Project 366 2020 Week 5

January is over at last! I’m looking forward to the mornings and evenings getting lighter and some signs of spring.

Here’s our week in pictures…

Day 26 – Sunday 26th January – started the day with a 10 mile run, which is just a mile further than I should be on for my long run for week 3 of marathon training. I’m pleased to say I like this photo much better than last week’s! My son’s football team finally had a game go ahead (although the pitch was still in a horrendous state). By some miracle, they won 3-2. We all got drenched and I had the pleasure of filming it for GCSE PE.

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Day 27 – Monday 27th January – work picked up a bit today (how often do I say that?!). Literally the only photo I took was a window for my Instagram stories. I really must try harder!

Window, Plants, Blinds, Instagram stories, 365

Day 28 – Tuesday 28th January – I started the day with a five mile run. My son finished school early so they can set up for the 6th form open evening, which we went to in the evening. He definitely wants to stay at his own school for 6th form. It is such a good school. He has decided that he doesn’t want to go to the final open evening we had planned for next week. I was pleased to see some early signs of spring in the garden.

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Day 29 – Wednesday 29th January – my eldest went away for a residential conference as part of his apprenticeship. I found myself stuck indoors more than I would like as my body conditioning for my marathon training doesn’t really leave me time for a walk in the morning, then I had to wait in for a delivery in the afternoon. I’m not nice to know if I can’t get outside!

The good news is that the delivery was this new bedding and curtains. Every year we sort out one room in the house and this year it’s finally the turn of our bedroom. The whole house had a lick of paint and a new carpet when we moved in, but nothing else has been done to our bedroom. We still have the boys’ old wardrobes from the old house that we had as a ‘temporary’ measure – we’ve actually had them longer than the boys did.

Bedroom, Bedding, Curtains, 365

Day 30 – Thursday 30th January – my younger son had the option to wear a suit to school today. It’s useful if you’ve got a big brother to borrow from! We were all upset when he came from his athletics club with shin splints again. He has been back doing sport for only three weeks. It means he will miss his next indoor competition next week and won’t have time to train properly for the national competition in three weeks.

Son, Suit, School, 365

Day 31 – Friday 31st January – I have really increased the distances with my marathon training this week and I’m up to five runs a week. These are my totals for January – exactly 100 miles and 19 runs (or 20, as 1st January was actually two parkruns!).

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Day 32 – Saturday 1st February – today I made the ultimate sacrifice for my marathon training – slowing down my parkrun! As you know, I love to run parkrun fast, but with the miles I will be doing over the next few weeks it just isn’t safe or sensible. I have to keep my eyes on the main goal, which is staying free of injury for the marathon. This is a photo of my new trainers for the marathon with my old trainers. They are actually identical!

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. You can tell I’ve been living on a fault line too long because I saw the photo of your bedroom and thought, “ they’ve got a picture over their bed, what if there’s an earthquake?!”.

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    • That is hilarious! I never would have considered earthquakes, it’s definitely not an issue for us!

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      • Nothing heavy Or breakable above beds for us, and we keep flashlights in our bedside cabinets … we’ve got earthquake kits in our house and car and have annual earthquake drills at my work and the kids’ school! But I’ve actually only felt one earthquake in the 15 years we’ve been here (and at the time I thought it was Jon slamming the back door too hard!).

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        • Wow, that’s very well prepared! (Also very funny about Jon and the door.)

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  2. Sarah,

    I’m intrigued by the way that your elder son moved to a grammar school for the sixth form, and your younger son has been encouraged to consider the possibility of moving to a different grammar school. I don’t remember any other parent bloggers writing about similar arrangements for their kids — so perhaps these arrangements are confined to Gloucestershire? (If some or all sixth-formers in an area went to sixth-form colleges, that would be a different matter, of course.)
    Does your younger son have to achieve good grades (no problem, surely!) to be guaranteed a place in the sixth form at his current grammar school?
    When I was at Gradgrind Grammar, some of us occasionally grumbled about the downsides of being at that school, but I doubt that many of us would have wanted to move away — we knew that, in general, we were getting a good education. We certainly didn’t have to compete with kids from elsewhere for sixth-form places.

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    • I don’t know if it’s just a Gloucestershire thing to move schools for sixth form, but there’s certainly a lot of movement between the grammar schools in Gloucestershire for 6th form. It wasn’t always like that – I remember a friend of mine moving to grammar school for 6th form. He was the only one to move and he hated it!
      My younger son needs pretty good grades to stay, but his mocks were well above where he needs to be, so he should be fine.

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  3. I have noticed it staying a little lighter on an evening. Hooray!
    I’m glad you managed to film the football match for the PE GCSE. It must be a weight off your mind. It sounds like our son has made his mind up about 6th form.
    I love the curtains and the bedding. Good luck with sorting your bedroom.
    Oh no! So sorry about the shin splints. What bad luck for your son.

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    • It’s so good to see the lighter evenings. I’m gutted about my son getting shin splints again and really hope he can recover properly this time. It’s a relief to have least got his GCSE filming done.

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  4. Love the stripy curtains, looking good. Our whole house needs decorating. Only the living room was ever done and that’s very faded now. The upstairs bathroom still needs a blind and splashback. The rest of the house is still magnolia it was painted originally.

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    • Thank you! That must be a daunting prospect having to decorate the whole house. We did our whole house in magnolia in the space of a few days when we moved in, because it was covered in floral wallpaper! We’ve been updating it bit by bit ever since.

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  5. We used to do a room a year, but I must admit I’ve lost the impetus (and I don’t think I’d have the money to pay to have much done). I could do with restarting though as there’s a lot to do here. Glad you got the GCSE filming done, but how disappointing about your son’s injury.

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    • We’re gutted about my son’s injury. He could really do with a proper break from injury now. Doing a room a year has worked well for us, but it’s totally driven by my husband. I don’t have the motivation or the vision for it.

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  6. Sounds like the marathon training is going well!

    Your son looks very smart with his suit on..sorry to hear about the injury!

    Love the bedding and curtains. My bedroom needs decorating…I took the wallpaper off one of the walls some time ago and have yet to put some back up!

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    • We’re so disappointed that my son is injured again. It’s really frustrating for him. He’s going to see a physio this time, so hopefully that will help.
      Good luck with sorting out your wallpaper! My husband has now started painting our room, but we need to remove the wardrobes before he can do much more, which will be a nightmare job!

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  7. Lovely to see signs of spring in the garden and I love the new bedding and curtains. Sorry to hear about your son having shin splints, hope he is recovered soon. Well done on all the running for January – 100 miles is amazing. Love that your new running trainers are identical to your old ones – they’re obviously good ones for running in! #project366

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    • Thanks very much. I really hope my son has recovered soon – the past few months have been hard for him. I always buy the same style of trainers, but I don’t usually get the same colour again, it’s just luck of the draw as to what is available in my size!

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  8. I do love your shoe pictures. There are no signs of spring here yet. Sorry to hear about your son. Shin Splints are supposed to be sore. I hope they ease up soon. Way to go on the running that is awesome xx

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    • Thanks very much. Your spring always seems to be a few weeks behind ours. My son is going to see a physio this week, so hopefully he will get some exercises to help him recover and then stay injury-free. x

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    • The shin splints have been a nightmare for the past couple of months. They keep going away, then coming back! Thanks very much, I didn’t show you the awful wardrobes or the ridiculous pile of books by my bed! I do love pandas. My collection of cuddly toys gradually grows, then it gets culled and then I start growing it again!

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  9. Shin splints sound very painful. Your son must be gutted. He had so many sport-related injuries in the last couple of years.
    Good luck with your marathon training!
    The signs of spring are everywhere, it really gladdens my heart to see flowers in the garden.
    Stripes look good on bed, and love those cute cushions with seagulls and beach huts, they make me think of Cornwall.

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    • Thanks very much. Sport is so up and down for my son. He has been plagued with injury for a while now. It’s so lovely seeing signs of spring, isn’t it?
      It’s funny you should say that about the cushions reminding you of Cornwall. My husband got them for me for my birthday because they’d had them at a holiday house we’d stayed at in Padstow and I loved them. It turns out they were from John Lewis, not some cute Cornish gift shop!

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  10. sad that he will miss his training sessions for his indoor championships.
    I find it difficult to comprehend how I can walk more that you run in a month, I never do more than 6-7 miles in a day, though aiming to up that with extra indoor cycling
    Love your giraffe picture and also spot a guinea pig, I take it that is a stuffed one?

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    • Six to seven miles walking in a day is a lot! When I’m not training, I run four times a week, totalling 19 miles, but it’s much higher now I’m training for a marathon. I also walk a lot too – at least once a day and often two or three times a day. I don’t add up my walking mileage, but when I’m not training, I would walk further than I run in a week.
      Yes, it’s definitely a toy guinea pig! I love my giraffe picture too – we got it when we only had two kids. My husband isn’t so keen on it because he would like one with three baby giraffes!

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  11. Well done on getting the GCSE filming down esp with the news of shin splints. It must be hard to run slowly when you’re used to running fast, but sensible

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    • Thanks very much. The GCSE filming has been challenging with so many injuries over the last few months. It’s definitely the right thing to run a bit slower now to avoid injury and exhaustion and to get my pace right for the marathon.

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  12. It is definitely getting a little lighter in the evening. You are doing really well with your running. I love hearing your progress. Sorry about the shin splints for your son. Not fun.

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    • Thanks very much, no doubt you will get to read a lot more about my running progress over the next couple of months! The shin splints are a nightmare for my son, but we’re hoping he might have turned a corner with them now.

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  13. I love new shoes, although mine don’t get worn out so quickly with such amazing running! Your son looks very smart in his borrowed suit #project366

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    • Thank you! He looked lovely in the suit. I was remembering earlier that a pair of running trainers used to last me for two years. Now I get through about three pairs a year!

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  14. Great exercise of you & your son! Nice curtains and I love the little pandas on your bed. 100 miles in a month; amazing! Hopefully next month is as successful or more. Cool joggers

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    • Thanks very much. I think I will definitely be running more than 100 miles in February. I love my pandas too!

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