Project 365 2019 Week 52

Christmas has been and gone and we are at the end of another year (my SIXTH of doing Project 365!).

Here’s our week (and a bit) in pictures…

Day 356 – Sunday 22nd December – regular readers will know we are not a crafty family in the slightest, but I’ve wanted to try my hand at a gingerbread house for a while. We got a kit from Ikea and my daughter, younger son, husband and I produced this between us. I was very pleased with our first effort. We might make one each next year!

gingerbread house, crafts, Christmas, family, 365

Day 357 – Monday 23rd December – we spent most of the day cleaning, because I didn’t want to do it tomorrow! Last year, we had quite a relaxing Christmas Eve, but I realise this year won’t be as relaxing because of panto and also because we’re hosting Christmas Day, so we have more work to do. The only photo I took was this screenshot from the parkrun website. My husband and I ran Stonehouse and Gloucester City parkruns on new year’s day this year and my daughter is keen to do it on new year’s day next week. I think we will do Stratford Park in Stroud, rather than Gloucester.

parkrun, new year's day parkrun

Day 358 – Tuesday 24th December – Christmas Eve! My daughter’s favourite day at panto. Remarkably, as there are two teams and they alternate performances, somehow she has ended up performing on Christmas Eve every single year. Being organised for tomorrow, we got the table ready in the evening.

Christmas, Dinner table, Christmas dinner, 365

Day 359 – Wednesday 25th December – merry Christmas! We started the day with presents, followed by parkrun – with over 600 other people! My husband did a brilliant job of cooking Christmas dinner for eight people. In the afternoon, we called in on my sister and her family, including two rabbits that we DEFINITELY HADN’T SEEN BEFORE. Then we went to my mum’s for tea. It was a good, but tiring day.

Christmas tree, Christmas presents, Christmas, 365

Day 360 – Thursday 26th December – on Boxing Day, we always try to take a trip to London, just the five of us. We set off early so we could get a full day there. We went up The Shard, which is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. Unfortunately the views weren’t great, but you can just see Tower Bridge in this photo. Regular readers will know I love nothing more than a sculpture trail, so I was very pleased that the Walking with The Snowman trail was taking place very close to The Shard. We tracked down all 12 of them in the pouring rain. You can see photos of The Snowman on my Instagram.

The Shard, Tower Bridge, London, View from The Shard, Daughter, 365

Day 361 – Friday 27th December – back to panto for my daughter and a fairly peaceful day for the rest of us. Called in to see my niece for her birthday.

Birthday cake, 7th birthday, Niece, 365

Day 362 – Saturday 28th December – my eldest went away to Germany for the weekend on his own. He was supposed to go with his girlfriend, but sadly they split up a few weeks ago. My husband went away to see his old friends in Cheshire. It was just me and my dad for parkrun today.

parkrun, runner, running, 365

Day 363 – Sunday 29th December – we went to see my daughter in panto with my parents and my sister and her family. It was the first time my sister and brother-in-law had seen it. The panto just gets better and better. A lot has changed since opening night! Apart from a photo of my niece on stage, the only photo I took today was of my window for Instagram stories.

Window, Christmas decoration, Instagram stories, 365

Day 364 – Monday 30th December – my son came home from his travels in the evening. He’d had a good time. I’m not sure whether he will doing any more solo travel. My mother-in-law, sister-in-law and two small nephews (aged 2 and 7) came to visit, ready to go and see the panto tomorrow. The nephews adore my daughter. Here’s the biggest nephew in the park with his cousin.

Cousins, Daughter, Nephew, Park, 365

Day 365 – Tuesday 31st December – we went to see the panto again (my fifth time, the third time for my husband and younger son and second time for my eldest!). I completed a year of running – that’s the most miles I’ve ever done in a year by some distance.

running, miles, distance, runner, 365


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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Wow, that is a lot of running. It’s so nice when cousins can get together. N loves it here. I thought of you guys on boxing day as London popped into my head. Shame about the view – was the same for us when we went up Sky Garden, except ours was fog, and the cable cars when it was wet. Happy new year

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    • Thank you, happy new year to you too! It certainly is a lot of running, but I loved it! My kids spent quite a bit of time with their cousins locally. It was nice for them to see their other cousins this week too. No doubt the weather ruins a lot of views in London! Sky Garden was the other place I wanted to go, but it isn’t open on Boxing Day.

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  2. That’s a lot of impressive running. Glad the kids enjoyed spending time with the cousins and the panto has went well. The trip to London looks fab. Here’s to another great year x

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    • Thanks very much, amen to that! We had a lovely trip to London and my daughter is still loving the panto. I’m very pleased with my running this year. x

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  3. Wow!!! The house looks great & so tempting! What a great day for your daughter. I love your table arrangement!
    MERRY CHRISTMAS!! It looks like you had a busy fun filled christmas. 1213 miles, thats amazing!!

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    • Thanks very much. It was a lovely Christmas. Back to normality now! And lots more miles to come in 2020.

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  4. Sounds like a lovely Christmas and I love your boxing day tradition. Glad the rabbits, you hadn’t seen before, were ok after their stay with you. Well done with all the running, very inspirational, but I doubt you’ll see me at a parkrun unless I volunteer and who knows? How many more panto performances are there to go?

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    • Thanks very much, we love our Boxing Day tradition, even if we do have to get up really early for it. Such a relief that the rabbits we’ve never seen before survived the stay they didn’t have with us! You should give parkrun volunteering a go, you will probably enjoy it. As I write, my daughter is currently performing her penultimate show, so there is just one panto left to go! I’m not looking forward to tomorrow evening.

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  5. Happy new year, Sarah! That’s a lot of running! And you even ran on Christmas, that’s a commitment. Your Christmas tree looks lovely, and a very elegant table for a Christmas meal too. Glad you enjoyed your trip to London.
    Here’s to another super year of events and photos!

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    • Thank you, happy new year to you too! We love running on Christmas day. I can’t take the credit for the table – it’s all down to my husband, he has a much better eye for this sort of thing!

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  6. I have the gingerbread house kit but am yet to actually make it…..had it a few years!

    Shame about the view from the shard….I am hoping to go up it this year!

    Sounds like you had a lovely Christmas!

    Happy New Year!

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    • Thanks very much, it was a lovely Christmas. It was still brilliant going up The Shard. I hope the view is better when you go up. I was surprised at how much we enjoyed making the gingerbread house.

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  7. Lovely for you to see the panto so many times, and yes I am sure it does change and adapt as it goes, love the ad lib on a panto.
    Well done on the mileage. I need to up my walking this year and keep counting all year instead of stopping at 1000 in July like I did this year.
    Happy belated birthday to the niece, and hope they like their rabbits.

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    • It was brilliant to see the panto so many times, it never gets boring! We’re very sad that it is all over now. Would be interesting to see how many miles you do in a year. You did very well to get to 1000 by July.

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  8. Very impressed by the gingerbread house. I said last year that I wanted to make one (and do a Christmas Eve box) but once again life got in the way: maybe next year… Incredible number of miles you have achieved! Happy new year! #project365

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    • Thanks very much. I was very pleased with all my miles. I would definitely recommend making a gingerbread house! We might make it a few days earlier next year, so that we can eat it before all the other Christmas treats appear in the cupboard! Happy new year!

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  9. Congratulations on the miles. That is amazing and quite a target for 2020. Sorry to hear about your son and his girlfiend. I have never travelled solo. Its on my bucket list for when the kids are older. I hope you had a lovely New Year and wishing you and the family all the best for 2020 x

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    • Thanks very much, I was very pleased with the miles. We were sad that my son and his girlfriend split up and still feel that they might get back together. I went on a coach trip to a festival in Belgium when I was 19, which is the closest I’ve come to solo travel! I’m not great with travelling, so there’s no way I would do it on my own.
      Happy new year!

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  10. Well done on all the miles completed and the gingerbread house. I refused to buy one this year as we get in such a mess putting it together. Your son was brave to go solo and shame about the weather in London #365

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    • Thanks very much. My son is very brave, but I do think he got slightly bored, so hopefully he won’t do too much solo travelling! It was a shame about the weather in London, but we still really enjoyed our day out.

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