Project 366 2020 Week 8

It’s been a very quiet half term in our house.

Here’s our week in pictures…

Day 47 – Sunday 16th February – a 14 mile training run today. This week’s run was a lot better than last week’s. We were still feeling the after-effects of Storm Dennis, but it wasn’t too bad. Needless to say, the football was called off as usual.

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Day 48 – Monday 17th February – the start of half term, so of course I had more work than I’ve had in ages. I’m pleased to say my daughter is very nearly better, after feeling dizzy for several days. I took this photo in the morning – the after effects of Storm Dennis on the local park (there isn’t a lake in the park).

Flooding, Floods, Reflections, 365

Day 49 – Tuesday 18th February – my younger two kids like nothing better than a car journey (despite the fact that my daughter gets travel sick), so they jumped at the chance to go on a drive with their dad, who needed to go to Cambridge for work. Cambridge is a really long way away from us! It was useful to me to be able to just get on with my work. They got home at 6.45 and were at their athletics club at 7pm. I took this photo of our garden, which is starting to look quite colourful.

Garden, Flowers, Spring flowers, Daffodils, 366

Day 50 – Wednesday 19th February – half term in our house is very boring. We don’t go out anywhere because of my work, but also because teenagers aren’t always that keen on going out. They don’t even see their friends very often as they don’t live nearby – and they’re all busy doing their own thing anyway. Surprisingly, the kids are very happy with their boring half term! The ‘highlight’ of today was a trip to the school uniform shop in Gloucester for some PE kit. On the way back to the car, we nipped into Gloucester Cathedral to see this stunning light display.

Gloucester Cathedral, Lights, Art installation, 366

Day 51 – Thursday 20th February – went to Starbucks for lunch with my parents, which made a nice change. My daughter met up with a friend in the afternoon. In the evening, she went to the jumps group at their athletics club with her brother for the first time. She came home buzzing, as the coach thinks she’s got real potential. She can’t wait to go again. Apologies, the only photo I took was my window for my Instagram stories.

Window, Instagram stories, Blind, Plants, 366

Day 52 – Friday 21st February – the day started with an eight mile run, my longest midweek run so far in training for Brighton marathon. My daughter is trying to earn back some of the cost of her PE hoodie (it’s the second one she’s lost, so she had to pay for the replacement herself). Today she cleaned my car, did the hoovering and cleaned the guinea pigs. I paid her for the hoovering and car cleaning. Sorry, it’s another boring photo, but this book is absolutely brilliant! Look out for  a review in a few weeks.

The Five by Hallie Rubenhold, The Five, Book review, The Five review, Hallie Rubenhold

Day 53 – Saturday 22nd February – yes, I’m a day early with my weekly run photo, as I did my long run today –  15 miles, with a parkrun in miles 7 to 10. Strangely, even though there’s no ‘official’ storm this week, it was windier than ever this morning. It’s eight weeks until the marathon and I’ve still got plenty of work to do!

Running, Marathon training, 366

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  1. I am glad your daughter is feeling better.
    We didn’t really suffer with Storm Dennis, that really does look like a lake at the park.
    It sounds like a long day out for your kids going with their dad, good on them to making it to the althletics club.
    A boring half term sounds good to me. My two have been in and out all week and are always on the want for money. Grr!
    The light display looks so pretty.
    Good on your girl with the althletics, not so good about her losing a PE hoodie. Uniform is so expensive.
    It does seem strange that there is no official storm this weekend but it seems windier here than it did when we were in the middle of Storm Dennis x

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    • Thanks very much, it was a relief that my daughter was better after her little drama! The kids are funny the way they enjoy a long day out in the car. I would have preferred to spend more time out and about over half term with them, but they were happy!

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  2. It was certainly windy on the coast – we stood my friend’s 2.5 year old on her scooter, and the wind just sent her on her way! We were in Cambridge this week for a review stay. Glad the running’s going well still

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    • That must have been quite funny to see the little girl on the scooter! I hope you enjoyed your trip to Cambridge. I’m sure you saw more of it than my kids did – they spent over half of the day in the car!

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  3. we are the same over night last night and today our weather has been worse than with Dennis last week.
    Teenagers are happy to sleep half the day away and prefer their own four walls to spending time with their parents.
    Some good running distances this week.

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    • My kids actually enjoy spending time with their parents. They spend far more time with us than they do with their friends. It was just unfortunate that I didn’t have as much time to spend with them as I would have liked.

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  4. The book sounds interesting and we have a lot of parks looking the same here too. I hope their trip to Cambridge went well, the traffic getting across the city was horrific at the weekend. Love the cathedral light display #366

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    • The book is well worth a read! I think their trip to Cambridge went very smoothly, although they were in the car for more time than they were in Cambridge itself!

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  5. It was certainly has been windy, wet and snowy up here. Glad the running is still going well. You are amazing. Love the cathedral light show it is gorgeous. xx

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    • The cathedral light show was beautiful, although smaller than I expected. We haven’t had any snow this winter and I don’t suppose we will now. X

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  6. Well done with getting your daughter to pay for the replacement of her 2nd hoodie. I’m over in Gloucester on Wednesday, so will pop into the Cathedral as I like the look of the light display there

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    • I think the light display might be over now, but the cathedral is still interesting to visit. We popped in and out very quickly before my parking ran out, but it would have been nice to stay for longer. We’re pretty strict with making the kids replace their own things as it teaches them responsibility. We will replace things that are outgrown or worn out, but not broken or lost.

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  7. Glad your daughter is on the mend. The book sounds interesting – might give it a go if I can make some headway through my ‘to read’ list which has got out of hand.

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    • I’m sure you would enjoy this book – I’ll do a review in a few weeks. My ‘to read’ pile doesn’t get much smaller. I keep buying new ones and not getting through the old ones!

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  8. Love your run photos and good luck with all your marathon training. Glad that your daughter is feeling better. Lovely seeing the daffodils out in your garden and love the look of the light display at Gloucester Cathedral. #project366

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    • Thanks very much, it’s good to know that someone likes my run photos! It is so nice seeing the spring flowers coming back.

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  9. Hubby commutes to Cambridge daily but its only about 40 mins away (if no traffic but there usually is!)

    Oh you have so much colour in your garden already!

    My teen is quite happy with a ‘boring’ half term but youngest likes to be out and about.

    I am glad that most of the storms seem to have gone now..they made a lot of ‘lakes!’

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    • Even 40 minutes sounds like a pretty long commute to me! I think the pink flowers in our garden are particularly good this year – it’s probably down to the mild winter. It must be hard balancing the needs of Bee and a teenager. For the first time I have kids who are content to do the same thing (ie very little!), as my eldest is at work. It was always difficult balancing his needs with my daughter’s.

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  10. You always look so good and glowing (and I mean that in a good way, can’t think of another word) after your runs.
    That light display looks amazing!

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    • Thanks very much, that’s a lovely thing to say.

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  11. The weather has been so weird with bright sunshie, storms and snow! Roll on summer! Love the daffodils and first signs of spring #project366

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