Project 366 2020 Week 4

It’s been a busy week with extra rushing around.

Here’s our week in pictures…

Day 19 – Sunday 19th January – week two of marathon training was completed with a nine mile run. I have a tradition of sharing my Sunday long run photos on Instagram and often here too. My husband took this photo – and I hate it! I’ve never understood when people say ‘I nearly didn’t post this photo because… ‘, but with this one, I understood. I just look so old in it. But I braved it, otherwise I would be a hypocrite for telling people not to worry about their appearance. Genuinely, my appearance is something which doesn’t bother me at all, so it was a shock to me to be bothered by this photo.

Marathon training, Running, Runner,365

Day 20 – Monday 20th January – a very cold day, which looked pretty, and it was nice to have no rain for a change. It’s too cold for me though.

Winter, Cold day, Countryside, 365

Day 21 – Tuesday 21st January – another cold day and I had very little work. The frost in my garden didn’t melt all day – this was taken at 1pm.

Garden, Frost, Winter, 365

Day 22 – Wednesday 22nd January – I literally had no work, which isn’t good. My son had his first school football match of the season, so I went along to watch. It was a fairly comfortable victory, which hopefully bodes well for the rest of the season. After school, I took my daughter to pick up her new glasses, because I snapped her others in half a couple of weeks ago. Remarkably, they had held with superglue for all this time. The only photo I took was my window for Instagram stories – then I forgot to post it! I didn’t even realise until the evening.

Window, Plant, Instagram stories, 365

Day 23 – Thursday 23rd January – my husband and I were lucky enough to go to a preview screening of the next series of This Country in Cirencester. There were nearly 25,000 applications for just a few hundred tickets. In the evening, I took my younger son to a 6th form open evening at his sister’s school (where my eldest went for 6th form). He wants to stay at his own school, but the school is encouraging them to look around others too. I think his sister’s school would make a very good second choice for him.

This Country preview screening, Bingham Hall, Cirencester, 365

Day 24 – Friday 24th January – it’s not just me training for a marathon this year, it’s my husband too. He has taken to making his own notes on my training plan, which I’m not that happy about. I may have to print off his own version!

Marathon training, Running, Training plan, 365

Day 25 – Saturday 25th January – it looks like we’ve got a fairly quiet weekend ahead. My daughter joined us for our home parkrun for the first time this year (she prefers it when we do different ones) and my son went to do a bit of long jump training. He wants to improve his distance at his next indoor competition.

daughter, running, runner, parkrun, 365

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Exciting about the This Country preview. Love that show although haven’t seen all of them. It’s always a surprise when there’s a photo that doesn’t look like us. They’re the ones that freak me out, when they seem to look so different to how I see myself in the mirror!

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    • The This Country preview was amazing! You should definitely catch up in your missed episodes before the next series. The photo was a real surprise – that’s definitely not how I see myself in the mirror.

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  2. Pictures of me are not shared often, the camera tells me I am getting old. my head says I am not…
    Nice she came to the home park run with you.
    I think the chart will get muddled with two of you using the same one.

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    • Exactly that – in my head I’m not getting old, but this photo tells a different story. I look at it and I think I’m the spitting image of my Nana, just without that short, white, curly hair!
      I can see which writing on the plan is my husband’s, so I know to ignore it, but it’s still a distraction.

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  3. Aww! Good on you for sharing that first photo. I think you look great. You look like someone who’s just ran more than I could ever imagine myself running!
    It has been really cold this past week but at least the sun has been shining! We had a frosty day too on Tuesday but nothing compared to what you had! Eek!
    Eesh! That is shocking your hubby has taken over your training plan. Get him his own printed. hehehe

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    • Thanks very much for being nice about my photo! I think we are in for another milder week and more rain after last week’s frost. My husband definitely needs his own training plan to write on!

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  4. I don’t share pictures of myself very often. I dint think you look old in this photo at all. Sounds like the training is going well. Hope work picks up for you? I’m only just working on my first paid job of this year now. Ha ha it would annoy me if my husband did that too!

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    • I kind of have to share pictures of me because I don’t share pictures of myself on the blog, otherwise it would just be photos of my garden and guinea pigs all the time! My husband definitely needs his own plan printing off – it’s very distracting having his scrawl on there!

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  5. Glad the training is going well and you all seem fit and well at the moment. I’ve been quieter the first few weeks of January, but starting to pick up now.

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    • Glad to hear your work is starting to pick up now, hopefully mine will too. This last week has been my quietest so far – and it wasn’t exactly busy before that!

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  6. Good luck with all your marathon training Sarah and good luck to your son with improving his long jump distance too. I don’t think you look old in that first photo – I’m sure if I had a photo taken after a nine-mile run, I’d look a lot worse than that (given that I usually resemble a tomato after attempting a short run!) Well done for getting preview tickets for This Country. #WotW

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    • Thanks very much. We were so lucky to get This Country tickets! Thanks for being nice about my photo too. I look like a tomato when I run in summer, but that’s not a problem in winter. Now my son has made it through his first competition, he’s really determined to keep improving.

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  7. That is such a lovely photo of you. I rarely share photos of me. I am usually the one taking them. Good luck with the marathon training, you are doing amazing. Good luck to your son too. And awesome winning those tickets xx

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    • Thanks very much. I don’t much like sharing photos of myself, but as I don’t share photos of the kids, there’s only really me! The marathon training is going well so far, thanks. x

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  8. I think it’s a fab photo of you after a run, I didn’t dare post a picture of me after the golf yesterday, wind swept, wet and out of breath from trying to keep up. Hope work picks up for you soon. I’ve had my first paid post offered for ages it’s for a pair of gloves with a link to magnetic earrings. hey ho. I’ve not heard of the The Country, glad you enjoyed the preview screening

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    • Thanks very much, that’s very nice of you to say so! Gloves and magnetic earrings sound like a strange combination. You need to look up This Country on iPlayer when you get back to the UK, it is hilarious!

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    • This Country is a comedy set in the Cotswolds. It’s on iPlayer – you definitely need to watch it! It’s not great when work is quiet. I keep thinking/ hoping it will pick up soon.

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  9. The cold weather has certainly been a change from all that rain but it is still a bit of a shock to the system! I’d love to see a live show, not been anywhere in ages #project366

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    • The cold definitely was a bit of a shock – I need to build up to it gradually! We see a fair few live shows of one sort or another and I always enjoy them.

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  10. I think it’s a lovely photo, but I will also say that the direct sunlight is rarely flattering, as it seems to highlight what we perceive as our “faults”. I’d rather see a natural-looking person, with laughter lines than someone who’s had fillers and looks identical to dozens of the others who went through the same cosmetic procedure.
    Like Mary, I have no idea what This Country is.
    Hope the work picks up for you soon.

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    • Thank you for your kind comments about the photo. I would much rather see someone looking natural too, but probably the light just highlighted a bit too much in this photo! This Country is a very funny BBC sitcom set in the Cotswolds, it’s well worth a watch!

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  11. It’s a picture of you! & a cute one; that’s important. Woah, the frost looks amazing! How did the glasses break?
    So lucky for you both to be chosen. Wow, that’s a very intricate and meticulous marathon plan. What do you do in body conditioning?

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    • The glasses literally snapped in half, I have no idea how! Body conditioning is planks, lunges, squats etc, following routines I’ve found online. It’s hard!

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  12. I absolutely hate having my photo taken as I am guess I am insecure about my looks…just look weird in photos.

    You have had some frosty mornings…we haven’t been so bad here…but the cold does make more some pretty mornings!

    Good luck with the marathon training!

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    • Thanks very much, the marathon training is going well so far! I think a lot of people dislike having their photo taken. I don’t like having ‘proper’ photos taken, in case I don’t look as nice as I’d hoped. Running photos are good because nobody would expect me to look nice, so that’s fine!

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  13. That’s a lovely pic of you. I am so impressed with your training for the marathon, it’s very inspiring. #project365

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