Project 365 2019 Week 51

The school holidays have started and panto performances are coming thick and fast.

Here’s our week in pictures…

Day 349 – Sunday 15th December – our Christmas tree is up! We always put out our tree up around the 15th, it doesn’t feel late at all to me, it feels like the right time. I would have liked to put more decorations on it, but my daughter and husband were being strict! They also insisted on only silver and red decorations (although I’ve managed to hide one colourful one round the side).

Christmas tree, Christmas, 365, Christmas decorations

Day 350 – Monday 16th December – the last few days of school and I’m juggling work and Christmas preparations. I went to meet my friend Emma aka Crazy With Twins and her son, Bear, for lunch. Luckily we managed to choose somewhere that does two-for-one burgers on a Monday!

Burger and chips, Lunch, 365

Day 351 – Tuesday 17th December – a cold, misty morning for a run and the first outing of the fleecy headband of the winter.

Running, Winter, Mist, Weather, 365

Day 352 – Wednesday 18th December – panto day again! My daughter is now halfway through – today was day seven of 15 and performances 13 and 14 of 28. I went to the morning show with her dance teacher, who loved it. As an added bonus, my niece and nephew were there with their school (my daughter’s old school). My niece was so excited to see her cousin on stage, and I got to chat to teachers, TAs and dinner ladies who had known my daughter. They were all amazed at how tall and grown up she is now.

Daughter, Dancer, Panto, 365

Day 353 – Thursday 19th December – as a freelancer, you might think I don’t get a work Christmas do, but I’m very grateful to my client who invited me out for their Christmas lunch for the third year running. It was a lot of fun, with delicious food. (This year, another client invited me out too, but I couldn’t go as it clashed with The Wonder Stuff.)

Christmas lunch, Christmas meal, Work

Day 354 – Friday 20th December – this was my view for most of the day. It was the last day of term and also the only time this year when my daughter had a morning panto performance and an evening performance. Usually she has either a morning and an afternoon or an afternoon and an evening. So I had to drive to the theatre four times, plus pick my son up from school early for the end of term. Between torrential rain, Christmas shopping and schools and workplaces finishing early, the roads were gridlocked.

Steering wheel, Car, 365

Day 355 – Saturday 21st December – the Christmas T-shirt came out for parkrun – I bought this for £1 from Primark last year, especially for parkrun! I then spend the best part of three hours driving to pick my son and his friends up from a party. It sounds like it was quite an eventful one.

parkrun, Christmas T-shirt

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  1. The tree looks pretty! 10 days before Christmas doesn’t seem late.

    Love it when you get food offers! The burger looks good.

    How nice you were able to catch up with some of the staff from the old school and you got to go to a Christmas lunch. I don’t celebrate Christmas but it was always nice to go out with my work colleagues when I worked

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    • I’m really pleased with the tree, although I would still happily add a few more decorations! The burger was very tasty and a bargain too! Was so nice to go out for Christmas lunch.

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  2. The tree looks lovely! Eesh! Your daughter and husband are very strict with the decorations.
    The burger and chips looks so tasty.
    Most of the mornings here have been misty and frosty this past week.
    That is so cool you got to go to a Christmas do.
    I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas x

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    • My daughter and husband are very strict indeed! It’s my own fault – I brought my daughter up to like tasteful stuff, now she likes tasteful stuff even more than I do! I don’t think we’ve had any frost this week, apart from the one misty day, it’s mainly been mild and rainy here again. Was so nice to go out for a Christmas do.
      Thanks very much, merry Christmas to you too! x

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  3. Yes traffic can be very busy at this time of year, we changed route the other day and doubled back to go a different route to avoid the jam
    Great t-shirt.
    That is a long drive for a party pick up but at least it was not in the middle of the night

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    • The traffic has been horrendous for the last few days! There’s no way I would drive so far at night. My son’s friend lives quite a long way away, then I dropped off one of his friends who lives about seven or eight miles away in the other direction – hence the very long drive!

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  4. Sounds like the panto us going well, but it is a lot of back and forth. That’s lovely you got to go out for lunch for your freelance work.

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    • The panto is going really well, thanks. It feels like it’s flying by now – only two weeks and it will all be over! It’s so nice to go out for lunch with my client’s team every year.

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  5. I am so pleased the Panto is going well and your daughter is enjoying it. That is great that you got to go out for lunch with your client, that is lovely. I do love your tree, I’ve never had a real one before, this looks pretty xx

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    • Thanks very much, she is loving the panto as ever! It is so nice to go out with my client. They always tell me I’m part of the team, which is lovely. I love a real tree – we’ve always had one since we lived in this house. I like that they’re not perfect and I love the smell of them! x

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  6. Hope you had a good Christmas and that panto is going well. I’m with you, around 15th is the perfect time for the tree to go up in my opinion. I’d love to have a colour theme on my tree but with my son, more and more is the key 🙂 Lovely that you got included with the Christmas lunch, just as it should be #365

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    • Thanks very much, we had a really good Christmas. It is really nice to get invited out for Christmas lunch every year.

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  7. My tree this year was red and green only, but the artificial branches were swamped with decorations, if I don’t do it then it doesn’t get done. Sounds like a lot of time spent in the car this week. No Christmas dinners other than the day for us, but we’re having a party for Peter’s colleagues in the new year. Love your t shirt, what a bargain

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    • There is always so much time spent in the car when panto is on! My T-shirt is perfect for parkrun. Expect to see it every Christmas for at least the next five years!

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  8. We always used to put the tree up on or around the 14th which is Dad’s birthday and also Chris’! Now we have our own home, we put it up on the 1st! It will probably get pushed back again when the children are all older #project365

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    • Putting it up on the 1st seems to be the norm these days, but we’ve always done it around the 14th or 15th and my kids are happy with that.

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  9. How lovely that you got invited out with your client. Sounds like a very busy run up to Christmas. It always feels so manic doesn’t it? Love the tee!

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    • It is a crazy time of year! It’s so nice to get invited out with my client.

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