Project 366 2020 Week 19

Week 19 of 2020 and week 7 of lockdown. The sun came back out and we had another bank holiday.

Here’s our week in pictures…

Day 124 – Sunday 3rd May – my husband and I went for an eight mile run at the start of the day. I did some weeding, which I generally dislike, and my husband moved a plant, because one area of the garden was getting crowded.

Garden, Plants, Flowers, Blossom, 365

Day 125 – Monday 4th April – quite a busy day of work. My son and I cooked shepherd’s pie for tea, which is very time consuming. The vegetarian version is too bland and really not worth the effort! I took this on our walk in the evening. We’ve generally been going for longer walks lately, but we seemed to run out of time today, so ended up just going for the short walk we used to go on every day.

Sunset, Countryside, Walking, 366

Day 126 – Tuesday 5th May – the sun was back today. My daughter went out in the car with my husband, just to collect some post from his office, and she ended up feeling travel sick. It’s so long since she last went in the car. She wanted to practise sprinting with her brother, but was still feeling queasy, so I kept him company (although I definitely didn’t sprint).

Son, Teenager, Running, Sprinting, 366

Day 127 – Wednesday 6th May – we’ve been cooking properly since lockdown started (more about that on the blog soon). Today my husband and younger son made homemade fish, chips and mushy peas (battered halloumi for the vegetarians). It was a lot of work! They started peeling and chopping potatoes at 3.30pm and we finally ate at 6.30pm. It was absolutely delicious, but they said they’re not going to do it again.

Fish and chips, Cooking, Home cooking, 366

Day 128 – Thursday 7th May – a pretty relentless day. I was busy with work all morning and into the afternoon, then I had the dreaded supermarket trip. I had to get shopping for us, and my parents and a lot of what my parents wanted wasn’t available. As soon as I got home from shopping, my son asked me to go with him for sprint training. He runs on a quiet country road, but there is a steady flow of cars, pedestrians, cyclists and runners, so he likes to have someone with him to check it’s safe to run.

The only photo I took was of my younger kids for #tbt on Instagram – they were aged 4 and 2 here, in 2008. I think it’s amazing how they have the same face.

son, daughter, toddler, throwback thursday, 366

Day 129 – Friday 8th May – bank holiday for VE Day. I must admit we didn’t do anything in relation to VE Day. It seems strange to have an extra day of weekend when we don’t even have anything to do on a standard weekend. But it was nice for my husband and I not to have work, and for my daughter not to have schoolwork. Strangely, my son did have a bit of maths to do, despite being in year 11 and not technically needing to do any schoolwork.

My daughter went running with me – 4.4 miles is a long way for her and it wasn’t easy in the heat, but she managed it. She is going to be so fit by the end of lockdown.

Daughter, Running, Runner, 366

Day 130 – Saturday 9th May – yes, it’s another running photo – of my husband and younger son, from our weekly non-parkrun parkrun. Life at the moment is just running, food or the garden, so the photos are rather the same every week!

parkrun, non-parkrun, son, husband, running, 366

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  1. The fish and chips look delicious but 3 hours is a long time to prepare a meal. Very impressed with all your running. I have some weeding that needs doing if you fancy it (I hate it too)

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    • I’m definitely not tempted by your weeding! Some of the time with the fish and chips was letting the batter ‘rest’, but it was still far too long for preparing a meal!

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  2. Your garden looks fab! I want ours to look like that but after just starting a few months ago I think it will take a good few years for everything to grow properly.
    Ahh! That’s a shame about the shepherd’s pie not tasting so good but good on your son for giving it a go.
    The fish and chips looks amazing! Well done your hubby and son.
    We didn’t do anything for VE day either. x

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    • Thanks very much, our garden does look lovely! Some of the plants do date back to the previous homeowners, particularly the clematis on the wall. The fish and chips was amazing, but I think it was a one-off as it really took forever to make!

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  3. Nice there’s somewhere for your son to do his sprints. N hasn’t been doing any tennis drills or exercises, although he’s out on his bike and doing lots of stuff out on the farm. Funny about your daughter getting car sick after so long not in the car. Everytime I go out in the car for the 2ish mile drive to the next village for the shop, it feels really weird to drive. The car doesn’t feel as stable, and I’m less in control. Once we all start driving again I bet there’s going to be lots of accidents because people aren’t used to that concentration or be in regular practice.

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    • My son has been really dedicated to his sprint training. He does the sprinting two or three times a week, plus strength training and longer runs on the other days. Hopefully N will have maintained his fitness with everything he is doing, even if he hasn’t been able to do actual tennis training.

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  4. Good that you are all doing so much running. Your shrubs are very colourful. It’s been nice to do so much gardening.

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    • Thank you! The kids are doing a great job of keeping their fitness up. I’m really happy that we can go outside more from this week because I like to get out for a run or walk three times a day. I must say I don’t enjoy gardening, but I do like looking at the garden!

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  5. What a fantastic week – lots of running, I don’t know where you get the energy! Those homemade fish and chips look amazing! Shame your hubby and son won’t make them again, they do look amazing! As for battered halloumi… that sounds like an absolute game changer! #Project365 Sim x

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    • Thanks very much, the battered halloumi was amazing! But I think we will just go to the chip shop in future (well, when it’s open again, of course). We love our running and we have to make the most of our daily exercise quota. I’m very glad that we will now be able to exercise more than once a day.

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  6. Your garden looks so pretty! A pity the vegetarian shepherd’s pie was bland. It’s not a dish I’ve cooked recently, as it’s a bit too British for my family’s taste. 🙂 I can’t even think when was the last time I had it. Can you spice it up?
    The homemade fish and chips look amazing, though 3 hours for prep and cooking is quite a lot.
    Well done on all your running and exercising. Sorry to hear your daughter was car sick. I often get car-sick, and it’s such an unpleasant dizzy feeling.

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  7. I love how you’ve all managed as a family to keep up with your daily exercise of running and walking. How fantastic your husband and younger son took so much effort to make fish/halloumi and chips from scratch, hope it tastes as nice as it looks

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  8. Glad you are able to get out and go running each day and you all sound like you are enjoying the exercise. The home-made fish and chips look very yummy but I can imagine they were a lot of effort to make! #project366

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    • Thanks very much. It has been so good to run or walk every day. The fish and chips were amazing, but I think we will stick to the chip shop in future as they were such hard work!

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  9. yes my pics are same ol same old, but nice to hear the highs and lows of your week. Quite sensible of him to have somebody with him to help check it is safe.

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    • It is definitely nice to record these strange weeks. We have to keep an eye on the safety of other people, as well as my son! He’s running so fast, that if someone stepped in front of him, he would find it hard to stop. We spend a lot of time waiting for pedestrians to walk past so he has a clear run.

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  10. Your garden looks lovely. I’m so bad at gardening, I need you to come up. That’s a shame about the shepherd’s pie not tasting so good but well done on your son for giving it a go. The fish and chips look amazing. Well done your hubby and son.
    We didn’t do anything for VE day either, I didn’t see anything really up here xx

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    • Thank you! We’re not good at gardening really. We were lucky to have inherited a mature garden and a lot of the plants were here before we moved in. Of the ones we’ve planted ourselves, I think we’ve had about a 50% success rate. My husband and son did a great job with the fish and chips! There seemed to be a lot of people doing stuff for VE Day, but it didn’t occur to us to get involved. I do think some people forgot about social distancing, which isn’t good at all! x

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  11. The fish and chips do look good though!

    Plenty of running done this week….I should try and get the family out running.

    Love the plants in your garden.

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  12. ooh lots of running pics! love how authentic the fish/halloumi and chips looks, we are definitely missing our takeawys but are probably saving a fortune! #project366

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  13. We haven’t been in the car much either, I am kind of worried about driving long distances now! That fish and chips and halloumi looks amazing! #project365 sorry it’s a late reply.

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