Project 365 2019 Week 50

Week 50. How is it week 50?!

Here’s our week in pictures…

Day 342 – Sunday 8th December – my son had a really tough football match in horrible weather (a 6-1 defeat against a very good team), but at least he scored. My daughter went to her friend’s to do some homework and I nipped into the local Christmas tree festival with my eldest.

Christmas tree, Christmas tree festival, 365

Day 343 – Monday 9th December – my daughter left ballet early to get to her Scouts’ performance, but still managed to miss it. It was a shame, as it will be our last one and we have been enjoying these performances for many years. The only photo we took was of Cedric’s foot, because it seemed to have a bit of a scab on it. His feet remind me of a newborn baby’s foot.

guinea pig, foot, Cedric, 365

Day 344 – Tuesday 10th December – a busy start to the day as I had to drive my eldest to work and my daughter to panto, as well as giving my younger son a lift to school as usual. (My eldest usually cycles to work.) My work is getting slightly quieter, so I might actually manage to do some more wrapping this week. I’m ready for Christmas TV at least!

Radio Time, Christmas Radio Times, 365

Day 345 – Wednesday 11th December – I did a lot of work. I actually took this photo for work and it was quite fitting as I got my Christmas cards in the postbox today. Will deliver the local ones in a few days. My poor son is injured AGAIN. He thinks it’s shin splints this time. His GCSE PE means he’s very aware of his body, injury and recovery. He seems to be stuck in this endless cycle of getting injured, taking two weeks to recover, getting back to sport and getting injured again two weeks later.

Christmas cards, Christmas, 365

Day 346 – Thursday 12th December – a busy day. Dropped my daughter off for panto at 9, then went to vote. (It was also my son’s first time voting!) Went home and did a bit of work before going to watch my daughter’s second performance of the day. In the evening, we went to Bristol to see the Wonder Stuff, who were my favourite band in the 6th form. I was actually into them before I was into the Levellers (who are still my favourites today). The venue in Bristol is horrible, but we seem to go there every year without fail.

general election, voting, polling station, 365

Day 347 – Friday 13th December – well, that wasn’t supposed to happen! Regretting my smiley face in yesterday’s photo now. Here’s the two extremes of election reporting.

Newspapers, Election, Boris Johnson, 365

Day 348 – Saturday 14th December – back to our home parkrun for the first time in a couple of weeks and it was very wet and muddy. This is my husband and his muddy legs. My daughter has panto later – day six and performances 11 and 12.

Dirty legs, parkrun, husband, running, 365

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. What a fun Christmas tree. I love the sprouts. hehehe
    Ahh! This is the only time of year that I buy a TV guide. I’ve been through mine & marked off everything that I want to watch.
    Oh no, so sorry to hear about your son being injured. He doesn’t seem to be having much luck.
    I much prefer the Daily Mirror front page. There is certainly nothing to rejoice about. x

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    • I prefer the Daily Mirror front page too. My son keeps rushing back to sport as soon as he feels better and he think he needs to take a bit longer to rest and recover.
      This is the only time of year I buy a TV guide too. I won’t manage to watch half of the things I want to watch! X

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  2. Last week will be remembered in the years to come as a shock to many, I think. Sorry to hear about your son’s injury, hope he feels better soon. I also got that issue of Radio Times, but haven’t had a chance to open it yet. Cedric’s foot looks a bit scary.

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    • Thanks very much. I think my son might just miss sport until January now to give himself time to recover. If he goes back too soon, he risks a stress fracture.
      Cedric’s foot does look rather scary!

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  3. Such a shame for your son to be injured again. I heard about Christmas Tree festivals for the first time yesterday, so it’s strange to read about one again today.

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    • My poor boy doesn’t have much luck! Hopefully he will be back in action in January. He hasn’t done a single long jump since he fractured his pelvis, so I’m hoping he can still get the distance when he goes back to it. Our local Christmas tree festival has been going since my kids were tiny, but I didn’t know whether they had them in other places!

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      • OoOo lovely tree. Cedric’s got a cute little foot. I feel sorry for your daughter missing the performance. You’re getting quite busy in Christmas preps. How exciting! I hope your son’s health doesn’t keep escalating like that.
        Well that’s an interesting Friday the 13th experience

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  4. I can’t believe your son is injured again, that is so unfair. I hope he recovers soon. The tree festival sounds amazing. I used to love going through the Radio Times. I need to get one. Those cards are lovely too xx

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    • My poor son doesn’t have much luck. If he rests until January, hopefully he will give himself enough time to recover properly. I only buy the Radio Times at Christmas. I will choose a lot of programmes to watch, then only manage to see about three of them! X

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  5. The Christmas tree festival sounds good. A nearby church had one but I couldn’t make it on the day – the photos didn’t look that great though. Hope the shin splints are better soon. I get them quite a lot depending on sped of walking and which shoes I’m in. It’s pretty painful.

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    • Thanks very much. I don’t know anyone else who has had shin splints. He only gets them when running, so I’m hoping some rest will sort him out.

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  6. Hope she is still loving doing the panto.
    Oh no to the son injured again.
    Election results were not the best.
    Guess the park was rather wet,

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    • She is still loving the panto, thanks. It’s a real shame my son is injured again. Luckily football matches keep getting postponed, so he hasn’t missed too much! The election results definitely weren’t the best.

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  7. Love that tree, we went to our local festival that day too, such a nice idea. The lest said about the result the better, I can’t begin to imagine what the next few years will hold. Oh on to your son’s injury again #365

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    • I think it’s going to be a rocky ride politically over the next few years and I can’t say I’m looking forward to it. My son seems to have recovered again now, thank goodness. I’m hoping it will last a bit longer this time!

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  8. That’s two christmas tree festivals I’ve heard about this week, not something I was aware of but then I’ve been out the UK too long. Yuk to the mud and hope your sons shin splints heal and he can get through more than 2 weeks without injury. I actually got my vote registered with a proxy on time this year, I missed the brexit vote, sadly my vote didn’t give me the outcome I was hoping for. i move back to the UK the day before brexit, i’ve have no idea if this will be good or bad

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  9. Totally prefer the Daily Mirror reporting on this!

    Sorry to hear your son has hurt himself again.

    Didn’t realise there were Christmas Tree festivals but that tree looks pretty cool!

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  10. Trying to avoid thinking of politics! I want to know more about Cedric! Foot better? #project365

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