Project 366 2020 Week 18

The weather has turned, we’ve completed six weeks of lockdown and we’re into May – which means we’re into our third calendar month of ‘the new normal’.

Here’s our week in pictures…

Day 117 – Sunday 26th April – I forgot to take a photo today, so thought I would share this one from a few days ago. We’ve been embracing long walks on the days we don’t run. We’ve always walked a lot as a family, but tended to go out for two or three half hour walks a day. Now we’re revisiting footpaths I used as a child, which my family claim they’ve never walked before, as well as walks the kids have done with Scouts. There are three tiny dots in the middle of this picture, which are my menfolk – they are always faster than my daughter and me!

Countryside, Walking, Family, 366

Day 118 – Monday 27th April – credit to my younger son, he has been an absolute delight all through lockdown. When he was younger, he could be quite stubborn. Now he is helpful, caring and very good to his sister. Every day he voluntarily helps with the cooking, something he has never done before. He is also working hard on his fitness to ensure he is ready for when and if the athletics season starts. I really couldn’t ask for a better son to have around. Apart from this mess, which is hidden away at the back of his bedroom…

Bedroom, Clothes, Mess, Son, 366

Day 119 – Tuesday 28th April – the rain came back! I got absolutely drenched when I went running. It’s a few weeks since I last wore my coat. Lockdown is definitely less pleasant with rain. It was harder to find somewhere quiet to read without the garden.

Running, Selfie, Rain, 366

Day 120 – Wednesday 29th April – we gave our bedroom a complete overhaul in February and March (I need to blog about that soon!) and my daughter decided she wanted a lot of our old stuff, including our bed. Since lockdown started, she has been sorting her bedroom out every day – decluttering her stuff and upcycling the old furniture. Tonight was her last night in her old bed.

Bedroom, Bed, Daughter, 366

Day 121 – Thursday 30th April – another rainy day. The days definitely seem longer when it’s raining. I took a photo of raindrops on a plant in the garden because I was bored.

In the evening we had utter chaos removing my daughter’s old bed and rebuilding our old bed in her room. We now have bits of the old bed on the landing, in the spare room and in the bathroom! There is talk of putting it up in the spare room and giving my son the old spare bed. I’m not sure I can take any more moving things around. While the charity shops and tip are closed we can’t get rid of stuff, so we have bags and bags of it everywhere.

flowers, blossom, raindrops, garden, 366

Day 122 – Friday 1st May – my daughter spent the night on her old mattress on the new bed, then the new mattress arrived today. We discovered that the paintwork behind her old bed was pretty shoddy – we’d even painted half of the radiator! So she spent yet more time painting before getting her bed made up properly.

Daughter, Painting, Decorating, Bedroom, 366

Day 123 – Saturday 2nd May – this is the sky when I hung the washing out this morning. We’ve done our family non-parkrun parkrun (with just four of us) and now we have an exciting day of weeding and tidying to look forward to. I don’t know which of those things I dislike the most.

Sky, Blue sky, 366

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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    • It certainly is, I love a blue sky!

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  1. I can’t believe we’re 6 weeks into lock down. I’ve just wound the kids up telling them they’ve had their summer holidays now.
    It sounds like you’re having some fantastic walks.
    Ahh! Your son sounds like such a lovely boy despite his mess.
    I hope your girl has her bedroom sorted soon.
    Wow! Look at that blue sky. It’s been grey and cloudy here all day. x

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    • It’s amazing that we’re six weeks into lockdown. My son has been so good since school finished. He’s really good anyway, but he’s been even better over the last few weeks. The bedroom is so nearly done! I think she will be bored when it is finished. x

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  2. lovely blue sky.
    Nice your daughter is putting in the time to get her room the way she wants it.
    If the men walk off way in front at least you get nice one on one time,

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    • I do have lovely chats with my daughter while the men are walking ahead. My daughter has put so much work into her room. It’s all her own ideas.

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  3. Sounds like your house is going to be nice and uncluttered by the time lockdown ends. I need to do a lot too but don’t have anywhere to put everything. So it’ll have to wait. Let’s hope the nicer weather comes back this week

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    • It will be such a relief to get rid of the clutter. We’ve temporarily put our charity shop stuff in the loft. We mustn’t forget to get it down when the charity shops reopen.

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  4. I love the colour of her bedroom. I would love to use darker colours but our home is quite dark

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    • Thank you! She’s had that colour since we moved in six years ago and she still loves it. Most of our rooms are a light colour, but the kids all have one wall in a darker colour.

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  5. Love that your younger son has been such a delight throughout lockdown and lovely that your daughter is enjoying painting her bedroom and moving things around. It is frustrating not being able to get rid of unwanted stuff though. The weather last week was definitely not the nicest for getting out and about but what a lovely blue sky to finish the week on. Hopefully this week will be a nicer one. #project366

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    • My younger son has been amazing. He’s always good, but he’s been even better during lockdown. We’ve put all of our stuff for the charity shop in the loft temporarily, which is a real relief. We can now see our landing again!

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  6. That sky is so blue!

    Glad that your son is being very helpful.

    Love the colour of your daughters bedroom! Hope its nearly done now!

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    • Thank you! My son is being so good at the moment. My daughter’s room is very nearly done now and it is looking lovely.

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  7. That’s a lovely place where you walk; Hi, menfolk! Sounds like a sweet,mature son. Hhahahah you look cute. That’s a great click of the raindrops, and alot of places to put the bed.

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  8. It was very strange having rain after such a dry spell! We seriously need to do some rearranging in our home as it is so cluttered but with the kids home I have even less time than before: I would love to sort my eldest’s room in particular as it has about 10 wedding dresses in it from when I went on a spending spree on ebay trying to find my perfect dress (two years on and I haven’t got round to sorting them 🙁 ) #project366

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  9. Well you sound like you have cleared a lot of clutter even if it hasn’t made it’s way out of the house yet. Your daughter’s room should look good when it’s finished.

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  10. We did the whole new bed, reconstruct beds and move room around thing recently. I don’t envy you. The weather has turned foul here too. The sun can come back now…

    #project365 (sorry it’s late)

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  11. I love the colour your daughter painted her bedroom. She did a great job. You’ve had some gorgeous blue skies. The bedroom looks great too xx

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