Project 366 2020 Week 6

February is well and truly here and the days are getting longer and lighter.

Here’s our week in pictures…

Day 33 – Sunday 2nd February – an 11 mile marathon training run today. That concludes a week of five runs, totalling 30 miles. I really enjoy marathon training when I get up to running five times a week. My son couldn’t play football today because of shin splints, but my husband still had to go, as he is the coach. The team was at full stretch today with kids away for various reasons. It puts a lot of pressure on the other team members and the coaches. Coaching kids’ sport is a thankless task!

Running, Runner, Marathon training, 365

Day 34 – Monday 3rd February – I’ve got a bit more work this week, thank goodness. Monday evenings are always really busy for us. My daughter helps out at Beavers and she goes from Beavers to ballet to Scouts – and of course I have to take her and pick her. I’m afraid the photo is of trainers again. When training for a marathon, it’s sensible to break in two pairs of trainers at the same time, so that you end up with a pair which isn’t too new or too old in time for the big day. My second pair arrived today, so this is both of my new pairs.

Trainers, Running shoes, New trainers, 365

Day 35 – Tuesday 4th February – We had some good news from the physio today – my son should be OK to compete in long jump, despite his shin splints, but shouldn’t play football for a while yet. I can’t tell you how happy this makes me! The mornings and evenings are getting lighter and spring is gradually returning to the garden. I don’t know what these pink flowers are, but as we don’t have snowdrops or crocuses in the garden, they are always out first.

Flower, Pink flower, Garden, 366

Day 36 – Wednesday 5th February – a sunny day with a real feeling of spring in the air. After school, I took my son to find out about work experience in the NHS, as he wants to be a doctor. To get accepted onto a medical degree, kids have to have done relevant work experience to show their commitment.

Countryside, Winter, Sky, 365

Day 37 – Thursday 6th February – a six mile run before work, then a really hectic morning of work. As you can imagine, trying to train for a marathon and work isn’t always easy. It felt like spring again today. These crocuses are opposite our old house, which is just round the corner from where we live now. I still walk that way most days.

Crocuses, Flowers, spring, 366

Day 38 – Friday 7th February – I’m cheating slightly this with one as my husband took it, but it was too beautiful not to share. He was away working in Brighton and went for a run along the seafront – just as we will be doing in 10 weeks’ time! (You can see another beautiful Brighton sunrise photo on my Silent Sunday post here.) I went for a seven mile run at home before a busy day of work. In the evening, my eldest, my dad and I went to a quiz at my younger son’s school. We came a respectable ninth out of 30.

Sunrise, Sea, Brighton, 366

Day 39 – Saturday 8th February – an early start to the day with some parkrun tourism in Worcester, followed by a regional indoor athletics championship in Birmingham for my son. He got a huge triple jump PB, and a silver medal, but it wasn’t his day for long jump.

Triple jump, Son, Athletics, Athlete, 366

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Good going for your son’s triple jump. I onow what you mean about coaching. Just getting parwnts and kids to commit fully to matches or teaining when they have so many other things going on is so hard. Frustrating for those who are there week in week out.

    I’m debating brighton at Easter although might stay elseqhere and do a day teip in by teain as the hotels with parking that doesnt cost a fortune are few and far between.

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    • We were so pleased with my son’s triple jump, thanks. Dealing with kids’ sport is such hard work! Sadly not all families prioritise it in the same way and it’s unfair on those who put it first and work so hard to keep it running.
      We’ve got ourselves a reasonably priced hotel for Brighton, but I think we will get the train down as it’s a long drive back and we will be much too tired to drive safely.

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  2. It sounds like the matathon training is going well. That is interesting to read about the trainers.
    Fantastic news about your son being able to compete in the long jump.
    I have noticed a bit more colour in my garden. It does feel like spring is nearly here. What pretty flowers. x

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    • We’re so pleased my son can do his long jump and we will aim to get him back to football in March.
      It’s so nice to see colour coming back to the garden and the lighter mornings and evenings.

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  3. Glad that you’re enjoying the marathon training. The mornings are much lighter now, a few weeks make such a difference. I love crocuses, we have quite a lot of them in the garden too.
    Good news about your son.
    What a beautiful image from Brighton, I see why you would want to show it.

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    • Thanks very much. We’re so pleased that my son can do his long jump.
      The lighter mornings are so much more pleasant!

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  4. Your Monday evenings sound quite similar to what our Friday afternoons used to be like with ballet and Girls’ Brigade. It’s a bit easier now that Sophie’s dance classes are on a Saturday. Love those pretty pink flowers, I have no idea what they are either. So glad that your son is able to compete in long jump again and a huge well done to him on his PB in triple jump. Good luck to your son for getting work experience for medical school. Thursday looks like it was a beautiful day for a run and how lovely to see the crocuses popping up. We have the first ones appearing around us now and I love seeing them. #project366

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    • Thanks very much, my son is so happy that he can compete in long jump again and was very happy with his triple jump PB. Busy evenings are a bit of a nightmare, aren’t they? Saturday ballet classes must make life a bit easier.

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  5. great news that he can join in with the long jumps but shame about the football
    Not to many flowers up round here as of yet.
    What a lovely sun set
    How lovely of your daughter to give up time for beavers before she goes on to her own things for the evening.

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    • My son is just happy he can jump! He will gradually build up to doing football again. My daughter is volunteering at Beavers for her D of E bronze, but is enjoying it so much she intends to keep going afterwards. Both of my boys volunteered at Beavers too.

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  6. That is great news about your son’s triple jump. I know what you mean about coaching, it’s not easy at all and so much going on. We don’t have flowers up here yet, so it is pretty down there and what a gorgeous sunset x

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    • I think your husband is amazing with his coaching. My husband only does it twice a week and even that takes its toll.
      We’re so pleased with my son’s triple jump. X

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    • Thanks very much, we were all very pleased with my son’s PB. He just wants to get back to his best with long jump now, but it may take a while. I try not to think too much about the cost of the trainers! I’m getting through three pairs a year now. I remember when I didn’t run much and a pair used to last me two years.

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  7. Great that you son can compete and well done on the PB! That is fab.

    Thats a lot of training and it sounds like it is going well! You must get through a lot of trainers!

    That seafront picture is lovely.

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    • Thanks very much. The seafront photo is amazing, isn’t it? Not sure how much I will enjoy it when I’m running the marathon! We’re so proud of my son for the PB. I get through three pairs of trainers a year now.

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  8. Aww I hope your son gets better. I agree, coaching is a tiresome job which can be thankless. Cool shoes. I love the pink flowers! OoOOOO a fellow doctor! The seafront looks beautiful. Hurray for your son!

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    • My son is a lot better now, thanks. I’m hoping it can continue! The seafront is so beautiful, but not sure how much I will appreciate it when I’m running a marathon.

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