Project 365 2019 Week 49

Panto has started (oh yes, it has!) and I’ve been busy juggling kids, work and extra pets.

Here’s our week in pictures…

Day 335 – Sunday 1st December – my daughter’s first panto performance! It went really well and it was lovely to see. I’m such a proud mum. As a panto is festive, I dug out the Christmas jumper.

Christmas jumper, December, Panda, 365

Day 336 – Monday 2nd December – my son had an inset day and was off school and my daughter was ill and off school! She felt ill at panto yesterday, but you never would have guessed from watching her. It was a very cold day and I took this photo of the sunrise.

sunrise, sky, December, 365

Day 337 – Tuesday 3rd December – my daughter went back to school and I had a busy day of work, accompanied by a general feeling of dread that I am nowhere near ready for Christmas and am very short of time to get ready. The only photo I took was of my socks. Most of my socks have pandas on them. As you can tell from my Christmas jumper, I particularly like pandas!

Socks, Pandas, 365

Day 338 – Wednesday 4th December – more work and more worrying about Christmas. Managed to order a couple of things online and briefly went into town and only got a few Christmas cards, as well as some tap shoes that my daughter needed, but not for Christmas! After school, my daughter showed me some of her artwork and I was very impressed.

Artwork, Drawing, Art, Flower, Daughter, 365

Day 339 – Thursday 5th December – my daughter had her third and fourth panto performances. I always love it when she gets home from panto, as she is always full of stories. No two days are ever the same. We took delivery of two rabbits, who will be staying with us until Christmas. I don’t dare share photos of them, in case it spoils the Christmas magic. So here’s two lovely guinea pigs instead.

guinea pigs, pets, Cedric, Henry, baby guinea pig, 365

Day 340 – Friday 6th December – I got through my work quicker than expected today, which was good as it freed up a bit of time for Christmas preparations. As a freelancer who is paid on an hourly rate, getting through work quickly isn’t a good thing financially, but I really need the time for other stuff at the moment, so I don’t mind.

Wrapping paper, scissors, sellotape, Christmas, Christmas wrapping, 365

Day 341 – Saturday 7th December – my son was playing rugby away in Bristol – his final game of a very short season. He was the only year 11 in the second team, scored a brilliant try and they won, which was nice to see. My husband and I ran Eastville parkrun in Bristol. It’s a hilly one and I was happy with my time of 23:32 and my position as fourth lady and first in my age category.

parkrun, Eastville parkrun, Bristol, Runner, 365

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. I’m glad the panto is going well apart from your girl feeling ill. I love the Christmas jumper! I am sure you’ll be sorted for Christmas. Try not to worry.
    Your daughters artwork is beautiful! She is one talented girl.
    Well done with the park run x

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  2. Good results on the rugby and parkrun. Glad panto is going well. I’ve ticked the OH’s gift off the list, but still got 3-4 to get.

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  3. Glad the panto is going so well even if you aren’t ready for Christmas yet. I need to do some cleaning today ahead of getting the tree next week.

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  4. Oh no, my comment didn’t get through. I wanted to say that your week sounds lovely and full of positive results. Congrats on the parkrun and rugby results. Your daughter is a trooper to keep performing while she was feeling poorly. Her artwork is beautiful. I also loved the flower with the tea stain technique you posted on Insta today.
    The guinea pig boys look cosy and toasty in their soft bed.

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    • Thanks very much. I would never have guessed my daughter wasn’t feeling well. She did a great job with her art, although she wasn’t so ken on this (she preferred the tea stain one). The guinea pigs love their warm bed, which is good in this weather.

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  5. Sorry to hear your daughter hasn’t been feeling great. So much going about. I’m glad the panto is going well. I love the Christmas jumper. It is fab. It is easier said than done about not worrying about Christmas but it is such a busy time. I love that picture your daughter did, it is brilliant. Well done on the park run too xx

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    • Thanks very much, we love her drawing too. I’m pleased to say she was feeling better very quickly. We are now just about on top of present buying, so my next worries will be wrapping and then food shopping! x

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  6. I had wondered if Pandas were a theme. One of our boys called his brother Ali Panda as he couldn’t say his name properly and they still call him that today, at 6ft 4inches though they don’t get away with it. Hope R is feeling better now, that’s an amazing picture of hers.

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    • That’s a very cute nickname! Pandas are my favourites. I’ve got four or five pairs of different panda socks. My daughter is absolutely fine now. She only actually had a cold, I think she just needed a rest for her day. I was very impressed with her drawing, but she wasn’t so keen on this one!

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  7. glad she is enjoying the panto, but shame she took ill.
    Christmas is happening on the 25th and what is ready is ready and what isn’t doesn’t happen was always my philosophy.
    oooohhhh sercret rabbits, guess somebody in for a surprise

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    • That is a good philosophy about Christmas, it is only one day after all! Yes, someone is going to have a lovely furry surprise at Christmas. My daughter is loving panto, thanks. It’s a shame she felt ill on her first day, but luckily it didn’t last too long.

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  8. Glad the panto is going well but sorry you’ve had two down unwell. I’m trying not to panic about Christmas, it hadn’t even occurred to me that my son finishes NEXT Thursday!!! The guinea pigs look very content together if only cats could be like that #365

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    • Christmas is definitely creeping up fast now. My kids finish next Friday, so I really need to aim to get my wrapping down by then. I thought of you and your cats when I saw how well my guinea pigs get on!

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  9. Sorry to hear your daughter wasn’t feeling well but well done to her for getting through the panto. Love the Christmas jumper and socks!

    The artwork is amazing. She is very talented.

    The guinea pics are so cute..keep getting tempted to get some when I see your pics

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    • Thanks very much. I was so impressed with my daughter for keeping going when she felt ill. I never would have guessed! Guinea pigs really are lovely pets. They are a bit of work, but I wouldn’t be without them.

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  10. Congrats to your daughter’s performance. Cute jumper and socks; I love pandas too! The sunrise is lovely. The artwork is gorgeous. Adorable guinea pigs as always, I bet the rabbits will be so as well. I wonder how its like living as a freelancer……….
    Wow, congrats Sarah, although not surprised at all! 😀

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  11. I really need to invest in some Christmas jumpers! Glad the panto went well. I am not at all ready for Christmas yet, not even sure if I have enought presents for the kids! #project365

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  12. It’s a constant battle to try and stay ahead of the game isn’t it? I really struggle at this time of year. Sounds like the Panto went really well and congrats on your place in the park run x

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