Project 366 2020 Week 20

Week 10 of 2020 and week 8 of lockdown saw the lifting of a few restrictions, but it was a week in which I spent a lot of time reflecting on things we were missing.

Here’s our week in pictures…

Day 131 – Sunday 10th May – today should have been Tewkesbury half marathon, but it has been postponed until 4th October. Fingers crossed it can go ahead then! So I put last year’s Tewkesbury top and went for a 10 mile run. The weather took a dramatic turn today and it was so much colder than the last couple of days.

Today Boris Johnson announced that we could go outside as much as we want and exercise more than once a day from Wednesday, which I am very happy about. Some of his other announcements were confusing, but I’m sure it will all become clear as the days and weeks wear on.

running selfie, runner, Tewkesbury half marathon, 366

Day 132 – Monday 11th May – I took some photos of these beautiful flowers in our garden. My husband calls them ‘wall flowers’, even though they’re clearly not wallflowers. Gardening and names of plants isn’t one of my strong points, but I know a lot more plant names than my husband!

Flowers, Garden, Spring, 366

Day 133 – Tuesday 12th May – today should have been my son’s first GCSE exam – biology. It does still feel strange that he’s not doing them.

My daughter took this photo of me for Instagram. My mum actually bought the T-shirt for my daughter, but it was too big for her, so it’s mine now! My little niece and nephew have matching ones. Strangely, even though she is much closer in age to her brothers, my mum often lumps my daughter in with ‘the little ones’, who are 5 and 7, when she buys things for the grandchildren.

T-shirt, Lockdown, 366

Day 134 – Wednesday 13th May – today’s missed GCSEs were English Lit and PE. I’m cheating a bit with this photo as it’s screenshot of a video we took at the start of lockdown, as a fun thing for the GCSE PE class to do. They had to do keepy-uppies with school sports socks, before kicking them out of the frame. The teacher edited the videos together so it looked like the kids were passing the socks to each other.

Son, Sport, Football, 366, Teenager

Day 135 – Thursday 14th May – we are now allowed to go to garden centres, so we went! We bought three plants, but we could probably still do with a couple more.

The kids are making the most of being allowed out as much as they want. I think my younger son spent the whole afternoon walking. He would get back from a walk with one person and immediately go for a walk with another (mainly my daughter and me, nobody from outside). Today’s missed GCSE was chemistry.

Garden centre, Plants, lockdown, 366

Day 136 – Friday 15th May – this is a bit blurred, but it’s my son in his natural habitat. I don’t think it’s a ‘normal’ thing to do, but it’s normal for him, as an elite jumper. He is forever jumping up at trees and trying to hit the leaves.

With golf clubs and tennis courts now allowed to open, he was hopeful athletics stadiums and tracks would follow suit. Today it was announced that they could open for one-to-one training, with the agreement of the owner. But sandpits must remain closed. This is not ideal for someone who is a long jumper and triple jumper. We live in hope that he will get to compete right at the end of the season. Today’s missed GCSE was PE paper 2, so he would have finished his GCSE PE by the end of today.

Son, Jumping, 366

Day 137 – Saturday 16th May – nine weeks since the last real parkrun, but we’re still putting our parkrun T-shirts on every Saturday morning for 5k. Plans for today include more gardening, cleaning the bathrooms and fish and chips for tea! Our favourite chip shop is now open for click and collect orders.

parkrun, not parkrun, running, 366

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Must be so weird not being able to do the exams after working towards them for so long!

    Love the colour of the wall flowers.

    Have been debating whether to go to the garden centre but thought it might be busy…so left it for now.

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    • I think my son has got used to the idea of not doing his exams, but it was a real shock at first. It’s a shame that he won’t get to do anything other than mocks until he does his A Levels. We actually tried to go back to the garden centre a few days later and there was a big queue outside, so we gave up on that idea!

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  2. I bet you and your family were really happy about being able to get outside more.
    The flowers on the wall are so pretty and I love the new t-shirt.
    I forgot the GCSE’s would have been starting now. It must be strange for your son not to be doing them after putting in the work for them.
    Ahh! I am so pleased you are getting your fish & chips. I hope you enjoy them x

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    • We’re so happy about being able to get outside more. We always spend so much time outside that it has been very weird for us to have that restricted. I love my new T-shirt! It’s a win because I’m sure I like it a lot more than my daughter does. The fish and chips were delicious, thanks! x

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  3. A fish and chip dinner sounds like the perfect way to round off a week! 🙂

    Gosh, it’s crazy seeing which GCSE papers would been missed, my daughter should have done her SATS this week – all that time preparing and nothing. Just an empty void, it’s utter madness but celebrations are still deserved!

    I am loving that t-shirt, I would wear it too! Even now I still do not trust any clothing my mum tries to buy me!

    Sounds like you have all had a great week and hope this next week is fab too… the weather is supposed to be improving!
    Sim x #Project366

    PS. I have no idea what the ‘Wall Flowers’ are called either, but they are gorgeous!

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    • It is crazy that they couldn’t do their exams, but there was obviously no way around it. My son has come to terms with if after the initial shock. The T-shirt was a win, because I definitely like it more than my daughter does! I have quite limited taste in clothes, so both my mum and my husband always know exactly what to buy me.

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  4. N’s tennis starts on Friday. He was already having privates, but now the Friday lessons are singles. Will be interesting to see how it goes given all the rules.

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    • That will be interesting, but it’s great that he can go back. So much sport is so restricted at the moment. I do wonder if my son will even be able to play rugby in September because there is so much contact involved.

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  5. I am sure these are called fairy foxgloves, we admired then when we stopped at the Atlantic Bridge on the Isle of Seil when we stayed there a few years back.
    Is NOT sitting his exams causing his stress or disappointment?
    Fifi use to cartwheel down the roads when she was younger, so can say where the notion to jump high at trees comes from.
    I still class Bob as one of the wee ones at times….despite being 8 yrs older than the twins, he acts much younger

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    • My son isn’t stressed or disappointed by the lack of exams now, although he was initially very shocked. He knows that if he isn’t happy with any of his grades that he will have the option to do resits.
      That’s interesting that you class Bob as one of the little ones too. I think my daughter and Bob are the same age, although my daughter doesn’t act young for her age. I think the main difference for my mum is that my 16yo son acts much older than his years.

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  6. The wall flowers are very pretty, such a beautiful colour. I’m afraid I’m not good at flowers/plants identifying at all.
    It must be so strange to miss on important GCSEs. Glad you got to browse in the garden centre. As I don’t drive, it’s still out of reach for me, and I can’t ask a friend who usually takes me there. I grow a few things from seeds this year, but would love to buy more plants.
    The t-shirt looks good on you.

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    • Thanks very much, I’m very happy with my Tshirt! This is definitely not the time to ask a friend for a lift to the garden centre, sadly! I think I find it stranger than my son does that he doesn’t have his GCSEs. Every day I remind him what subject he is missing!

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  7. It must feel so strange knowing that this would have been exam time and yet not doing them. I like the idea of editing the PE video so it looked like the socks were being passed on to the next person. Glad you are enjoying being able to get out more for exercise and keeping up with your family parkrun. #project366

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    • Thanks very much, it is great being able to exercise as much as we like.
      The PE video looked so good! I think it’s strange not having the GCSEs, but my son is quite used to the idea now. I do find it slightly worrying that the first time he does ‘proper’ exams will be his A Levels!

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  8. I imagine you are thrilled about the relaxing of the exercise rules! We have been stuck indoors again as my hayfever has gone crazy 🙁 #project366

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    • So sorry to hear about your hayfever, that must be really annoying. We are so happy at being able to exercise multiple times again.

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  9. It must feel so strange knowing that this would have been exam time and yet not doing them. I know we are struggling a bit with the transition stuff not being done. We do a lot of PE from high school as my oldest took it as a subject. That sounds like a fun video. Glad you are enjoying park run still xx

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    • That must be hard not getting the transition stuff done. It is a difficult time for everyone. I think my son is used to the idea of not having exams, but it still feels strange to me! x

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  10. It must be tough that no marathons are taking place. Pretty ‘wall’ flowers and the flowers in the garden centre. Funny about the video. It must be tough on all the students who have to give their exams. Yeah we’re ordering and collecting food from restaurants once or twice a week.

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    • That sounds nice to get food from restaurants. We will probably get fish and chips once a fortnight from now on. That’s the only takeaway we ever have.
      I think I find the missed exams stranger than my son does. He is doing fine. It will be a shock to him when he has to go back to school!

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  11. It must be so tough when you should be taking exams. I hope he is doing okay. I really want to go to a garden centre! We are not taking the kids out so the husband went today without me. Slightly gutted I didn’t get a chance to browse. Love the tee!
    Hope that you get good news soon on the athletics and the sand pit
    We had fish and chips yesterday for the first time in so long… it felt very decadent!

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    • My son is doing really well, thanks. It will be a shock when he has to work again after nearly six months without any schoolwork. We haven’t been taking our kids to shops either, apart from my 18 year old actually doing the shopping for us!
      My son lives in hope for athletics, but it feels like things just keep getting pushed further and further and back.
      Glad you enjoyed your fish and chips. I’m hoping to have it again in a couple of weeks.

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  12. Glad to hear that your son is still managing to get some jumping practice, even if it is hitting leaves on a tree. Love the t-shirt, shame it didn’t fit your daughter though. It must feel odd looking at what exams should be being sat at the moment

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    • It is very odd looking at which exams he is supposed to be doing! We are really hoping he will get chance to train and compete in athletics at the end of the season.

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  13. It must be so weird for your son not doing his GCSE’s, it’ll be one of those things that ages him when he’s older when he says he didn’t sit school exams. Yes they are wall flowers, I fully understand your husband. i had a delivery from a garden centre at the start of lockdown. I do have my eye on a hydrangea in Waitrose for a while, they’ve lined all the plants up whilst you queue, now I have the car i’ll be able to get it home.

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    • It’s true, the fact that my son hasn’t done his GCSEs in the normal way will be something which sticks with him forever. I love hydrangeas, but haven’t had much luck with them at this house. One of them has definitely died and the others don’t grow very well.

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