Project 366 2020 Week 13

Our first week at home has been a week like no other. But we are the lucky ones – none of us has any coronavirus symptoms or underlying health conditions, so we are still able to get out to exercise.

Here’s our week in pictures…

Day 82 – Sunday 22nd March – a strange Mother’s Day. My husband and I started the day with a 10 mile run. We put my mum’s present through her door and talked to her through the window. In the afternoon, the five of us went a walk up a nearby hill. There were a lot of people walking there, but social distancing wasn’t a problem at all. Of course, my daughter had to do some ballet!

Daughter, Ballet, Social distancing, 366

Day 83 – the first weekday with four of us at home. My eldest was working and my daughter had enough school work to last her all day. My work has disappeared (the joys of freelance work) and my younger son is in GCSE year, so hasn’t got anything to do. My son and I did my mum’s shopping and went for a walk. In the evening, we heard from Boris Johnson that we would now only be allowed to exercise outside once a day. I’ll be honest, we are all going to find that hard, but of course we will do what we have to do and we’re lucky to have a garden.

The guinea pigs got out in the garden for the first time this year. For Henry, it was the first time ever. He didn’t even realise he could eat the grass at first.

Guinea pigs, Garden, Grass, 366

Day 84 – Tuesday 24th March – my daughter was very busy with school work, but is also working on sanding down and repainting our old bed, so she can have it. My eldest was working at home and my younger son didn’t have a lot to do! In the afternoon, the two younger kids went to practise sprinting on a quiet road. I love the way they look identical in this photo (totally unplanned). I was very proud when a man walking past (over two metres away, of course) asked if my son competes, as he’s so quick. It turns out this man knows one of the best triple jumpers in Britain right now, which is very surprising, as jumping is so niche.son, daughter, running, 366

Day 85 – Wednesday 25th March – we’re getting used to being at home all of the time. My daughter is still working on the bed, I’m still not working, my eldest is dominating the downstairs with loud work Skype conversations and my son is happy doing not a lot, apart from his once daily exercise -which was a long walk today.

Daughter, Garden, Bed, Upcycling, 366

Day 86 – Thursday 26th March – I had my only bit of work this week – just about enough to pay myself for today, but obviously not for the rest of the week – or last week! I’m concerned that the self-employed announcement from the government won’t help me.

My son and I went shopping for ourselves and my parents. I really want to get shopping down to twice a week, but it’s hard with the stock shortages, restrictions on quantities and a house full of teenagers who can eat for Britain! Our magnolia is looking lovely.

Magnolia, Garden, Tree, 366

Day 87 – Friday 27th March – more of the same… Every day is so similar now. My daughter and I got the guinea pigs to pose in the flowers, which I thought would make nice happy photos to share on Instagram.

Cedric, Guinea pig, Garden, 366

Day 88 – Saturday 28th March – we started the day with a ‘non-parkrun’ parkrun – 5k around the village at 9am. Last week, we had my parents and my sister and her family with us, but of course this week we couldn’t do that – even with social distancing. So it was just the five of us – running at our own pace. (Sorry this photo is a bit blurry – it’s not easy to take photos when you’re running!)

Son, Running, parkrun, 366

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. It has been such a strange week hasn’t it? Glad you are still managing to get some runs into your week.

    I really want to get a magnolia for our garden but I think it will just end up too big!

    Your guinea pigs are adorable!

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    • It’s been a really strange week! Our magnolia is huge – it’s the biggest one I’ve ever seen. The guinea pigs have been getting lots of extra attention with everyone at home, which is really nice.

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  2. I am glad you’re all keeping well.
    Ahh! Your daughter never gives up a chance to practice ballet! I don’t think I’ve ever got my leg up that high! She’s amazing!
    It sounds like you’ve been keeping yourself busy.
    It sounds like the guinea pigs enjoyed getting out on the grass and I love the photo of the one in the flowers.
    Good on your girl sanding down the bed. It looks like she’s doing a great job. x

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  3. It’s good you’re still able to get out and run. We’re lucky because we’ve got stacks of meat in the freezer, but I’m worried about the rest of the food we’d usually have especially fresh veg. Hopefully the village shop will supply enough for us to buy, but that’s not like having a big supermarket shop which means going back there more regularly. Hopefully you’ll get some more work through soon.

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    • Thanks very much. It’s such a relief to still be able to run! I just have to accept that I’m going to have very little work over the coming months. We don’t have a large freezer, but luckily there are only three meat eaters in the house, so meat isn’t a huge issue.

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  4. It has been such a strange week, hasn’t it? I’m so pleased you are still managing to get some runs in. The magnolia sounds lovely. And how cute are your wee guinea pigs? I don’t know if we could have them outside all the time up here, it is still so cold even now xx #366

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    • It’s been a really strange week! I’m so glad I can still run and I hope that never changes. The guinea pigs live outside all year round, but they only go out on the grass in the spring, summer and early autumn.

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  5. Magnolia’s are my favourite flower, I would love a tree in my garden. The guinea pigs are so cute, so wish we had pets to keep the kids entertained

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    • To be honest, my kids aren’t particularly interested in the guinea pigs, even though they haven’t got anything to do! The guinea pigs are getting more attention from me though.

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  6. Glad you are still managing to get out for some exercise. Lovely to see your guinea pigs enjoying the sunshine and I love the one with your guinea pig amongst the flowers. That magnolia tree is so pretty. Sorry to hear that the help for self-employed people won’t help you. That must be a worry. Hope you manage to get some more work coming in. #project366

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    • Thanks very much, I’m so glad I can keep running! It is annoying about the help for self-employed people, but I’m lucky that I’m not the main breadwinner, so we will be OK. Being stuck at home all the time is great for reducing spending anyway!

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  7. Shame there is no work coming in for you, am added worry you don’ t need.
    Nice to get the guinea pigs out for some sunshine and fresh grass.
    This is where living rural has its advantage for getting out self isolating

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    • We live in a ‘semi rural’ location – a village close to a town and the countryside, so it is perfect for times like this (or any time). I’m pleased to say my work has picked up a bit this week, so it would be nice if that could continue.

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  8. Sorry to hear about the lack of work. I hope it picks up for you soon.
    Sounds like you have still managed to get out and about running, love the picture of the two younger ones running next to each other
    Must have been funny watching Henry realise he can eat grass. They are every cute I am wondering if I should get the boys a pet once this is all over.

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    • Thank you, I love the photo of the two kids running too! Pets are lovely to have, but of course they are a bit of work. I’ve never regretted having our guinea pigs, despite the work.
      I’m pleased to say that work has picked up a bit in the last week.

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  9. Glad you’re all able to keep up the non park park run. Your daughter doing her ballet bought tears to my eyes lol, I haven’t done the splits since I was 15 and never standing up. The guinea pig pictures in the garden. Bob has rediscovered grass and is eating it none stop. I really hope some more work comes in for you soon

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    • That’s so sweet that my daughter’s ballet brought tears to your eyes! Being able to do our non-parkrun parkrun has been really good for us all. I had a brief period of being able to do the splits at about 14 or 15 as I was very flexible from karate!

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  10. Loving the guinea pig pictures. Not very impressed about how many people are falling through loopholes in the financial help measures that have been announced – let’s hope they sort it out properly. Love how active you are all still being.

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    • Thanks very much, being active is so important to us and I really hope we don’t get the option to exercise outside taken away. Luckily my work has picked back up a bit, so hopefully I won’t be as short on money as I thought I would, but it’s not good that so many people are falling through the net.

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  11. I hope the selfish behaviour of some people don’t prevent you all from running and keeping active! I can’t imagine the limbo your son must be in right now with the cancelled exams. #project366

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  12. Lovely pictures. The weeks are getting stranger now. Nice ballet move! Henry is so cute, and its good that Boris is taking covid seriously. They do look identical! We haven’t experienced shortages here. It’s getting tough for you now, isn’t it? The magnolia look amazing

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