Project 366 2020 Weeks 1 and 2

Happy new year and welcome to 2020 and Project 366.  This is my seventh year of sharing a photo every day and my second time doing a 366 rather than a 365.

Here’s the first few days of 2020 in pictures…

Day 1 – Wednesday 1st January – we started the day with a new year’s double parkrun. My daughter decided to join us and also decided that we shouldn’t run at the more local events, so we had to travel a bit to get to Stonehouse. The first parkrun of the day was my 200th parkrun of all time, so I adapted my T-shirt especially.

parkrun, double parkrun, 200th parkrun, running

Day 2 – Thursday 2nd January – back to work for my husband and son. I did a bit of work myself too, to ease me back in. The younger kids did homework and revision.

You know how social media likes to give you a round-up of your year? The Nectar app is doing it too. Apparently I’m the number one buyer at my local Sainsbury’s of multipacks of own brand orange juice, I shopped there 189 times in 2019 (putting me in the top 1% of shoppers at the store) and I bought 209 items of fruit and veg. These are my top products! I’m genuinely surprised I wasn’t the number one buyer of Green & Blacks Maya Gold.

Nectar app, Sainsburys shopping, 365

Day 3 – Friday 3rd January – my daughter’s penultimate day at panto, and only one performance today. She still struggles with the single French plait and often makes me take a photo of it when we get out of the car, so she can check it.

Daughter, Hair, French plait, 365, Panto

Day 4 – Saturday 4th January – the last day of panto! This is always a sad day for my daughter and this year was no exception. She’s been living in a panto bubble for the last eight weeks and going back to normal life is hard. The girls in her chorus got to watch the other team perform, before performing themselves for the final time. We went to see the show and loved every minute of it.

As it was a sunny day, my husband, younger son and I went for a walk in Tewkesbury in the afternoon.

Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, River, 365

Day 5 – Sunday 5th January – Christmas is over! I will never come to terms with the modern obsession with putting Christmas trees up early and I always hate taking it down, because we’re just left with endless long, dark, cold winter (I hate winter). We had a fair few tears about panto from my daughter. It’s always really hard when it’s over because it has literally been her life for eight weeks. The girls all got together to go ice skating, which was really lovely and helped ease them back into real life.

Christmas tree, Christmas is over, 365

Day 6 – Monday 6th January – the kids went back to school and my son was straight into his GCSE mocks. I must say the peace at home was quite nice. It’s good to have the headspace for work. My new trail running shoes arrived. I’ve run so many muddy parkruns lately, that I thought it was time to invest in some more suitable shoes. I got these with my Christmas money from my mum. I won’t generally be wearing them with my jeans or these particular socks…

Running shoes, Trail shoes, Trainers, 365

Day 7 – Tuesday 7th January – the official start of my training for Brighton marathon 2020, although I didn’t run any further than usual. With the two grown men out in the evening, my daughter at three dance classes and my son revising for his mocks, I had more time than usual to read. This is a brilliant book and I already think it will make my list of top five reads for 2020.

Big Sky, Big Sky by Kate Atkinson, Book review, Kate Atkinson

Day 8 – Wednesday 8th January – the start of marathon training also means a return to body conditioning once a week (at home, with the aid of the internet). It is shocking how bad my core strength is.

Weights, Dumbells, 365, Body conditioning

Day 9 – Thursday 9th January – an easier day for my son with just one mock exam. That of course meant a harder day for me, as I had to take him in late and pick him up early, which isn’t ideal when you’re trying to work! The only photo I took was of my window for my Instagram stories (it’s my thing to post one of these windows every morning, strangely there are people who look out for them every day!).

Window, Instagram, 365

Day 10 – Friday 10th January – another tough day for my son, with three mocks. This was his hardest day, as it included his English exam, which requires a lot of writing and a lot of knowledge of the texts. As you can see from this photo, it rained rather a lot yesterday (there is no river or lake there, it’s just flood water).

flooding, floods, 365

Day 11 – Saturday 11th January – I realised that today was six years to the day since we moved into our house. In some ways, it feels like a long time. We didn’t have a single teenager then, now we’ve got three of them! The only picture I’ve got for today is a standard crazed parkrun face.

parkrun, runner, selfie, 365

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Well done with the double park run.
    I saw the Nectar app doing the round up of the most bought things. I only shopped there once there last year. Oops. Those Nakd bars are so good.
    Your daughter is so good at doing her own hair. I can’t even do that on someone else’s hair. lol Bless her. It must be hard when the panto ends.
    Good luck with the marathon training and your son with his mocks. x

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    • Thank you! My daughter is so good at doing her own hair. Luckily now she’s back at school she’s hardly had time to think about panto. X

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  2. Well done on the 200 races. I only shopped in JS 112 times. It’s my favourite store but I tend to shop at Morrisons more because I can get there and back on Friday lunchtimes. Sainsbury’s is always too busy/bit too far. My only figure was #17 at buying a posh chocolate milkshake!

    Hope your son’s mocks go ok.

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    • Thanks very much. The mocks seem to have gone well so far, but we will know for sure when we see the results! I shop at Sainsbury’s because it’s my nearest supermarket, although we get our main shop online from Tesco.

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  3. Happy New Year. I am with you on January it always makes me feel so depressed! Hopefully the weather will improve and we will get more sun. Sorry to hear about the Panto it must be really hard when its been all consuming! Congratulations on signing up to the marathon, look forward to seeing how many miles you run this year x

    Post a Reply
    • Happy new year! It’s really hard when panto ends, but my daughter has bounced back pretty well this time as she doesn’t have time to think about it with school. I’m looking forward to getting stuck into my marathon training again. X

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  4. So much water and mud around – not surprised you needed your new running shoes. I’ve read and enjoyed Big Sky too. I do love Kate Atkinson’s books.

    Post a Reply
    • The water and mud have been crazy lately. I can’t remember my son playing a single football match since the start of November. Kate Atkinson is a brilliant author.

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  5. Big well done on the double parkrun! Big Sky had some very good reviews, I’m not surprised you’re enjoying it.
    I don’t often shop at Sainsbury’s, as it’s rather far to walk to, and I prefer to order online from Ocado, but I do like some of their own ranges, and always buy paperbacks when I visit the store.
    New shoes look pretty. Hope your daughter will soon find a new project to enjoy.
    Happy new year to you!

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    • Happy new year! We loved our double parkrun. Big Sky is a fantastic read. We actually do our main shop online at Tesco, but Sainsbury’s is my closest supermarket, so I am forever popping in! I buy a fair few books there too.

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  6. Way to go on the double park run. Your daughter is amazing at doing her own. I can imagine it is hard for her once the panto ends. It takes up so much of her time. Good luck with the marathon training xx

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    • Thanks very much, we loved our double parkrun! I’m good pleased to say that my daughter bounced back pretty quickly from her panto sadness. X

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  7. wow two park runs in one day – impressive. What have you against the local one?
    Amazing how quick the time seems to go, six years in the house means it will be getting the way you want it to be.
    Dont think apart from this house I have ever stayed 6 yrs in one house in my entire life.
    Her plaits are great and must be difficult to do on yourself when you cant see.
    Love your new trainers,

    Post a Reply
    • Thanks very much. I haven’t got anything against the local parkrun, I love it, but my daughter thought it would be more exciting to do a different one. Then she realised it wasn’t! We were in our last house over six years, plus both of my childhood homes (although the first one for only seven years), but I’ve also lived in lots of shared houses for a year or two.

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  8. Well done on the 200th parkrun, I won’t be running any when I return to the UK that’s for sure. It must be such a low for your daughter after the panto, but I guess you’re pleased you don’t have so much running around today, however GCSE mocks sound like they’re filling the gaps

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    • Thanks very much. Never say never about parkrun! It’s surprising how many people take part who never thought they would. Luckily my daughter recovered from panto once she went back to school. Rushing around for panto has been replaced by rushing around for ballet. She’s got an exam next month, so is having two extra classes a week!

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    • Thanks very much. It is very sad when panto is over as it is such a huge part of our lives. The marathon training doesn’t feel very different from normal running yet, but it will pick up in the next week or two.

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  9. Oh I haven’t tried the Maya Gold. Will have to get hold of some!

    Aww it must be hard after 8 weeks of doing the panto…hopefully she’s settled back into ‘normal’ life now!

    Good luck to your son with his mocks.

    Post a Reply
    • Maya Gold is delicious! It’s orange and spices. It’s really hard once panto is over, but I’m pleased to say my daughter has settled back into school life now. Thanks very much, the mocks have just finished and the first few results look good!!

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  10. Woah, 200th! Congrats! Number one buyer? Cool. Do you get something out of being No.1 buyer?
    Sounds tough for your daughter experiencing a complete change in routine, I can relate.
    Makes sense to get new shoes since you seem to be going to a parkrun every day! Love the shoes and socks.

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    • Thanks very much for loving my parkrun photo! I didn’t get anything for being number one buyer, other than a good laugh. Luckily mu daughter adjusted back to normal life pretty quickly, after a couple of days of feeling down.

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  11. Well done on the double park run. I am hoping to start doing one in September when our routine changes. I like your new trainers too. My daughter makes me take photos when she does her hair too, so she can perfect it.


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    • Thanks very much. I’m sure you will enjoy parkrun! It’s good to know I’m not the only one who has to take photos of her daughter’s hair!

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  12. 200 park runs is such an achievement! I was thrilled by the info in my Nectar app but is was also a little scary how much information they can collect. I hope you son’s mocks went well, I have been in invigilating so have seen it from the other side #project366

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