have the same weed as you drives me bonkers. Glad you managed to get your lucozade. Sounds like you have been very productive workwise good to hear the dry spell has cleared up. We have baby lupins that I am growing on at the moment and delphinums but they both normally die within a couple of months. Not sure we have the right soil so thinking of trying pots instead with them.

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    • The weeds are such a nightmare! Good luck with your baby lupins. We bought some lupin and foxglove seeds at the weekend, so it will be interesting to see if we can actually grow anything!

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  13. I have been weeding this week too, although am ashamed that I cannot distinguish between some of the plants and the weeds. Glad to hear you managed to find your lucozade

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    • It was such a relief to track down my Lucozade, thanks! I struggle to tell the difference between plants and weeds sometimes too.

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  14. We aren’t doing much with our garden except trying to deal with blackfly on our cherry tree… I am considering taking up running (not to your standard!) to get me out and improve my fitness. #project366

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    • Blackfly sounds hard to deal with! I would definitely recommend running! It’s not just good for physical fitness, it’s also really good for mental wellbeing and headspace – whatever distance or pace you run.

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  15. Your flowers look good. I would have dug up that conker too and my kids would have been really annoyed as well! Your guinea piggies are super cute!

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    • Ha ha, so glad I’m not the only mean one to dig up the conker! I’m really pleased with our flowers at the moment. I just hope we can keep them alive.

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