Project 366 2020: Weeks 11 & 12

It’s been another fairly challenging fortnight – with my son away on his travels, my daughter still having trouble at school (although things have improved slightly), living in the shadow of coronavirus and having to sort out my new bedroom, although that is of course a nice problem to have.

Here’s our fortnight in pictures…

Day 68 – Sunday 8th March – we started the day with an 18 mile run, which took just under three hours. I’ll be honest, it wasn’t the nicest run I’ve ever done, but needs must! My son played his first football match for a while. Between his injury and the endless cancellations due to waterlogged pitches, it’s been a long time since they last played.

marathon training, running, running selfie

Day 69 – Monday 9th March – my daughter had an inset day, which was good timing, as she needs a break from school with all the hassle she’s been getting. My work has calmed down a bit, so I thought I would treat us both to a bit of time off and we went to see Military Wives at the cinema. It’s not the best film you will ever see, but it’s an enjoyable way to pass a couple of hours.

Cinema, Film, Military Wives, 366

Day 70 – Tuesday 10th March – every afternoon or evening (he’s eight hours ahead), my son sends me his photos from the day. It’s nice for me to see them and I really look forward to receiving them. He’s currently in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia.

Kuala Lumpur, Travelling, son, 366

Day 71 – Wednesday 11th March – our new bedroom furniture arrived! Although it didn’t need much putting together, just getting it out of the packaging and into the right position was a mammoth task. It looks very nice now, I feel like I’m in a hotel. I got very little work done today.

Bedroom, Furniture, 366

Day 72 – Thursday 12th March – I started the day with a 10 mile run, which is the longest midweek run on my training plan. It felt easy enough, but isn’t ideal for a work day. I also had to drive to Tesco for my first ever click and collect order, as I couldn’t get a delivery slot, despite getting a delivery every single week. Thanks, panic buyers! My son sent me his daily batch of photos. I think this was taken in Melaka in Malaysia.

Melaka, Malaysia, Travelling, 366

Day 73 – Friday 13th March – we heard in the evening that our marathon has been postponed until September, which is of course the right decision to take. I’ve already run 20 miles this week and am nearly 10 weeks through a 15 week training plan. The thought of doing it all over again is slightly daunting, but there’s no question that we will do it. As we were going to bed, my son was getting on a plane from Singapore to Sydney. This is one of his last photos from Singapore.

Singapore, Travelling, Son, 366

Day 74 – Saturday 14th March – happy birthday to my beautiful girl, 14 today! (If you are a regular reader and would like to read her birthday post, please message me for the password.) She had a lovely day, starting with parkrun, which she hasn’t done for a few weeks. Her brother was playing football in Bristol, so we caught the second half of the game and then went to Ikea and for a wander around Bristol. Yes, my daughter had genuinely requested that we go to Ikea for her birthday! My mum and dad went with us to Pizza Express in the evening.

Daughter, Ballet, Bristol, 14th birthday, 366

Day 75 – Sunday 15th March – my husband and I ‘just’ went for a 10 mile run as we don’t have a marathon to train for right now. He then spent a couple of hours at the football pitch in torrential rain, trying to make it playable, only for it to get called off by the ref, under pressure from the opposition coach. There was also one dad making a fuss about coronavirus. This isn’t the premier league. These kids aren’t playing in a packed stadium of spectators. Most parents can’t even be bothered to go and watch. They are at far less risk than they’re at in school. Playing football is good for them. We now know they won’t get another game this season.

Running, Runner, 366

Day 76 – Monday 16th March – I got a call from my son as soon as I got up to say that one of his return flights have been cancelled, due to coronavirus. He has now booked a completely different flight and will be home a few days earlier than originally planned. I am relieved. I just want him home safe and sound now. This is one of his photos from Sydney.

Sydney, Sydney Harbour Bridge, Travels, Son, 366

Day 77 – Tuesday 17th March – my son started his very long journey home – it would be about 36 hours from Sydney to Heathrow.

Flight, Son's flight, Aeroplane, Travels, 366

Day 78 – Wednesday 18th March – with more and more things being cancelled, we knew it was only a matter of time before schools would close. But we were left reeling when it was announced today that there would be no GCSEs or A Levels this year. My poor son just sat in stunned silence. I don’t think many teenagers are actually celebrating. Most of them wanted the chance to prove themselves.

GCSEs, Revision guides, Books, 366

Day 79 – Thursday 19th March – my husband got up just after 4 to pick my son up from Heathrow. The original plan had been for him to get a coach back, but after a very long journey and a stressful few days for him, we wanted to get him home as quickly as possible. It’s very good to have him home again – even if he is very untidy!

Heathrow arrivals, Airport, Son, Travels, 366

Day 80 – Friday 20th March – the last day of school for the foreseeable future, and definitely the last day of year 11 for my son. I nearly bought him some new school shoes last weekend, and was definitely going to get some this weekend. It’s a good job I didn’t waste my money! In the end, it was my daughter who was more upset about the uncertainty than my son.

school shoes, son, shoes, year 11, coronavirus

Day 81 – Saturday 21st March – parkrun is off, of course, so we did our own non-parkrun parkrun around the village. All five of us did it, plus my mum and dad (my mum walking and my dad running), my sister and brother-in-law, as well as my niece and nephew on their bikes. This is all three of my menfolk.

sons, husband, parkrun, non-parkrun, coronavirus, cove-19, 366

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Stay safe! I hope your son had a great trip eventhough it had been cut down short due to the pandemic? Congrats to your other son playing football. Good run! Lovely pictures and happy birthday to your daughter (i hope her school trouble sorts out) yeah a few of my friends had to give A levels exams and they are very upset about it.

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    • Thanks very much. My son had a great time on his travels, but is very happy to be home and we are happy to have him back! The cancellation of the GCSEs was a real shock, but my son now knows he can take some exams in the autumn of he isn’t happy with the grades he’s awarded.

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  2. I am glad things have improved a little for your daughter at school.
    I fancy seeing Military Wives. It’s nice you and your daughter got to spend some time together.
    Your bedroom furniture looks gorgeous!
    It is rotten about the GCSE’s being cancelled. It’s a good job you didn’t buy your son any new shoes. Eek!
    Fantastic photos from your son! I’m glad he’s home safe! x

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    • Thanks very much, it’s such a relief to have my home safely! The cancellation of the GCSEs was a real shock and I’m not sure how my son is going to fill his time for the next few months. He was insistent he didn’t need any new school shoes, so now he’s been proved right! X

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  3. So sad that everything’s being cancelled. So much that children are missing out on after all that workmg and all the sports they’ve worked so hard for. I only bought N new school shoes about 3 weeks ago – gutted! Glad your son is back from his travels. Hope he had a great time

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    • Thanks very much, he had a really good time! I was thinking he wouldn’t want to come home, but the last few days of his trip changed that and he’s very glad to be back. The cancellation of the GCSEs was a real shock and we live in hope that there might still be some athletics at the end of the season.

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  4. Happy belated birthday to your daughter!
    It must be so frustrating for the schoolchildren to have all the exams cancelled. The future is full of uncertainty.
    Glad to hear your son was able to play football. I’ve seen some of your son’s photos that you posted on Insta. Those towers look awesome but also give me vertigo. I imagine you so relieved to have your son back at home.

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    • Thanks very much, I’m pleased to say that my daughter had a lovely birthday. She was undecided whether to have a party because of all the problems she’s had at school, so coronavirus has helped her make that decision! It was such a relief to have my son home. He did have an amazing time for the first week that he was away.

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  5. Glad to hear you are still running, even if the parkruns are not on and you must be so glad your son is home safely. Kian is self isolating at university at the moment but should be home next weekend.
    I am gutted for all the kids that have been prepping for exams, much as its a stressful time, they have worked so hard for it. Stay safe xx

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    • Thanks very much. It must be hard for Kian to be stuck at university. The cancellation of the GCSEs was a big shock, but my son is feeling OK about it now. It’s good to know he will have another shot if it doesn’t work out with the teachers’ grades x

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  6. Such a big change from the start of the fortnight to now. I love the photos your son sent from being away and the one of your daughter doing an arabesque on the bridge. Such a shame that the marathon is cancelled but absolutely the right decision and so glad that your son got home safely – what a huge relief for you. I feel so sorry for all the teenagers due to sit exams this year – it must be so hard to be left in limbo like that. Hope that your daughter had a lovely birthday. #project366

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    • It’s a really big change from the start of the fortnight! Reading it back, I couldn’t believe that life was relatively normal at the start, even though we were already getting concerned, particularly about my son going away. We are very happy to have him home, thanks. Having got over the initial shock, my son is quite happy not to have his exams. I just have to make sure he can keep his mind and body active until September, because it’s a long time to be doing nothing for.

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  7. some brilliant pictures from your son, thank goodness he is home safe.
    Fifi is distraught that she will not get to sit her exams and will be getting a result based on something else.
    Love the picture of the birthday girl…….strange child wanting to go to Ikea as a birthday treat.

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    • Thank you! It is such a relief that he is home safely. Poor Fifi, it is such a shame. I think my son might have done slightly better with exams than with the marks the teachers give him, but he does have the option to resit any he isn’t happy with in the autumn.
      For some reason, all of my kids love Ikea! I quite like it, but I never understand why they love it so much.

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  8. It must have been a relief to have your son home. Sorry he had to cut his trip short, hopefully he will get the chance to do the rest of it another time. Well done on all the running and love that you had your own multi generational park run. Lucky you didint but those shoes. Hope the grades your son gets are representative. Such a troubling time for all x

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    • Thank you, it was such a relief to have him home! I thought the experience might put him off travelling, but he’s already looking at possible trips for the autumn and next year. I think my son’s grades will be good and if he’s not happy he will take a couple of exams in the autumn. x

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  9. Reading two weeks in one makes me realise how much of life has changed in those two weeks. There’s a lot to take in isn’t there? GCSEs not happening, your son back from his travels and changing routines like park run.

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    • I know, it’s crazy! Even writing it, I couldn’t believe how different everything was from the start to the end. I think we’re all starting to get used to a different way of life now.

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  10. So much has really changed in those two week’s hasn’t it? Glad your son is on his way back and the routines keep changing daily it feels. I am glad things start to settle a little. I hope the kids are ok about the GCSE’s xx

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  11. It’s really strange reading this now when so much has changed in the last couple of weeks. Some of the things we used to take for granted are now a distant memory but I hope you are all safe at home together and still able to run! #project366

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  12. Glad your son got back safely, i know you were very worried about him on his travels, lovely photos he sent you. hope your daughter had a great birthday, a trip to Ikea is an unusual request for a birthday day out lol

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