Project 366 2020 Week 7

The week started with Storm Ciara and ended up with Storm Dennis.

Here’s our week in pictures…

Day 40 – Sunday 9th February – Storm Ciara arrived and it was pretty horrendous, but I still needed to run! Did 13 miles in the rain and wind. We were lucky because it got worse later in the day. My daughter met up with her panto friends, which was lovely. All nine members of the chorus were there. They are hoping to keep meeting up throughout the year. Remarkably, it’s only seven months until auditions!Running, Marathon training, Runner, Storm Ciara, 366

Day 41 – Monday 10th February – another rainy day, although it wasn’t raining early on when I took this photo. Currently Mondays are the only day of the week when I don’t exercise (apart from walking), and I’m actually quite glad of the break. It’s good to be able to start work before 10am.

Sunrise, Sky, Silhouette, 366

Day 42 – Tuesday 11th February – my daughter has a ballet exam at the end of the month. The teacher always lends them shoes for their exams so that they look smart. My daughter wants to get used to her borrowed pair before the exam, so she brought two bags of shoes home to try on!

Ballet shoes, Ballet, Daughter, 366

Day 43 – Wednesday 12th February – I went into my client’s office to work for the day. It’s always really intense as I’m proofreading the whole time. I actually got home after my husband and just before my son. When I got home, I discovered that my poor daughter had been filling ill all day at school. She is ill every single February without fail, either during half-term or just before. The daffodils are starting to come out in the garden. Daffodils are my absolute favourite flowers.

Daffodil, Garden, Flower, 366

Day 44 – Thursday 13th February – my daughter was at home ill, so I had to run my full six miles close to home. Luckily she doesn’t need too much ‘looking after’, just rest, so I was able to work. My son had probably his best ever parents’ evening (and they’re usually good anyway). Nearly all of his teachers are now predicting him 9s in his GCSEs and say he’s working really well. We’re so proud of him.

My mum gave me this – some research and memories my uncle had written about my grandad. It made interesting reading – I wish there was more of it.

Memories, Grandad, 366

Day 45 – Friday 14th February – my daughter was at home again. She keeps getting dizzy and is very wobbly on her legs. I spent far too much of the day driving around. My husband’s car went into the garage, so I had to drive him from the garage to work, then later pick him up from work to take him to the garage. My eldest cycles to and from work, but he got a puncture, so I had to pick him up.

This is a close-up of my Valentine’s Day pyjamas. My husband knows I love Cath Kidston and the cuter the design the better. He got these at an outlet store, so they were a bargain too!

The day took an unexpected turn in the evening. My daughter, who was still feeling dizzy, felt like she couldn’t control her hand properly, so I rang 111. They then referred us to the out-of-hours doctor, who was mystified as everything else seemed to be very normal (temperature, blood pressure, eyes, ears, throat etc), so referred us to the hospital in the next town. The paediatrician ran all the same checks, but as they are experts in children, she was confident it was a reaction to a mild virus. Apparently dizziness is very common for young, slim teenage girls, so we all felt reassured. It was 12am by the time we  got home.

Valentine's day, Pyjamas, Hedgehogs, Cath Kidston

Day 46 – Saturday 15th February – I still managed to wake up at 4.30, despite going to sleep at 12.45. Yes, it’s another windswept parkrun selfie. Storm Dennis arrived in time for me to run six miles with a parkrun in the middle. After parkrun, I went to the stadium to rake the sandpit while my son practised long jump.

parkrun, running, Storm Dennis

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Sarah,

    That must have been quite a disconcerting turn of events on Friday evening, when your daughter had already been ill for two days plus, but at least the paediatrician was able to provide reassurance that nothing was seriously wrong.

    “My mum gave me this – some research and memories my uncle had written about my grandad. It made interesting reading – I wish there was more of it.” There may well be more of it, if you get the older generation talking (rather than just asking them questions), and reactivate memories that they didn’t realise they had. I’ve done this, but I wish I’d done more of it, with more people.

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    • Thanks very much, it was very disconcerting, but definitely a relief there was nothing seriously wrong. She still isn’t recovered yet, so we’re hoping it’s not going to last much longer!
      I will have to talk to my mum about my grandad’s memories, although I fear he didn’t share some of them as the war was too painful. We could definitely fill in some of the gaps of his later life though.

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  2. Wow! You were brave running in the storm. We didn’t leave the house.
    That is good that the ballet teacher lends them shoes. I hope your girl found a pair that fitted perfectly.
    I have daffodils in my weekly post too. They are such cheerful flowers.
    I hope your girl is feeling better now. What a worry.
    Well done your son. You have every reason to be proud.
    Your PJ’s are so cute. x

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    • Daffodils are the best flowers! I didn’t have a choice but to run in the storm. I’d obviously much rather run in better weather, but when I’m training for a marathon I just have to run regardless. My daughter still isn’t right, but hopefully she will be better soon, thanks. X

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  3. Hope your daughter’s feeling a bit better now. Always worrying for them when they have weird symptoms. Looks like your son’s going to do brilliantly in his exams.

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    • Thanks very much. My daughter is getting better very slowly. She actually doesn’t have any symptoms other than the dizziness, but unfortunately you can’t do much when you’re dizzy! I always thought my son would do very well in his GCSEs, but it was still good to hear it from his teachers.

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  4. You are dedicated running in the storm. Well done to your son. Hope your daughter feels better soon.

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    • Thanks very much. I don’t have much choice but to run. Sunday is the only day I can do my long run and that’s the most important run of the week when marathon training. My daughter is getting better very gradually. She needs to improve so she can practise her ballet!

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  5. I can’t believe you ran in that weather. It’s been insane. Way to go. I hope your daughter is on the mend. The shoes are so lovely. I hope she got a pair to fit. The daffodils are a sign of spring xx

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    • It wasn’t the nicest weather to run it, but I have actually run in worse! My daughter finally seems to be on the mend now, thanks. The very first pair of shoes she tried on was a perfect fit, but she checked all the others too just in case! x

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  6. How worrying that must have been for you with your daughter on Friday – hope that she is now feeling much better. I’m so impressed that you still get out for a run in the stormy weather. Love the fabric on your new pyjamas and how interesting to have those memories of your grandad written down. My husband’s great-grandmother wrote down some of her memories before she died and they are such an amazing thing to have. #project365

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    • She’s all recovered now, thank you, but it was quite scary at the time! My Grandad’s memories are so interesting, and my uncle has also tracked his ancestors through the census, which is very interesting too. How lovely to have your husband’s great-grandmother’s memories!

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  7. You’re a legend going out running in both storms. Sorry that you’ve had some drama with your daughter but glad it’s only a mild virus. Hope the ballet exam goes well #366

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    • Thanks very much, you know that nothing stops me running! It was such a relief that my daughter only had a mild virus after that drama. Thank goodness she is well enough to practise her ballet now.

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  8. What a week for you Sarah, must have been so worrying seeing your daughter so poorly and glad she is on the mend now. Wow to be predicted 9’s is absolutely amazing for your son, and I am very impressed you did that huge run in the storm x

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    • Thanks very much, it was rather a worry! We always knew my son had it in him to get 9s, he just needed to believe in himself and prove it. I think he forgot for a while how clever he is, but he’s remembered now and the teachers have seen a really positive change in him. x

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  9. quite right to get your daughter checked out, glad it was nothing serious.
    a nuisance having to play chauffeur.
    did not realise they borrowed shoes for exams

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    • We were very relieved it was nothing serious for my daughter and luckily she was back to normal by half term. I don’t know whether it’s normal to borrow ballet shoes for exams, but they always do it at my daughter’s ballet school.

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  10. Wow well done you for running in that weather! I was too scared to go into the garden incase I got blown away!!!

    So good of them to lend out the ballet shoes. Fab news about the parents evening and predicted grades.

    That must of been so scary with your daughter but glad it wasn’t anything too serious and hope she’s feeling better now

    Post a Reply
    • She’s fully recovered now, thank goodness. She does have a tendency to have funny symptoms when she’s ill! I’m not sure why they lend out the ballet shoes – I just don’t think they want girls doing their exams in scruffy shoes. I’m slightly concerned that my daughter may have damaged her borrowed shoes!

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  11. You’re a super trooper to run in this weather. Sorry to hear about your daughter’s dizziness. Friday visit to the hospital sounds worrying. The hedgehogs’ pattern is very cute.

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    • The hospital visit was a bit dramatic. It was quite surreal to be going to the hospital at bedtime. I love the hedgehog pattern, but my eldest said ‘They’re not even guinea pigs!’.

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  12. Woah, you jogged in a storm?! So sweet of your daughter to meet her panto friends. Good luck for her auditions! The tree looks amazing in the picture with the sky behind it. Congrats to the great remarks of your son. Your uncle’s work looks very interesting, from however much I can read from the picture. Cute pajama. I hope your daughter’s feeling better now

    Post a Reply
    • Thank you! My daughter is all better now, thank goodness. It was lovely for her to meet her panto friends. I literally run in all weathers.

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  13. I didn’t run during the storms but I did have to do a lot of driving and of course Bob got his walks in between the showers. So sorry to hear your daughter has been so unwell, it must have been quite frightening for you all. 9’s thats a fab prediction and they usually do better than the predictions. I’ve bought a book from the Wors ‘My Grandparents’ so we can write things down now for our grand daughter, for her to discover at a later date

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    • My daughter’s illness was scary for a little while. I think I would have been more worried about driving in the storm than running in it. What a good idea to start preserving the memories for your granddaughter. It’s sad that the memories of my grandparents are almost lost, so it’s great that my uncle has preserved some for us all.

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      • In the year before my Gran died, I started writing down the things she told me about her life

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  14. That daffodil is early! I’m seeing a few now but we had a lot of sleet this week so hope the cold hasn’t ruined them. My great uncle is a keen family historian and we have discovered lots of interesting facts. #project366

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