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I wrote only yesterday about our garden and the challenges with have with finding the right plants to fit in the right places in our borders. It has been a long learning process and we still don’t really have it completely sussed. But I didn’t mention our grass.

Our garden is predominantly grass, and we’re lucky that we’ve got quite a lot of it. It’s good for kicking a ball around (although they do usually end up over the wall in someone else’s garden after about five minutes) and it’s just nice to have the space. It was an absolute godsend when we were in self-isolation last month, as it meant we could still exercise outside. Although needless to say it took a real hammering…


Like the rest of our garden, the grass can be challenging. Who would have thought that something as simple as grass could have so many issues? Ours gets weeds and moss, although we have just about got those under control now. And remember when we had that heatwave that basically lasted the entire summer in 2018? That killed our grass! There was one patch which took over a year (and a lot of seed) before it recovered.

Our back garden gets a fair amount of sun, our front garden gets very little and is often damp. The grass on the back back garden tends to be dry and a bit yellow. The grass on the front garden is much greener and thicker. But even on the same lawn, there are bits that grow well and bits which don’t grow well, depending on how much sun it gets.

Then, of course, grass needs cutting. The mowing tends to be shared out fairly equally between my husband and myself. As chores go, it’s not the worst. But it is another chore on top of all the other chores that need doing in the house and garden.

Could there be an easier way? I’ve seen a few houses nearby with cheap artificial grass – and it looks pretty good. When you think about it, it is a very good idea indeed. No weeds or mowing. No grass dying and needing to re-seed it every year.

Artificial grass, Grass Direct

Geneva is just one of the budget ranges of artificial grass

It would make a great surface to play football on – and you wouldn’t get muddy or wear the grass down when you were doing it. You can get artificial grass which looks very realistic and some of it is fully recyclable, which is always important to me.

As I see it, there is literally only one disadvantage to artificial grass. What would the guinea pigs eat when they were out in their run?!

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